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Section 500.150SectionViolation of act; hearing; order of director; penalties; court order.
Section 500.224SectionExaminations and investigations of insurers; expenses; statement to insurers; employment of expert personnel; regulatory fees; expense of administering delinquency proceeding; definitions.
Section 500.261SectionInternet website; publication of changes and rights regarding automobile insurance in this state; reporting of fraud and unfair practices.
Section 500.271SectionReport to legislature on the effect of the limits imposed on charges for products, services, and accommodations under MCL 500.3157.
Section 500.1244SectionViolation of chapter; hearing; serving copy of findings and cease and desist order; additional orders; reopening, altering, modifying, or setting aside order; violation of cease and desist order; notice and hearing; civil fine; suspension or revocation of license; disposition of fine; court of claims.
Section 500.2013aSectionFailure to comply with MCL 500.3107e; unfair practice; applicability to other rights.
Section 500.2038SectionFindings and decision to be in writing; cease and desist order; other orders; stay; modification or setting aside of order.
Section 500.2040SectionViolation of cease and desist order; penalty; stay; contents of cease and desist order.
Section 500.2069SectionViolation of MCL 500.2064 or 500.2066 as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 500.2105SectionAutomobile insurance or home insurance to conform with chapter; exceptions; group plan requirements; group discounts; applicability to certain insurers; effective date.
Section 500.2106SectionApplicability of chapters 24 and 26; file, approval, and use of rates; inconsistent provisions.
Section 500.2108SectionFiling of manual or plan; statement of character and extent of coverage; maintaining rates in effect for eligible persons; insurer as member of or subscriber to rating organization; deviations; certification, contents, and public inspection of filing; trade secret; contract or policy to be in accordance with filings; automobile insurance compliance with chapter 24; redlining practices prohibited.
Section 500.2111SectionClassifications and territorial base rates for automobile insurance or home insurance; conformity with applicable requirements; additional factors.
Section 500.2111fSectionAutomobile insurance; premium rate reduction requirements for personal protection insurance coverage; approval by director; use of savings; applicability to certain increases; inclusion of catastrophic claims assessment; severability; definitions.
Section 500.2116bSectionAutomobile insurance; lapse in coverage; prohibited conduct by insurer; applicability.
Section 500.2118SectionAutomobile insurance; condition of maintaining insurer's certificate of authority; basis of underwriting rules.
Section 500.2120SectionAutomobile insurance; establishment of underwriting rules by affiliated insurers; applicability of subsection (1); compliance; separate rating plans; applicability of subsection (2); underwriting rules defining applicable rating plan; basis of underwriting rules.
Section 500.2151SectionDefinitions.
Section 500.2162SectionUse of credit score to establish rates or rating classification for automobile insurance; prohibition.
Section 500.3009SectionAutomobile liability or motor vehicle liability policy; limits; exclusion of named person; notice; documentary evidence of deleted coverages.
Section 500.3101SectionSecurity for payment of benefits required; period security required to be in effect; definitions; policy of insurance or other method of providing security; filing proof of security; exclusion.
Section 500.3101aSectionProviding certificate of insurance to secretary of state and policy information to the Michigan automobile insurance placement facility; vehicle identification number as proof of vehicle insurance; confidentiality of policy information; prohibited acts; misdemeanor; penalty; report; "automobile insurance" and "private passenger nonfleet automobile" defined.
Section 500.3104SectionCatastrophic claims association; board of directors; plan of operation; annual report; actuarial examination; refund; hearing; annual consumer statement; liability of association; definitions.
Section 500.3107SectionExpenses and work loss for which personal protection insurance benefits payable.
Section 500.3107cSectionPersonal protection insurance benefits; coverage limits for allowable expenses; form; rebuttable presumption; application of coverage selection; stacking of insurance policies; applicability to transportation network company vehicle; rider for attendant care.
Section 500.3107dSectionElection to not maintain personal protection insurance benefit coverage; proof of qualified health coverage; form; failure to make election; termination of qualified health coverage; definitions.
