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Act 58 of 1998 - MICHIGAN LIQUOR CONTROL CODE OF 1998 (436.1101 - 436.2303)
***** 436.1113a.added THIS ADDED SECTION IS EFFECTIVE WHEN CONDITIONS APPLIED BY ENACTING SECTION 2(2) OF ACT 269 OF 2005 ARE MET: See compiler's note following section ***** ***** 436.1113 THIS SECTION IS REPEALED BY ACT 269 OF 2005 EFFECTIVE WHEN CONDITIONS APPLIED BY ENACTING SECTION 2(1) OF ACT 269 OF 2005 ARE MET: See compiler's note following section *****

58‑1998‑1 ‑ CHAPTER 1 (436.1101...436.1113a.added)
     Section 436.1101 ‑ Short title.
     Section 436.1103 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases.
     Section 436.1105 ‑ Definitions; A, B.
     Section 436.1107 ‑ Definitions; C to L.
     Section 436.1109 ‑ Definitions; M to O.
     Section 436.1111 ‑ Definitions; P to S.
     Section 436.1113 ‑ Definitions; T to W.
     Section 436.1113a.added ‑ Additional definitions.
58‑1998‑2 ‑ CHAPTER 2 (436.1201...436.1235)
     Section 436.1201 ‑ Alcoholic liquor; manufacture, sale, possession, or transportation lawful; terms, conditions, limitations, and restrictions; right, power, and duty of commission to control alcoholic beverage traffic and traffic in other alcoholic liquor; unreasonable discrimination against Michigan manufacturers prohibited; enforcement of act and rules; willful neglect or refusal of officer to perform duties as misdemeanor; penalty.
     Section 436.1203 ‑ Sale, delivery, or importation of alcoholic liquor or wine; duties of direct shipper of wine; common carrier; verification that individual accepting delivery is 21 years of age or older; original purchase and importation into state of spirits for sale, use, storage, or distribution; requirements; exceptions; direct shipper license required; application; fee; violation; delivery of beer and wine to home or designated location of consumer; holder of specially designated merchant license; delivery or sale of beer, wine, or spirits by third party facilitator; sale or delivery of beer by micro brewer to retailer; reports; retention of books, records, and documents; disclosure; definitions.
     Section 436.1205 ‑ Warehousing and delivery of spirits; authorized distribution agent.
     Section 436.1206 ‑ Integrated on-line ordering system.
     Section 436.1207 ‑ Exceptions to act.
     Section 436.1209 ‑ Liquor control commission; creation; appointment, duties, and terms of members; designation and duties of hearing commissioners and administrative commissioners; appeal board; duties; terms; oath; removal; vacancies; quorum; salary and expenses; work station; designation by chairperson.
     Section 436.1211 ‑ Liquor control business manager; selection; duty and responsibility.
     Section 436.1213 ‑ Liquor control commission; employment of assistants and employees; compensation; expenses.
     Section 436.1215 ‑ Liquor control commission; rules and regulations; public hearings; record.
     Section 436.1217 ‑ Liquor control commission; investigations; inspection and search of licensed premises; seizure and use of evidence of violation; examining or copying books, records, and papers; issuance of subpoena; oath or affirmation; court order; contempt; fees of witnesses; service of subpoena; seal; certified copies as evidence.
     Section 436.1219 ‑ Liquor control commission; branch offices.
     Section 436.1221 ‑ Liquor control commission; revolving fund; use; report; interest earnings; disposition of money received.
     Section 436.1223 ‑ Liquor control commission; interest of members or employees.
     Section 436.1225 ‑ Liquor control commission; civil liability of commission or members.
     Section 436.1227 ‑ Liquor control commission; establishment of state liquor stores; basis.
     Section 436.1229 ‑ Licensing hotel or merchant to sell spirits for consumption off premises; sale of alcoholic liquor; price; rules; definitions.
     Section 436.1231 ‑ Liquor control commission; handling of alcoholic liquor; gross profit; leasing and purchasing power.
     Section 436.1233 ‑ Uniform prices for sale of alcoholic liquor; gross profit; prices for sale of alcoholic liquor to hospitals, charitable institutions, and military establishments; discount for certain sales of alcoholic liquor.
     Section 436.1235 ‑ Search warrant; seizure of property.
