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Michigan Compiled Laws Complete Through PA 125 of 2023
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Headlee Amendment, Const. Art. IX sec 6, & 25-34
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Article IX § 6SectionReal and tangible personal property; limitation on general ad valorem taxes; adoption and alteration of separate tax limitations; exceptions to limitations; property tax on school district extending into 2 or more counties.
Article IX § 25SectionVoter approval of increased local taxes; prohibitions; emergency conditions; repayment of bonded indebtedness guaranteed; implementation of section.
Article IX § 26SectionLimitation on taxes; revenue limit; refunding or transferring excess revenues; exceptions to revenue limitation; adjustment of state revenue and spending limits.
Article IX § 27SectionExceeding revenue limit; conditions.
Article IX § 28SectionLimitation on expenses of state government.
Article IX § 29SectionState financing of activities or services required of local government by state law.
Article IX § 30SectionReduction of state spending paid to units of local government.
Article IX § 31SectionLevying tax or increasing rate of existing tax; maximum tax rate on new base; increase in assessed valuation of property; exceptions to limitations.
Article IX § 32SectionSuit to enforce sections 25 to 31.
Article IX § 33SectionDefinitions applicable to sections 25 to 32.
Article IX § 34SectionImplementation of sections 25 to 33.

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