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Act 345 of 1990 - STATE SURVEY AND REMONUMENTATION ACT (54.261 - 54.279)
Section 54.261 ‑ Short title.
Section 54.262 ‑ Definitions.
Section 54.263 ‑ State survey and remonumentation commission; creation; membership; terms; vacancy; compensation; expenses.
Section 54.264 ‑ Commission; chairperson; meetings.
Section 54.265 ‑ Conduct of business at public meetings; public notice; writings.
Section 54.266 ‑ Duties of department; expediting county's plan; payment or reimbursement of costs; interaction with commission.
Section 54.267 ‑ Employee as surveyor.
Section 54.268 ‑ County monumentation and remonumentation plan; perpetual monument maintenance plan; rules; submission; provisions; failure to establish and submit plan or revised plan; expediting plan; geodetic control stations.
Section 54.269 ‑ County surveyor as county representative for surveying projects.
Section 54.269a ‑ Grant administrator; appointment; responsibilities.
Section 54.269b ‑ County peer review group as panel of surveyors; appointment; responsibilities.
Section 54.270 ‑ Conducting monumentation or remonumentation under negotiated contract; cost.
Section 54.271 ‑ State survey and remonumentation fund; creation as separate fund; administration; deposit of money, interest, and earnings; gifts or donations from individuals or corporations; establishment of restricted subaccounts.
Section 54.272 ‑ State survey and remonumentation fund; use of money; provisions applicable to deposited funds; limitation.
Section 54.273 ‑ Application for annual grant; form.
Section 54.274 ‑ Grant; conditions.
Section 54.275 ‑ Grant recipient to obtain authorization for significant change to plan; revocation or withholding of grant.
Section 54.276 ‑ Records.
Section 54.277 ‑ Rules.
Section 54.277a ‑ Contested case proceeding.
Section 54.278 ‑ Effective date.
Section 54.279 ‑ Conditional effective date.

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