58‑1998‑3 ‑ CHAPTER 3 (436.1301...436.1307)
     Section 436.1301 ‑ Wine tax; levy and collection; rate; sacramental wines; tax on mixed spirit drink; payment; incorporation of farm mutual cooperative wineries; licensing; fee; certification of stockholders or members; payment of tax by wholesaler; rules.
     Section 436.1303 ‑ Grape and wine industry council; creation; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; chairperson; personnel; expenses; liability on contracts; compensation; books and records; duties of council; rules; “council” defined.
     Section 436.1305 ‑ Wine industry; purpose of section; reasons for regulation; definitions; prohibited conduct; servicing impacted sales territory; termination, cancellation, nonrenewal, or discontinuance of agreement; burden; notice; test marketing; sales and distribution; transfer of wholesaler's business; compensation for diminished value of wholesaler's business; arbitration; costs; default; waiver; good faith dispute settlement; agreement binding on successor to supplier; agreements to which section applicable; civil action for actual damages; liability; action for declaratory judgment; exemplary damages; injunctive relief; procedure for resolving violations.
     Section 436.1307 ‑ Sales territory.
58‑1998‑4 ‑ CHAPTER 4 (436.1401...436.1415)
     Section 436.1401 ‑ Wholesalers to be granted exclusive sales territory by manufacturer and outstate seller of beer and malt beverages.
     Section 436.1403 ‑ Beer industry; purpose of section; reasons for regulation; definitions; prohibited conduct; termination, cancellation, nonrenewal, or discontinuance of agreement; burden; notice; test marketing; sales and distribution; additional agreement prohibited; transfer of wholesaler's business; compensation for diminished value of wholesaler's business; arbitration; costs; default; waiver; good faith dispute settlement; agreement binding on successor to supplier; agreements to which section applicable; civil action for actual damages; liability; action for declaratory judgment; exemplary damages; injunctive relief; procedure for resolving violations.
     Section 436.1405 ‑ Brewpub license; requirements for issuance.
     Section 436.1407 ‑ Brewpub license; additional requirements; renewal and revocation of license.
     Section 436.1409 ‑ Beer; taxation; payment of tax by wholesaler; designation; tax collection and reporting requirements by rule; exemptions; rebate; barrel as containing 31 gallons; rule prohibiting licensees from purchasing, receiving, possessing, or selling beer manufactured in designated states; judicial review; tax credit or refund; “eligible brewer” defined.
     Section 436.1411 ‑ Brewer not licensed as micro brewer; sale of beer for on-premises consumption on licensed brewery premises; limitations; "engages in the production of beer" defined.
     Section 436.1413 ‑ Participation in beer festival; direct sale by licensed brewpub to holder of special license.
     Section 436.1415 ‑ Issuance of farmer's market permit to qualified small wine maker.
58‑1998‑5 ‑ CHAPTER 5 (436.1501...436.1547)
     Section 436.1501 ‑ Licenses; issuance; fees; bonds or liability insurance; expiration of full-year license; license as contract; operation of establishment upon death of licensee; approval of receiver or trustee; part-year license; transfer of license; approval of application; request for revocation of license or permit by local legislative body; hotels; zones and anniversary dates for renewal of licenses; rules; nontransferable tavern licenses for concessionaires at state fairgrounds; notice contained in application.
     Section 436.1502.added ‑ Salesperson license; issuance; expiration; renewal; fee; conduct not requiring license; accreditation program; curriculum; administrator; definitions.
     Section 436.1503 ‑ License; proximity of contemplated location to church or school building; measurement of distance; exceptions; presumption of validity; waiver; objection; hearing; transfer to location farther from church or school.
     Section 436.1505 ‑ Class “C” or class “B” hotel license; state-owned airport; nontransferable.
     Section 436.1507 ‑ Liquor licenses; publicly owned airports; issuance.
     Section 436.1509 ‑ Liquor licenses; municipal civic center or civic auditorium; conditions and limitations.
     Section 436.1511 ‑ Class “C” or class “B” hotel license for hotel located within Mackinac Island state park; class “C” license for certain concessionaire; license for sale of alcoholic liquor at Presque Isle harbor marina; nontransferability of license.
     Section 436.1513 ‑ Licenses; issuance to governing board of college or university; restrictions and prohibition; sale of alcoholic liquor on hotel premises located on land owned by central Michigan university or Wayne state university; conditions; nontransferability; fee; “college,” “university,” and “conference center” defined.
