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Act 368 of 1978
Part 101

Section 333.10101SectionShort title of part.
Section 333.10102SectionDefinitions.
Section 333.10102aSectionRepealed. 2008, Act 39, Eff. May 1, 2008.
Section 333.10103SectionApplicability of part to anatomical gift.
Section 333.10104SectionAnatomical gift of donor's body or body part; purpose; persons making gift.
Section 333.10105SectionDonor making anatomical gift; methods; gift by donor card or other record; effect of revocation, suspension, expiration, or cancellation of driver license or identification card upon which anatomical gift is indicated; anatomical gift made by will; effect of probate or invalidation.
Section 333.10106SectionAmendment or revocation of anatomical gift; means.
Section 333.10107SectionRefusal to make anatomical gift; means.
Section 333.10108SectionPerson other than donor barred from making, amending, or revoking anatomical gift; conditions; revocation of anatomical gift not considered as refusal; unrevoked or revocation of anatomical gift by person other than donor; certain conduct not considered as limitation; donor as unemancipated minor.
Section 333.10109SectionClasses of persons making anatomical gift; priority; more than 1 member of class making anatomical gift; availability of person in prior class.
Section 333.10110SectionDocument of gift; amendment or revocation of gift made under MCL 333.10109; revocation effective before incision made or invasive procedures begun.
Section 333.10111SectionPersons named in document of gift; inability to transplant gift to named individual; person not named in gift document; rules; more than 1 purpose or body part set forth in document of gift; use of gift if general intent specified by certain words; organ procurement organization as custodian of organ; disposal of body part; ineffective gift; allocation of organs for transplantation or therapy.
Section 333.10112SectionSearch for document of gift or other information; persons required to make search; document to be sent to hospital for documentation; failure to discharge duties; administrative sanctions.
Section 333.10113SectionDocument of gift; delivery; examination and copying.
Section 333.10114SectionReferral of individual to procurement organization; search of records of secretary of state and donor registry; access to records; examination to ensure medical suitability; search for parents of minor donor; rights of person to which body part passes; participation of physician.
Section 333.10115SectionHospital agreements or affiliations with procurement organizations.
Section 333.10116SectionPurchase or sale of body part for transplantation or therapy; violation as felony; penalty; exception.
Section 333.10117SectionIntentionally falsifying, forging, concealing, defacing, or obliterating document of gift; violation as felony; penalty.
Section 333.10118SectionGood faith acts.
Section 333.10119SectionValidity of document of gift; execution; presumption.
Section 333.10120SectionDonor registry; establishment by organ procurement organization; duties of secretary of state; requirements to be met by donor registry; disclosure of identifiable information; donor registry not established by or under contract with state.
Section 333.10121SectionDefinitions; medical suitability of body part; conflict with declaration or advance health care directive or enrollment in hospice program; resolution.
Section 333.10122SectionUniformity of law among states.
Section 333.10123SectionElectronic signatures or electronic delivery of notices.
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