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Act 217 of 1956
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Act 217 of 1956

AN ACT to safeguard persons and property; to provide for licensing and regulation of electricians and electrical contractors concerning the construction, alteration, installation of electrical wiring and equipment and for the inspection of electrical wiring; to create an electrical administrative board; to create certain committees for certain purposes; to provide certain powers and duties for certain departments; to provide for the assessment of certain fees and for the promulgation of rules; and to prescribe penalties for violations of this act.

History: 1956, Act 217, Eff. Aug. 11, 1956 ;-- Am. 1960, Act 94, Eff. Aug. 17, 1960 ;-- Am. 1990, Act 246, Eff. Mar. 28, 1991

© 2009 Legislative Council, State of Michigan

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 338.881SectionDefinitions.
Section 338.881aSectionAdditional definitions.
Section 338.881bSectionAdditional definitions.
Section 338.882SectionElectrical administrative board; appointment; qualifications and terms of members; ex officio member; designation of chairperson; meetings; industry advisory committees; public meeting; expenses; inspections; fees; appointment of electrical inspectors.
Section 338.883SectionLicenses and certificates; orders and rules; fees; expiration and renewal of license; reinstatement of void license; receipt of completed application; issuance of license within certain period of time; report; examinations; annual report; waiver of fee; “completed application” defined.
Section 338.883aSectionApplicant for licensure; conditions for sitting for examination.
Section 338.883bSectionElectrical contractor's license; requirements.
Section 338.883cSectionMaster electrician's license; requirements; failure to pass examination; condition of renewal; license limitation.
Section 338.883dSectionElectrical journeyman's license; requirements; affidavit stating amount of experience; failure to pass examination; condition of renewal; "armed forces" defined.
Section 338.883eSectionApprentice electrician; registration; form; certificate of registration; apprenticeship training program; apprentice electrician ratio.
Section 338.883fSectionFire alarm contractor's license requirements.
Section 338.883gSectionFire alarm specialty technician's license requirements; renewal; qualifying for more than one license.
Section 338.883hSectionFire alarm specialty apprentice technician; registration requirements; ratio.
Section 338.883iSectionSpecialty licenses not required.
Section 338.883jSectionSign specialty contractor's license requirements; license not required.
Section 338.883kSectionSign specialist's license requirements; eligibility for retaking examination; license renewal; license not required.
Section 338.884SectionRepealed. 1990, Act 246, Eff. Mar. 28, 1991.
Section 338.885SectionInstallation of electric wiring or electric signs; license required; exception; sign specialty licensure of person licensed in another state; “charitable organization” defined.
Section 338.886SectionApplication of act; standards for examination, licensing, and registration; local regulation, licensing, and registration; reciprocity.
Section 338.886aSectionOrdinance requiring application to and licensing by board.
Section 338.887SectionElectrical contractor's license requirements; exceptions.
Section 338.887aSectionElectrical inspector; appointment and qualifications; requesting identification of licensee; registration.
Section 338.888, 338.888aSectionRepealed. 1990, Act 246, Eff. Mar. 28, 1991.
Section 338.888bSectionInvestigations and hearings by department of energy, labor, and economic growth; report; grounds for proceeding against person; prohibited activity.
Section 338.888cSectionEnforcement of licensing and registration provisions; rules; identification card; violation.
Section 338.888dSectionViolation of MCL 338.3101 to 338.3319 or MCL 408.1057 to 408.1060f; notice; review of license; suspension or revocation of license.
Section 338.888eSectionSanctions.
Section 338.888fSectionAction to enforce act or rules.
Section 338.888gSectionInconsistent or conflicting provisions.
Section 338.889SectionPayment of income to state construction code fund.
Section 338.890SectionViolations; penalties.
Section 338.891SectionConstruction of act as to liability for defective installation or appliances.
Section 338.892SectionElectrical administrative act; short title.