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Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 12

Section 600.1200SectionDefinitions.
Section 600.1201SectionVeterans treatment court; compliance; characteristics; memorandum of understanding; training; participants from other jurisdiction; validity of transfer.
Section 600.1202SectionHiring or contracting with treatment providers.
Section 600.1203SectionAdmission to veterans treatment court.
Section 600.1204SectionFindings or statement.
Section 600.1205SectionAdmission of individual charged in criminal case; conditions.
Section 600.1206SectionAdmission to veterans treatment court; conditions; length of jurisdiction; collaboration; fee; information contained in L.E.I.N. pertaining to criminal history.
Section 600.1207SectionVeterans treatment court; responsibilities to individual.
Section 600.1208SectionDuties of individual; notification of new crime; payment of fines, fees, and costs.
Section 600.1209SectionVeterans treatment court program; finding or statement upon completion or termination of program; discharge or dismissal of proceedings; duties of court upon successful completion of probation or court supervision; termination or failure to successfully complete program; duties of court.
Section 600.1210SectionCollection of data.
Section 600.1211SectionFunds; report.
Section 600.1212SectionState drug treatment court advisory committee; monitoring; recommendations.
Section 600.1213-600.1239SectionRepealed. 1968, Act 326, Eff. Nov. 15, 1968.
236-1961-12-JURY-COMMISSIONERSDivisionJURY COMMISSIONERS (600.1241...600.1250)
236-1961-12-UPPER-PENINSULADivisionUPPER PENINSULA (600.1255...600.1260)
236-1961-12-WAYNE-COUNTYDivisionWAYNE COUNTY (600.1265...600.1297)
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