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Act 399 of 1976
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Act 399 of 1976

AN ACT to protect the public health; to provide for supervision and control over public water supplies; to prescribe the powers and duties of the department of environmental quality; to provide for the submission of plans and specifications for waterworks systems and the issuance of construction permits therefor; to provide for capacity assessments and source water assessments of public water supplies; to provide for the classification of public water supplies and the examination, certification and regulation of persons operating those systems; to provide for continuous, adequate operation of privately owned, public water supplies; to authorize the promulgation of rules to carry out the intent of the act; to create the water supply fund; to provide for the administration of the water supply fund; and to provide penalties.

History: 1976, Act 399, Imd. Eff. Jan. 4, 1977 ;-- Am. 1993, Act 165, Imd. Eff. Sept. 16, 1993 ;-- Am. 1998, Act 56, Imd. Eff. Apr. 8, 1998

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 325.1001SectionShort title.
Section 325.1001aSectionLegislative intent; water resources research institutes.
Section 325.1002SectionDefinitions.
Section 325.1003SectionPower and control over public water supplies and suppliers of water; inspection of waterworks system.
Section 325.1003aSectionExemption of agricultural employer from well inspection fees; definitions.
Section 325.1003bSectionDepartment of environmental quality; powers; conduct of capacity assessment or source water assessment; availability of records to department.
Section 325.1004SectionWaterworks system; filing plans and specifications; general plan; evaluation of proposed system; use of assessment tool; determination of zone C withdrawal; certification of measures taken; capacity assessment; return or rejection of plans and specifications; public notice; plans and specifications for improvements; permit for construction; violation; conditions for denial of permit; verbal approval of minor modifications; confirmation; report; definitions.
Section 325.1004aSectionExpedited permit application review process.
Section 325.1005SectionRules.
Section 325.1005aSectionCustomer site piping; limitations.
Section 325.1006SectionMaximum contaminant levels; incorporation by reference.
Section 325.1007SectionCollecting and analyzing water samples; reporting results of analyses; failure of supplier to comply; appeal; disposition of administrative fines.
Section 325.1008SectionDesign and operation standards of public water supplies; considerations; purpose.
Section 325.1009SectionClassification of public water supplies including water treatment and distribution systems; advisory board of examiners; certificates of competency; supervision of public water supply; certificate renewal; training program for certified operator; fees.
Section 325.1010SectionApproval of privately owned public water supply; escrow account to correct deficiencies in public water supply; compliance with subsections (1) and (2) by private purchaser.
Section 325.1011SectionReview and certification of laboratories testing water.
Section 325.1011aSectionCommunity supply provider; annual fees; schedule; adjustment; payment; failure to submit timely payment; penalty; collection.
Section 325.1011bSectionNoncommunity supply provider; annual fees; schedule; adjustment; fee on 5 or more noncommunity supplies under same ownership on contiguous properties; payment; penalty on delinquent fees; exemption from annual fee in subsection (1); services provided by department not required.
Section 325.1011cSectionLaboratory review and certification; service fees; adjustment; duration of certification.
Section 325.1011dSectionWater supply fund; creation; administration; capitalization; retention and expenditure of funds.
Section 325.1012SectionLaboratory capability to test for contaminants.
Section 325.1013Section“Product” defined; rules; product standards; certification as prima facie evidence of meeting standards; list; supplying information for review; failure to comply; hearing; prohibition.
Section 325.1014SectionReports; records; rules relating to consumer confidence reports; contents of report; applicability of subsection (3); availability of report on internet.
Section 325.1015SectionProtection of public health; notice to supplier of water; inspection of waterworks system; order; public hearing; emergency order; action limiting water system expansion or water use.
Section 325.1016SectionAgreements, contracts, or cooperative arrangements for purpose of administering act; grants of money or other aid; use and receipt of funds.
Section 325.1017SectionBottled drinking water.
Section 325.1018SectionWater haulers; license; source of water; water quality.
Section 325.1019SectionNoncompliance with state drinking water standards; notification of users; public advisory; litigation.
Section 325.1019aSectionState or federal government as owner or operator of real property when substance of concern used; alternative water supply to be provided to users of impacted water; conditions; monitoring; reimbursement; definitions.
Section 325.1020SectionVariances or exemptions.
Section 325.1021SectionViolation as misdemeanor; penalty; issuance of appearance ticket; "minor offense" defined.
Section 325.1022SectionEnforcement of act, rules, or orders; penalty.
Section 325.1023SectionAct subject to MCL 324.1401 to 324.1429.
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