     Section 436.1513a ‑ Sale of alcoholic liquor for consumption at community college's or university's culinary or hospitality program's location; license; prohibition; submission of documents; cancellation of license; use; license to private entity; catering permit; definitions.
     Section 436.1514 ‑ Hotel and conference center owned and operated by university; issuance of class B hotel license; conditions; limitation; “hospitality program” defined.
     Section 436.1514a ‑ Hotel and conference center owned and operated by university; issuance of class B hotel license; conditions; limitation; “hospitality program” defined.
     Section 436.1515 ‑ Class “C” license or tavern license for certain golf courses; transfer of license to another location prohibited; surrender of license.
     Section 436.1517 ‑ International sporting event licenses; issuance in connection with international golf tournament; circumstances; duration; limitation; list; recommendation by governing body; certification of compliance; fee.
     Section 436.1517a ‑ National sporting event license; issuance; circumstances; duration; limitation on number of licenses issued; recommendation of governing body of host governmental unit; certification of compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations; fee; "national sporting event" defined.
     Section 436.1518 ‑ Definitions; issuance of motorsports event licenses; consumption and possession of beer and wine in motorsports entertainment complex; civil liability.
     Section 436.1519 ‑ Property or establishment situated in or on state-owned land.
     Section 436.1521 ‑ Limitation on tavern or class C licenses; renewal of license; conditions; revocation; transfer of license; issuance of certain licenses prohibited; "development district" defined.
     Section 436.1521a ‑ Public on-premises licenses; issuance to businesses; conditions; commercial investment in redevelopment project area; time period; total investment; number of licenses; requirements; fee; transfer of license prohibited; attempt to secure on-premises escrowed license or quota license; definitions.
     Section 436.1522 ‑ Banquet facility permits.
     Section 436.1523 ‑ Liquor licenses; ineligibility of law enforcement officers; exception; “law enforcement personnel” defined.
     Section 436.1525 ‑ License fees; fingerprints; criminal history check; filing completed application; issuance of license within certain period of time; conditional license; report; "completed application" defined.
     Section 436.1526 ‑ Beer festival; issuance of special license; limitation; buying directly from licensed brewpub; "beer festival" defined.
     Section 436.1527 ‑ Special license for nonprofit charitable organization; issuance; nontransferable; fee; auction.
     Section 436.1529 ‑ Transfer of license or interest in license; notice of transfer of stock in licensed corporation or licensed limited partnership; investigation to ensure compliance; approval; transfer fee; inspection fee.
     Section 436.1531 ‑ Public license and resort license; on-premises escrowed license; limitations and quotas; additional licenses for certain establishments; license for certain events at public university; outdoor stadium; economic development factors; exceptions as to certain veterans and airports; special state census of local governmental unit; rules; availability of transferable licenses held in escrow; on-premises escrowed or quota license; issuance of available licenses; report; hotels; escrowed specially designated distributor license; transfer; applicability of administrative rule; definitions.
     Section 436.1532 ‑ Issuance of club license; public notice; annual filing by club; conduct of club affairs and management.
     Section 436.1533 ‑ Specially designated merchant license; specially designated distributor license; issuance; conditions; quota; waiver; transfer; limitation; owner or operator of motor vehicle fuel pump on or adjacent to licensed premises; issuance to marina; determination of population.
     Section 436.1534 ‑ Small distiller license.
     Section 436.1535 ‑ Vendor as authorized to do business.
     Section 436.1537 ‑ Classes of vendors permitted to sell alcoholic liquor at retail; sale of wine by wine maker; beer and wine tastings; brandy and spirits tasting; filling and selling growlers with beer; definitions.
     Section 436.1537.amended ‑ Classes of vendors permitted to sell alcoholic liquor at retail; sale of wine by wine maker; beer and wine tastings; brandy and spirits tasting; filling and selling growlers with beer; definitions.
     Section 436.1539 ‑ Marina as specially designated merchant or specially designated distributor; license; conditions.
     Section 436.1541 ‑ Motor vehicle fuel pumps.
     Section 436.1543 ‑ Disposition and use of license and license renewal fees; liquor control enforcement and license investigation revolving fund; "license fee enhancement" defined.
     Section 436.1545 ‑ "Nonpublic continuing care retirement center" defined; license; limitation.
     Section 436.1547 ‑ Definitions; catering permits.
