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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

Act 359 of 1947 ‑ THE CHARTER TOWNSHIP ACT (42.1 - 42.34)
     Section 42.1 ‑ Short title; charter townships; incorporation; powers, privileges, immunities and liabilities; petition; special census; expenses.
     Section 42.1a ‑ Emergency financial manager; authority and responsibilities.
     Section 42.1b ‑ Minimum staffing requirement; adoption of ordinance prohibited.
     Section 42.2 ‑ Incorporation; referendum; ballot, form and content; filing of petition or resolution by township clerk; finality of proceedings; term of incumbent officers; disincorporation.
     Section 42.2a ‑ Violation of MCL 168.1 to 168.992 applicable to petitions; penalties.
     Section 42.3 ‑ Incorporation; submission of proposition to electors, time; petitions, verification of signatures.
     Section 42.3a ‑ Notice to clerk of township not incorporated as charter township; resolution of township board; notice of right to referendum; petition; signatures; submitting question of incorporation at general or special election; wording of ballot.
     Section 42.4 ‑ Nomination of candidates for township office; conducting primary election; duties of township clerk; duties and composition of board of township election commissioners.
     Section 42.5 ‑ Township board; election of members; powers and duties; supervisor as presiding and executive officer; authentication of instruments; president pro tem; clerk; record of proceedings; temporary clerk.
     Section 42.6 ‑ Charter township board; compensation and expenses of members.
     Section 42.6a ‑ Ordinance establishing procedure for determining salary of elected official; contents; conducting business at public meeting; public notice; resolution implementing ordinance; petition for referendum; change of procedure; decreasing salary of elected township official.
     Section 42.7 ‑ Township board; meetings; conducting business at public meeting; notice of meeting; transacting business at special meeting; quorum; adjournment; rules and order of business; journal; voting; availability of certain writings to public; attendance and conduct at meetings; misconduct in office; sergeant-at-arms.
     Section 42.8 ‑ Charter township board; monthly publication of proceedings; notices and ordinances; posting.
     Section 42.9 ‑ Township officers; powers and duties; additional officers, limitations.
     Section 42.10 ‑ Township superintendent; appointment; delegation of powers and duties of township supervisor.
     Section 42.10a ‑ Township manager; employment; service; duties.
     Section 42.11 ‑ Township superintendent; tenure; qualifications; residency requirements; waiver.
     Section 42.11a ‑ Township assessors; appointment, powers and duties, compensation.
     Section 42.12 ‑ Township police force; establishment; township marshal, appointment; rules; policemen, powers and duties.
     Section 42.13 ‑ Township fire department; establishment; township fire chief, appointment; rules and regulations; refusal to aid at fire, penalty.
     Section 42.13a ‑ Free public library; establishment or reestablishment and maintenance; conditions; ordinance; resolution; board of directors; appointment of library advisory committee; rules and regulations; state aid.
     Section 42.14 ‑ Charter township; power to acquire property; approval of electors.
     Section 42.14a ‑ Bonds for public improvements; issuance; approval required; exceptions; limitation on net indebtedness; computation of net indebtedness; bonds subject to MCL 141.2101 to 141.2821; computation of net indebtedness.
     Section 42.15 ‑ Ordinances to provide for peace, health, and safety; licenses, granting, fees, bonds.
     Section 42.16 ‑ Streets, alleys, bridges and public places; regulation of use; record of ordinances, filing.
     Section 42.17 ‑ Construction of buildings; powers and liabilities of charter townships as to public health and safety.
     Section 42.18 ‑ Joint action with other governmental unit or agency.
     Section 42.19 ‑ Ordinances, resolutions, rules and regulations of former township; continuation.
     Section 42.20 ‑ Legislation to be ordinance or resolution; form, passage, amendment, recording, authentication, and compilation of ordinances.
     Section 42.21 ‑ Violation of ordinances; sanction; designation as civil infraction; act or omission constituting crime; penalty; distribution of fines.
     Section 42.21a ‑ Police officers; right to pursue, arrest, and detain person outside of charter township limits.
     Section 42.21b ‑ Police officer or constable; authority to execute bench warrant.
     Section 42.21c ‑ Regulation of recreational trailway; posting of ordinance; violation as municipal civil infraction; penalty.
     Section 42.22 ‑ Ordinance; publication; effective date; publication of summary or true copy; catch lines required; drafting of summary.
     Section 42.23 ‑ State law or standard code; adoption as township ordinance by citation; publication, distribution, charge.
     Section 42.24 ‑ Submission of itemized estimates of anticipated expenditures; preparation and submission of budget proposal; time.
     Section 42.25 ‑ Budget proposal; contents; commencement of fiscal year.
     Section 42.26 ‑ Budget; notice, public hearing, prior public inspection.
     Section 42.27 ‑ Adoption of budget by township board; resolution; appropriation; tax levy; limitation; separate appropriation for fire and police departments; tax collection; interim budget.
     Section 42.28 ‑ Budget or supplemental appropriations; expenditure, restrictions; unencumbered balances, transfer, reappropriation.
     Section 42.29 ‑ Quarterly statement of estimated and actual income and expenses; submission by supervisor to township board; reduction of appropriations, exceptions.
     Section 42.30 ‑ Annual audit of accounts; results, filing, public inspection; annual report of township business.
     Section 42.31 ‑ Local or public improvements; approval; determination of necessity; special assessments; bonds.
     Section 42.32 ‑ Succession to properties of former township; suits or prosecutions, debts and liabilities, uncollected taxes and assessments.
     Section 42.33 ‑ Liberal construction of act.
     Section 42.34 ‑ Exemption of charter township from annexation to contiguous city or village; exceptions.

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