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Act 368 of 1978
PART 185.
Social Work

Section 333.18501SectionDefinitions; scope.
Section 333.18503SectionRepresentation or use of title; prohibition.
Section 333.18504SectionLicense required.
Section 333.18505SectionMichigan board of social work; creation; membership; terms.
Section 333.18506SectionPostdegree experience; limited license.
Section 333.18506aSectionApplicability of part.
Section 333.18507SectionSocial service technician; registration requirements; limited registration.
Section 333.18509SectionLicense requirements; limited license.
Section 333.18511SectionPractice of social work; requirements.
Section 333.18513SectionConfidentiality of communication.
Section 333.18515SectionRegistration issued under former act; term of member of board of examiners of social workers; continuation of rules; full licensure upon renewal application.
Section 333.18516SectionContinuing education; rules.
Section 333.18517SectionThird party reimbursement or worker's compensation benefits.
Section 333.18518SectionTraining requirements; rules.
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