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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

Act 274 of 2000 - LARGE CARNIVORE ACT (287.1101 - 287.1123)
Section 287.1101 ‑ Short title.
Section 287.1102 ‑ Definitions.
Section 287.1103 ‑ Prohibited conduct.
Section 287.1104 ‑ Possession of large carnivores; conditions; permit application; conditions for issuance; permit contents; notification to department by local unit of government; permit fee.
Section 287.1105 ‑ Placement of identification number via subcutaneous microchip.
Section 287.1106 ‑ Confinement and control of large carnivore; requirements; duties of owner.
Section 287.1107 ‑ Transportation requirements.
Section 287.1108 ‑ Exportation requirements.
Section 287.1109 ‑ Exposure of human, livestock, or mammalian pet to rabies.
Section 287.1110 ‑ Euthanasia of large carnivore exposing human, livestock, or mammalian pet to rabies; examination.
Section 287.1111 ‑ Conditions permitting law enforcement officer or other person to kill large carnivore; liability; actions constituting trespass.
Section 287.1112 ‑ Liability of owner for death or injury of human or for property damage; escape or release of large carnivore.
Section 287.1113 ‑ Inspection of facility by law enforcement officer.
Section 287.1114 ‑ Notice of violation; transfer of ownership and possession; second inspection; fee; finding of noncompliance; forfeiture.
Section 287.1115 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor; fine; exception.
Section 287.1116 ‑ Violation; request for civil forfeiture; filing.
Section 287.1117 ‑ Seizure order; circumstances; method; placement; return to crime victim.
Section 287.1118 ‑ Correction of conditions leading to seizure; return to owner; court approval; notice of seizure and intent to forfeit; delivery of notice; notice to prosecuting attorney or attorney general.
Section 287.1119 ‑ Motion by owner for return of large carnivore; hearing; establishment of probable cause; burden of proof; admissibility of testimony in criminal prosecution.
Section 287.1120 ‑ Return of seized large carnivore to owner; conditions; notice; order of forfeiture; liability for care and placement costs.
Section 287.1121 ‑ Local ordinance more restrictive than act; requirements as additional to other state and federal law.
Section 287.1122 ‑ Exceptions.
Section 287.1123 ‑ Information provided to pet shop, animal control shelter, and animal protection shelter.

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