58‑1998‑6 ‑ CHAPTER 6 (436.1601...436.1611)
     Section 436.1601 ‑ Licensing qualifications; wholesale licensee or applicant for wholesale license as individual, partnership, limited partnership, or corporation; prohibitions.
     Section 436.1603 ‑ Interest in business of other vendor prohibited; placing stock in portfolio under arrangement, trust agreement, or investment trust agreement; issuance and sale of participating shares within state; prohibitions; sale of brandy and spirits by manufacturer or small distiller; conditions; sale by small distiller; interest of brewpub in other locations; interest in business of other supplier; approval pursuant to R 436.1023(3); interest of manufacturer in wholesaler prohibited; delivery of wine by wine maker to retail licensees prohibited; tiers; interpretation of subsection (13); definitions.
     Section 436.1605 ‑ Acquisition, development, sale, lease, financing, maintenance, operation, or promotion of real property occupied or to be occupied by another vendor; conditions; denial or approval of arrangement or contract; review; denial, revocation, or suspension of license; wholesaler as party to arrangement or contract prohibited; acquisition, development, sale, lease, financing, maintenance, operation, or promotion of condominium project or unit; exception.
     Section 436.1607 ‑ Eligibility for license as specially designated merchant or specially designated distributor; prohibitions; small distiller; wine maker and small wine maker; brewer as specially designated merchant; brewery hospitality room; sales or deliveries by wholesaler.
     Section 436.1609 ‑ Aiding or assisting other vendor prohibited; exception; refunding amount of price reductions; providing licensee with advertising items; providing licensee with goods and services; approval by commission; sale of brand logoed items; possession and use of brand logoed barware; conditions for promotion of brand under R 436.1321(1) to (3); unauthorized providing or selling of barware; fine; on-premises brand promotional event; removal of merchandise; purchase and sale of brand logoed inventory by retailer holding off-premises license; adding or removing item by rule; definitions.
     Section 436.1609a ‑ Filing by manufacturer or wholesaler; schedule of net cash prices; beer package price; sale of beer at quantity discount prohibited; disclosure of filing under subsections (1) and (2); comparison of filing under subsections (1) and (2) with tax filing; reasons for regulation.
     Section 436.1609b ‑ Expenditure records for each call on retail licensee; drink purchase for promotional purposes; limitation.
     Section 436.1609c ‑ Beer or wine; refund or replacement; reasons.
     Section 436.1610 ‑ Advertising; use of unpaid social media; definitions.
     Section 436.1610a ‑ Promotion of brands and prices of alcoholic liquor; signs; requirements.
     Section 436.1610b ‑ Temporary bin display.
     Section 436.1611 ‑ Refund or credit of tax paid on wine, mixed spirit drink, or beer; conditions; time limitation; form and contents of claim; supporting evidence; removal or destruction of damaged wine, beer, or mixed spirit drink; applicability of section; rebate of tax paid on wine or mixed spirit drink.
58‑1998‑7 ‑ CHAPTER 7 (436.1701...436.1707)
     Section 436.1701 ‑ Selling or furnishing alcoholic liquor to minor; failure to make diligent inquiry; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; signs; consumption of alcoholic liquor as cause of death or injury; felony; enforcement against licensee; consent of parent or guardian in undercover operation; defense in action for violation; report; definitions.
     Section 436.1703 ‑ Purchase, consumption, or possession of alcoholic liquor by minor; attempt; violation; fines; sanctions; furnishing fraudulent identification to minor; use by minor; prior violation; screening and assessment; prior judgment; chemical breath analysis; notice to parent, custodian, or guardian; exceptions; recruitment of minor for undercover operation prohibited; affirmative defense; definitions.
     Section 436.1705 ‑ Power of peace officer or law enforcement officer witnessing violation to stop and detain person; issuance of appearance ticket.
     Section 436.1707 ‑ Selling, serving, or furnishing alcohol; prohibitions.
58‑1998‑8 ‑ CHAPTER 8 (436.1801...436.1815)
     Section 436.1801 ‑ Granting or renewing license; surety; selling, furnishing, or giving alcoholic liquor to minor or to person visibly intoxicated; right of action for damage or personal injury; actual damages; institution of action; notice; survival of action; general reputation as evidence of relation; separate actions by parents; commencement of action against retail licensee; indemnification; defenses available to licensee; rebuttable presumption; prohibited causes of action; section as exclusive remedy for money damages against licensee; civil action subject to revised judicature act.
