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Section 331.4

Act 47 of 1945

331.4 Community hospitals; annual tax; reimbursement payments under Glenn Steil state revenue sharing act of 1971; additional annual tax for capital improvements; election.

Sec. 4.

The legislative bodies of the cities, villages, and townships belonging to the hospital authority may annually raise by a tax, to be levied on the taxable property within their respective jurisdictions, a sum of money to be used to assist in planning, promoting, acquiring, constructing, improving, enlarging, extending, owning, maintaining, and operating community hospitals authorized by this act. The annual tax authorized in this section shall not exceed 4/10 of 1 mill of the state equalized valuation on each dollar of assessed valuation in each city, village, or township in the authority. The treasurer of any city, village, or township who collects the tax authorized by this section shall also pay to the authority its proportionate share of reimbursement payments under the Glenn Steil state revenue sharing act of 1971, 1971 PA 140, MCL 141.901 to 141.921. In addition, an annual tax at a rate not to exceed 2 mills may be levied for not more than 10 years for capital improvements when authorized at a general or special election and approved by a majority vote of the total qualified electors voting on the question in all member cities, villages, and townships. The hospital authority board may initiate a proceeding for the additional tax by resolution of the hospital authority board which shall set forth the amount of the tax, not to exceed 2 mills, and shall set a date of election which shall be not less than 60 days after the adoption of the resolution. The secretary of the authority shall within 5 days after the adoption of the resolution transmit a certified copy of the resolution to the clerk of each city, village, or township which is a member of the authority. The clerk of each member city, village, or township shall take the steps necessary to provide for an election pursuant to the resolution passed at which election the question of the additional tax shall be submitted. The election shall be conducted in the same manner as elections are required to be conducted in the member cities, villages, or townships under the provisions of the general election law. When a part or all of a village belonging to the authority is located in a township belonging to the authority, the township election shall include that part of the village located in it and the village shall not be required to hold an election except in that portion of the village not located in the township belonging to the authority. The election in each member city, village, and township shall be canvassed in the manner required by the general election law and the results of the election shall be certified to the hospital authority board within 5 days after the date of the election. The hospital authority board shall compile and tabulate the vote as received from the member cities, villages, and townships and certify the election by resolution upon the records of the authority, and a majority of the total valid votes cast in the election voting "yes" on the question submitted shall constitute an approval. A special election called pursuant to this section shall not be included in a statutory or charter limitation as to the number of special elections to be called within a period of time. A previous election held under this act is not invalid if the election was approved by majority of the total valid votes cast in a proper election. The hospital authority calling an election for a date other than a primary, general, or special election held within the cities, villages, or townships forming the hospital authority shall pay the costs of the election. If the election is held at the same time as a primary, general, or special election held within the cities, villages, or townships forming the hospital authority, the hospital authority shall pay its proportionate share of the costs incurred in holding the election.

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Popular Name: Municipal Hospital Authority Act

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