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Act 299 of 1980
Article 18

Section 339.1801SectionDefinitions.
Section 339.1802SectionBoard of examiners in mortuary science; creation.
Section 339.1803SectionPlacing chemical on or in dead human body by unlicensed individual as violation; article inapplicable to resident trainee or student; license required for practice of embalming.
Section 339.1804SectionFuneral establishment; individuals required to be license holder for practice of mortuary science; use of name after death or retirement of member.
Section 339.1805SectionAuthorized activities of licensee.
Section 339.1806SectionPractice of mortuary science; license; requirements; inspection; revocation or cancellation of license; reporting change in ownership or location; reciprocity.
Section 339.1806aSectionPractice of mortuary science; issuance of courtesy license; requirements; validity; conduct; prohibitions; restrictions; "courtesy license" defined.
Section 339.1807SectionHolder of license for practice of mortuary science; registration with city or village registrar; transportation permit; receiving dead body for shipment or transportation; removal or shipping permit; shipping dead human body for anatomical purpose.
Section 339.1808SectionResident trainee; license; qualifications; service; notice; reports; statement; supervision.
Section 339.1809SectionFuneral establishment; operation by license holder; displaying name of licensee; registration of owner's name; revocation of license; operation of branch establishment; inspection of premises; preparation room and equipment; compliance.
Section 339.1809aSectionDisposition of unclaimed cremated remains; immunity from liability; definitions.
Section 339.1809bSectionDetermination of unclaimed cremated remains as veteran; disposition; immunity from liability.
Section 339.1810SectionProhibited conduct; penalties; rules; training employees.
Section 339.1811SectionPurchase of vault or similar receptacle as condition to burial prohibited; discrimination; right to require vault not impaired.
Section 339.1812SectionOwning or conducting cemetery or burial ground and owning or maintaining funeral establishment prohibited; exception; owning or conducting funeral establishment on property owned or leased by cemetery prohibited; owner of private burial ground owning or maintaining funeral establishment.
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