     Section 436.1803 ‑ Retailer or applicant for retail license; proof of financial responsibility; naming insurer or surety as defendant prohibited; effect of bankruptcy; policies and bonds to be continued from year to year; cancellation of liquor liability insurance policy; revocation; section inapplicable to special licensee or applicant for special license; rules.
     Section 436.1805 ‑ Suit to enforce liability when service of process not effected; affidavit; service upon commission in duplicate; return; copy served on defendant; hearing; duty of commission.
     Section 436.1807 ‑ Insurer to file notice of termination or cancellation of contract or policy; effective date.
     Section 436.1809 ‑ Payment of judgment and costs; time; failure or neglect to pay judgment and costs; punitive damages; action against insurer.
     Section 436.1811 ‑ Insurance policy; coverage; conditions.
     Section 436.1813 ‑ False statement or breach of authority; cancellation of insurance.
     Section 436.1815 ‑ Adherence to responsible business practices as defense; compensation of employee on commission basis.
58‑1998‑9 ‑ CHAPTER 9 (436.1901...436.1925)
     Section 436.1901 ‑ Compliance required; prohibited acts; violation; sanctions and penalties.
     Section 436.1903 ‑ Suspension or revocation of license; violation of act or rules; penalty; disposition; administrative fine; hearing; procedure; fee; right of appeal; institution of criminal prosecutions; defense; rules; appointment of agents to hear violation cases; authority and responsibility; ineligibility of designated agent for appointment to commission.
     Section 436.1903a ‑ Conviction or administrative disqualification of licensee; electronic transaction; sanctions; hearing and appeal procedures; definitions.
     Section 436.1903b ‑ Payment by means dishonored by financial institution for lack of sufficient funds; violation of act.
     Section 436.1904 ‑ Consumption or possession of alcoholic liquor on school property; prohibition; violation as misdemeanor; exceptions; other violations; application of section to minor; definitions.
     Section 436.1905 ‑ Selling or furnishing alcoholic liquor to minor; enforcement actions prohibited; conditions; exception.
     Section 436.1906 ‑ Definitions; server training program.
     Section 436.1907 ‑ Revocation of license; forfeiture of privileges; seizure of alcoholic liquor.
     Section 436.1909 ‑ Violation of act as misdemeanor or felony; penalties or sanctions; remedies; violation of MCL 436.1203; "person" defined; legislative intent.
     Section 436.1911 ‑ Failure to pay tax; penalties; collection.
     Section 436.1913 ‑ Prohibited conduct; unlicensed premises or place; unlawful consumption of alcoholic liquor; exceptions; construction of section; “consideration” defined.
     Section 436.1914 ‑ Alcohol vapor device; use, possession, sale, or offer to sell prohibited; violation; rules.
     Section 436.1914a ‑ Powdered alcohol; use, possession, sale, or offer for sale prohibited; violation as misdemeanor; exception; "powdered alcohol" defined.
     Section 436.1915 ‑ Possessing or consuming alcoholic liquor on public highway or in park, place of amusement, or publicly owned area; authority of local governmental unit or state department or agency to prohibit possession or consumption of alcoholic liquor; definitions.
     Section 436.1916 ‑ Entertainment, dance, or topless activity permits; issuance; prohibited activity; exceptions; extended hours permit; permits issued under administrative rule; fees; definitions.
     Section 436.1917 ‑ Liability of vendor.
     Section 436.1919 ‑ Forging documents, labels, or stamps; prohibited conduct; penalty.
     Section 436.1921 ‑ Sale or exchange of ceramic commemorative bottles.
     Section 436.1923 ‑ Warehouse receipts for alcoholic liquor; authority of commission.
     Section 436.1925 ‑ Construction of act; severability.
58‑1998‑10 ‑ CHAPTER 10 (436.2001...436.2031)
     Section 436.2001 ‑ Armories, air bases, naval installations and state military reservation.
     Section 436.2003 ‑ False or fraudulent statements.
     Section 436.2005 ‑ Adulterated, misbranded, or refilled liquors.
     Section 436.2007 ‑ Alcoholic liquor as contraband.
     Section 436.2009 ‑ Delivery of seized alcoholic liquor; bankruptcy; payment.
     Section 436.2011 ‑ Printed price list; posting.
     Section 436.2013 ‑ Sale or purchase of alcoholic liquor for cash; exceptions.
