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Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 64

Section 600.6401SectionCourt of claims; short title.
Section 600.6404SectionCourt of claims; assignment; jurisdiction; pending matters; transfer; disability, disqualification, or inability of judge to attend to matter; death of judge; term; assignment of judge to serve remainder of term; selection of chief judge.
Section 600.6407SectionSessions; space and equipment.
Section 600.6410SectionCourt of appeals clerk as clerk of court of claims; filing cause of action; assignment of judge by blind draw; copies of records, proceedings, and testimony; fees of clerk, reporter, or recorder; no charge to state; service of process.
Section 600.6413SectionCourt of claims in court of appeals district.
Section 600.6416SectionCourt of claims; representation of state by attorney general or assistants.
Section 600.6419SectionCourt of claims; exclusive jurisdiction; exceptions; claims less than $1,000.00; powers and jurisdiction; counterclaims; res judicata; setoff, recoupment, or cross declaration; writs of execution or garnishment; judgment as final; no jurisdiction of claim for compensation under MCL 418.101 to 418.941 and MCL 419.101 to 419.104; jurisdiction of circuit court over certain actions and proceedings; "the state or any of its departments or officers" defined.
Section 600.6419aSectionRepealed. 2013, Act 164, Imd. Eff. Nov. 12, 2013.
Section 600.6420SectionDelegation of authority for claim by state employee of $500.00 or less; certification of loss or damage.
Section 600.6421SectionTrial by jury; joinder of cases; court of claims' jurisdiction; subsection (4) inapplicable to matters transferred to court of claims.
Section 600.6422SectionCourt of claims; practice and procedure; fees.
Section 600.6425SectionCourt of claims; depositions.
Section 600.6428SectionCourt of claims; witnesses; power to compel attendance.
Section 600.6431SectionCourt of claims; notice of intention to file claim; contents; time; verification; copies.
Section 600.6434SectionPleadings; verification and service of complaint; copies.
Section 600.6437SectionCourt of claims; judgment on stipulated facts.
Section 600.6440SectionCourt of claims; remedy in federal court as bar to jurisdiction.
Section 600.6443SectionCourt of claims; trial by court without jury; new trial.
Section 600.6446SectionAppeals to court of appeals; procedure; notice of entry of final order or judgment; time for appeal as of right.
Section 600.6449SectionCosts; security for costs on appeal.
Section 600.6452SectionCourt of claims; filing of claim; time; limitation of actions; right of attorney general to petition for administration of estate or appoint guardian of minor or disabled.
Section 600.6455SectionInterest rate on judgments; effect of settlement offer; rejection of offer.
Section 600.6458SectionCourt of claims; judgment against state; payment.
Section 600.6461SectionCourt of claims; clerk's report to legislature; state treasurer and budget director.
Section 600.6464SectionCourt of claims; judgment; discharge.
Section 600.6467SectionCourt of claims; state agencies to furnish information upon request.
Section 600.6470SectionCourt of claims; fraud in connection with claim; forfeiture.
Section 600.6475SectionCourt of claims; actions involving negligent operation of motor vehicles or aircraft; defense of governmental function.
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