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Section 552.17a

Revised Statutes of 1846 (EXCERPT)

552.17a Jurisdiction of court; application for modification of judgment or order; waiver of contempt.

Sec. 17a.

(1) The court has jurisdiction to make an order or judgment relative to the minor children of the parties as authorized in this chapter to award custody of each child to 1 of the parties or a third person until each child has attained the age of 18 years and may require either parent to pay for the support of each child until each child attains that age. Subject to section 5b of the support and parenting time enforcement act, 1982 PA 295, MCL 552.605b, the court may also order support as authorized in this chapter for a child of the parties to provide support for the child after the child reaches 18 years of age.

(2) Upon an application for modification of a judgment or order when applicant is in contempt, for cause shown, the court may waive the contempt and proceed to a hearing without prejudice to applicant's rights and render a determination on the merits.

History: Add. 1939, Act 255, Eff. Sept. 29, 1939 ;-- CL 1948, 552.17a ;-- Am. 1954, Act 2, Eff. Aug. 13, 1954 ;-- Am. 1970, Act 182, Imd. Eff. Aug. 3, 1970 ;-- Am. 1990, Act 243, Imd. Eff. Oct. 10, 1990 ;-- Am. 2002, Act 7, Imd. Eff. Feb. 14, 2002
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