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Act 280 of 1939

Section 400.1SectionFamily independence agency; creation; powers and duties; director, assistants, and employees; rules; successor to juvenile institute commission; other references.
Section 400.1aSectionSocial welfare act; short title.
Section 400.1bSectionAnnual appropriation act as time-limited addendum; inclusion of program not as entitlement.
Section 400.1cSectionCompensation of certain employees injured during course of employment as result of assault by recipient of social services.
Section 400.2SectionMichigan social welfare commission; powers and duties; appointment, terms, and qualifications of members; governor as ex officio member; oath; removal; vacancies; conducting business at public meeting; notice; quorum; meetings; failure to attend meetings; designation of chairperson and vice-chairperson; compensation and expenses; availability of writings to public.
Section 400.3SectionFamily independence agency; director; appointment; salary; expenses; intent as to references.
Section 400.3aSectionAdvisory committee; establishment; appointment of members; recommendations from county social services boards and county social services association; advising on statutes and policies.
Section 400.4SectionExecutive heads of state institutions; appointment; employees, salaries and expenses.
Section 400.5SectionDivisions within state department of social welfare; creation, abolition.
Section 400.5aSectionAdverse action against child placing agency prohibited; basis.
Section 400.6SectionRules, regulations, and policies; appointment and duties of bipartisan task force of legislators; applicability of subsection (2) to enrolled medicaid providers.
Section 400.7SectionRules and regulations; publication, seal, certified copies as evidence; body corporate, powers.
Section 400.8SectionWitnesses; compelled attendance, oaths; jurisdiction of courts.
Section 400.9SectionRules for conduct of hearings; procedure; hearing authority; powers and duties; review; representation of department; compliance with Open Meetings Act.
Section 400.10SectionAdministration of social security act and food stamp act; cooperation with federal, state, and local governments; reports; welfare and relief problems; plan for distribution and allotment of federal moneys; rules; agreements; assuring federal approval.
Section 400.10aSectionDisclosure of certain recipients to law enforcement agency; federal approval; definitions.
Section 400.10bSectionIndividual subject to felony charge; eligibility for cash or food assistance; federal approval; review by department director; definitions.
Section 400.10cSectionAutomated program; development and implementation; comparison of list of individuals receiving public assistance with information regarding outstanding felony or extradition warrants; access to address information; report; "extradition warrant" defined.
Section 400.10dSectionDetermination of financial eligibility for family independence program or food assistance program; application of asset test.
Section 400.10eSectionDetermination of financial eligibility for family independence program and food assistance program; inclusion of money received from lottery or gambling winnings.
Section 400.10e[1]SectionRepealed. 2013, Act 41, Imd. Eff. June 5, 2013.
Section 400.10fSectionPerformance of monthly incarceration match to determine eligibility for bridge card; issuance prohibited or terminated; performance of monthly match to determine if recipient is deceased.
Section 400.10gSectionDetermination of financial eligibility; money associated with designated beneficiary's ABLE savings account; "ABLE savings account", "designated beneficiary", and "qualified disability expenses" defined.
Section 400.11SectionDefinitions.
Section 400.11aSectionReporting abuse, neglect, or exploitation of adult; oral report; contents of written report; reporting criminal activity; construction of section.
Section 400.11bSectionInvestigation; purpose; basis; providing licensee with substance of allegations; response to allegations; cooperation of local law enforcement officers; investigation not to be in place of investigation of suspected criminal conduct; scope of investigation; in-person interview; search warrant; availability of protective services; collaboration with other agencies; petition for finding of incapacity and appointment of guardian or temporary guardian; petition for appointment of conservator; report; providing copy of report to state department and prosecuting attorney.
Section 400.11cSectionConfidentiality of identity of person making report; immunity from civil liability; presumption; extent of immunity; abrogation of privileged communication; exception; sharing of information and records.
Section 400.11dSectionAvailability of writing to public; correction of inaccurate statements; identification of unsubstantiated statements.
Section 400.11eSectionFailure to make report; liability; disposition of fine.
Section 400.11fSectionCertain actions and investigations prohibited; report; interdepartmental agreements; coordinating investigations; agreement establishing criteria.
Section 400.12SectionTransfer of funds.
Section 400.13SectionReciprocal agreements with other states; authorization, exception.
Section 400.14SectionAdditional powers and duties of department; powers and duties of county social services boards as to general public relief transferred to department; changing eligibility standards and coverages for medical care.
Section 400.14aSectionState department; camps, purposes.
Section 400.14bSectionFamily planning services; notice of availability, contents; referral, drugs and appliances, rules and regulations.
Section 400.14cSectionMinimum housing standards; establishment, annual review; use of relief grants.
Section 400.14d.addedSectionJuvenile residential care facility in county with population less than 50,000; direct care worker; qualification; conflict with administrative rule.
Section 400.14eSectionFederal food stamps; distribution by mail; rules.
Section 400.14fSectionAdministration of program or performance of duty; contract with private individual or agency.
Section 400.14gSectionPilot projects.
Section 400.14hSectionElectronic benefit transfer system; use for food stamp distribution; rescission of rules.
Section 400.14iSectionRepealed. 2011, Act 240, Imd. Eff. Dec. 2, 2011.
Section 400.14jSectionIssuance of food assistance benefits; number of times per month.
Section 400.14lSectionReplacement cost of electronic benefits transfer card.
Section 400.15SectionGifts; acceptance by commission; duties of attorney general.
Section 400.16SectionBudget; preparation by commission, submission to governor.
Section 400.17SectionReport of program goals and biennial report to governor and legislature; recommendations.
Section 400.18SectionAppropriations for general public relief; distribution of moneys to county and district departments; assumption of program costs by state; exclusions; county expenditures and costs; reimbursement of county payments; difference between county's shared revenue and county's costs; supplemental security income and aid to dependent children; general public relief payments.
Section 400.18aSectionFriend of the court incentive payment program; establishment; activities; subsection (1) inapplicable to certain judicial circuits; annual appropriation.
Section 400.18bSectionRepealed. 1975, Act 280, Eff. Jan. 1, 1976.
Section 400.18cSectionFoster care of children; use of licensed child caring institutions or placement agencies; supervision by county department; standards of care and service; placement of child at least 16 but less than 21 years of age or at least 18 but less than 21 years of age.
Section 400.18dSectionFoster care of children; county emergency receiving facility for temporary care, standards.
Section 400.18eSectionState plan for foster care; focus groups; establishment; funds.
Section 400.19SectionPowers and duties as to Michigan employment institution for blind; transfer to state department.
Section 400.20SectionPowers and duties as to social welfare; transfer to state department.
Section 400.21SectionRefusal of access or information to social welfare commission; misdemeanor.
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