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Act 451 of 1994
Part 169

Section 324.16901SectionDefinitions.
Section 324.16902SectionDelivery of scrap tire; limitations; removal; scope of subsection (2); presumptions.
Section 324.16902aSectionRepealed. 2002, Act 496, Imd. Eff. July 3, 2002.
Section 324.16903SectionAccumulation of scrap tires outdoors by owner or operator of collection site; compliance; bond required; exception; drawing on bond; notice; order.
Section 324.16903aSectionFires at collection sites; statewide response plan.
Section 324.16903bSectionBond; exemptions; noncompliance; notice; compliance with subsection (1).
Section 324.16903cSectionMaintenance limiting mosquito breeding; requirements; violation; penalty; payment default.
Section 324.16904SectionOwner or operator of collection site or portable shredding operation; application for registration; form; documentation of bonding; compliance with storage requirements; fee.
Section 324.16904aSectionEnd user; exemption.
Section 324.16904bSectionRegulation of scrap tires as solid waste.
Section 324.16905SectionScrap tire hauler; registration; form; contents; presentment; display of number; maintenance, availability, and contents of record; disposal at other location prohibited; original record; copy; bond; use; conditions for drawing on; notice; order.
Section 324.16906SectionRecord.
Section 324.16907SectionReport to legislature.
Section 324.16908SectionScrap tire regulatory fund; creation; investment; interest and earnings; department as administrator for auditing purposes; no reversion to general fund; use of money in fund; grants.
Section 324.16908aSectionDevelopment of markets for scrap tires.
Section 324.16908bSectionUnpaid cleanup costs; lien; filing of petition by attorney general; type of lien; duration; release.
Section 324.16908cSectionIntentional open burning of scrap tire prohibited.
Section 324.16909SectionViolation as misdemeanor; penalties; separate violations; issuance of appearance ticket; section inapplicable to violation of MCL 324.16903c; false statement.
Section 324.16909aSectionInvestigation or inspection; warrantless search; seizure of vehicle or equipment; costs.
Section 324.16910SectionResponse to fire or violation of part; action for recovery of incurred costs.
Section 324.16911SectionReports; appointment of scrap tire advisory committee.
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