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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

Initiated Law 1 of 1976 - BEVERAGE CONTAINERS (445.571 - 445.576)
Section 445.571 ‑ Definitions.
Section 445.571a ‑ "Container composed of a combination of these materials" defined.
Section 445.572 ‑ Nonreturnable containers; prohibitions; means for return and refund; regional redemption centers; acceptance of containers and payment of refunds; indicating refund value and name of state on container; exception; metal containers with detachable parts prohibited; deposit previously refunded; refund upon reuse; maximum daily refund; agreement on deposit; refund by manufacturer.
Section 445.572a ‑ Designated metal, glass, or plastic containers; sale or offer of sale of certain beverages; requirements; violations; definitions.
Section 445.573 ‑ Certification of beverage containers.
Section 445.573a ‑ Report; filing; form and contents.
Section 445.573b ‑ Unclaimed bottle deposits; audit, assessment, and collection by department of treasury; payment by underredeemer; overredemption credit; applying credit against prior years; definitions; report.
Section 445.573c ‑ Bottle deposit fund; creation; administration; deposits; annual disbursement; report of information; rules.
Section 445.573d ‑ Unclaimed deposits.
Section 445.573e ‑ Cleanup and redevelopment trust fund.
Section 445.573f ‑ Community pollution prevention fund.
Section 445.574 ‑ Violation; penalty; separate offense.
Section 445.574a ‑ Prohibited return to dealer, distributor, or manufacturer; violation; penalty; exceptions; restitution; action brought by attorney general or county prosecutor.
Section 445.574b ‑ Posting notice on dealer's premises; failure to comply; penalty.
Section 445.575 ‑ Repeal of MCL 445.191.
Section 445.576 ‑ Effective date.

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