Section 500.3107eSectionDelivery of forms under MCL 500.3009, 500.3107c, 500.3107d; method of selection or election for forms.
Section 500.3109aSectionOffering deductibles and exclusions reasonably related to other health and accident coverage; exclusion for qualified health coverage; reduced premium rates; applicability of exclusion; termination of qualified health coverage; refusal to insure for failure to obtain certain security prohibited; amount of premium reduction.
Section 500.3111SectionPayment of personal protection insurance benefits for accident occurring out of state.
Section 500.3112SectionPersons to whom personal protection insurance benefits payable; claim to recover overdue benefits; discharge of insurer's liability.
Section 500.3113SectionPerson not entitled to personal protection insurance benefits.
Section 500.3114SectionPersons entitled to personal protection insurance benefits or personal injury benefits; order of priority for claim of motor vehicle occupant or motorcycle operator or passenger; assigned claims plan; 2 or more insurers in same order of priority; partial recoupment; definitions.
Section 500.3115SectionPersonal protection insurance benefits under the assigned claims plan for claims of persons not occupants of vehicle.
Section 500.3135SectionTort liability for noneconomic loss; exceptions; cause of action for damages; "serious impairment of body function" defined.
Section 500.3142SectionPersonal protection insurance benefits payable as loss accrues; overdue benefits; interest.
Section 500.3145SectionLimitation of actions for recovery of personal or property protection insurance benefits; period of limitations; tolling; notice of injury.
Section 500.3148SectionAttorney's fee; restrictions.
Section 500.3151SectionSubmission to mental or physical examination; physician requirements.
Section 500.3157SectionCharges for treatment or training for injured persons; limitation on eligibility for payment or reimbursement; applicability; "freestanding rehabilitation facility" defined; qualification for payment requirements; attendant care; neurological rehabilitation clinic; applicability to ambulance operation; definitions.
Section 500.3157aSectionProvision of treatment, products, services, or accommodations under personal protection insurance; submission of records for utilization review; false or misleading information is a fraudulent insurance act; rules; appeal of determination.
Section 500.3157bSectionProprietary information; exemption from disclosure under the freedom of information act.
Section 500.3163SectionAutomobile insurer; not required to provide personal and property protection insurance benefits to out-of-state residents; exception.
Section 500.3172SectionConditions to obtaining personal protection insurance benefits through assigned claims plan; collection of unpaid benefits; application and reasonable proof of loss; payment of interest; reimbursement from defaulting insurers; reduction of benefits; definitions; effect of dispute between insurers; limitation on benefits.
Section 500.3173aSectionEligibility for benefits; initial determination; denial; notice; false statement.
Section 500.3174SectionNotice of claim through assigned claims plan; assignment of claim; notice to claimant; commencement of action by claimant.
Section 500.3175SectionRules for assignment of claims; duties of insurer to whom claims assigned; compromises and settlements; procedures; limitation on action to enforce rights; interest on delinquent payments; installment payments; default.
Section 500.3177SectionRecovery by insurer of benefits and costs from owner or registrant of uninsured motor vehicle; written agreement to pay judgment in installments; notice.
Section 500.3181Section"Managed care option" defined.
Section 500.3182SectionApplicability of chapter.
Section 500.3183SectionAutomobile insurer; offering of managed care option; requirements.
Section 500.3184SectionOffer of personal protection insurance benefits required for certain managed care options.
Section 500.3185SectionApplication of managed care option.
Section 500.3186SectionManaged care option; deductibles and co-pays.
Section 500.3187SectionManaged care option; requirements.
Section 500.3188SectionSelection of managed care option; written disclosure statement; requirements.
Section 500.3189SectionManaged care disclosure statement; additional requirements.
Section 500.6301SectionEstablishment of anti-fraud unit; powers and duties.
Section 500.6302SectionAnti-fraud unit; records and information; exempt from freedom of information act; duties of director; disclosure; waiver.
Section 500.6303SectionAnnual report to legislature.
Section 500.6304SectionEffect of chapter; limitation of power.
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