     Section 436.2014 ‑ Sale of unlimited quantity of alcoholic liquor at specific price; conditions; sale of 2 or more identical drinks containing alcoholic liquor for 1 price; prohibition; "private function" defined.
     Section 436.2015 ‑ Awarding unopened alcoholic liquor pursuant to lawful fund raising activity.
     Section 436.2017 ‑ Sterilization of glass; method and manner.
     Section 436.2019 ‑ Sales in hotel rooms.
     Section 436.2021 ‑ Selling or serving food; removal of liquor from premises; removal of partially consumed bottle of wine from premises; class A or B hotel; consumption of wine brought into premises by consumer.
     Section 436.2023 ‑ Pinball machines.
     Section 436.2024 ‑ Automatic teller machine; preventing access to cash benefits from Michigan bridge card; definitions.
     Section 436.2025 ‑ Giving away alcoholic liquor prohibited; exception; sale to intoxicated individual prohibited; inadmissibility of breathalyzer or blood alcohol test results.
     Section 436.2027 ‑ Samplings or tastings of alcoholic liquor; consumption on premises; holding of consumer sampling event; violation; rule or order; sampling for other than commercial purpose; written agreement; definitions.
     Section 436.2029 ‑ Packaging of nonalcoholic carbonated beverages with spirits.
     Section 436.2030 ‑ Repealed. 2017, Act 166, Eff. Feb. 11, 2018.
     Section 436.2031 ‑ "Wine auction license" defined; issuance of license; restrictions; payment of taxes; delivery, storage, warehousing, and delivery of wine; sale and resale of wine purchases at auction.
58‑1998‑11 ‑ CHAPTER 11 (436.2101...436.2115)
     Section 436.2101 ‑ Sale of spirits and mixed spirit drink for consumption on premises; resolution; petition; notice; submission of question to electors; ballot; canvass; effect of tie vote; use of section to nullify referendum vote prohibited.
     Section 436.2101a ‑ Violation of MCL 168.1 to 168.992 applicable to petitions; penalties.
     Section 436.2103 ‑ Sale of spirits and mixed spirit drink for consumption on premises; annexation of territory to city prohibiting sale; continuance of license; referendum.
     Section 436.2105 ‑ Sale of spirits and mixed spirit drink for consumption on premises; referendum; license to serve spirits in addition to beer and wine for consumption on premises; application; approval; fee; referendum in certain townships.
     Section 436.2107 ‑ Manufacture and sale of alcoholic liquor; county option; form of ballot; notice of prohibition.
     Section 436.2109 ‑ Ordinance prohibiting retail sale of alcoholic liquor; adoption; duration; election; affirmance or revocation; prohibition.
     Section 436.2111 ‑ Sunday sale of beer and wine during certain hours; circumstances for prohibiting.
     Section 436.2113 ‑ Selling at retail, or buying spirits or mixed spirit drink on Sunday; sale of spirits or mixed spirit drink for consumption on or off premises on Sunday; resolution; petition; election; form of ballot; voting; violation as misdemeanor; exception; selling and buying alcoholic liquor from December 24 to 26; legislative bodies authorized to prohibit sale of alcoholic liquor on certain days; "motorsports entertainment complex" defined.
     Section 436.2114 ‑ Selling, giving away, furnishing, or buying alcoholic liquor or spirits on any day; annual fee.
     Section 436.2115 ‑ Sale of spirits or mixed spirit drink on Sunday; additional fee; disposition of revenue.
58‑1998‑12 ‑ CHAPTER 12 (436.2201...436.2207)
     Section 436.2201 ‑ Imposition of tax; levy; collection; computations; deposit of proceeds; general fund; inventory.
     Section 436.2203 ‑ Imposition of tax; levy; collection; computation; deposit of proceeds; state school aid fund.
     Section 436.2205 ‑ Repealed. 2011, Act 166, Eff. Oct. 1, 2012.
     Section 436.2207 ‑ Legislative findings and declarations; programs to promote tourism and convention business; acquisition of convention facilities; imposition of tax on spirits for consumption off premises; deposit of proceeds; convention facility development fund.
58‑1998‑13 ‑ CHAPTER 13 (436.2301...436.2303)
     Section 436.2301 ‑ Repeal of acts and parts of acts.
     Section 436.2303 ‑ Prior acts or rights; rules; predecessor commission; editorial changes; references to act.

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