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Act 234 of 1992
Article VII

Section 38.2651SectionParticipation in Tier 1 or Tier 2 by member, vested former member, or former nonvested member; election; writing; irrevocability; method; election subject to domestic relations order act; disqualification for tax purposes; election not implemented due to court order.
Section 38.2651aSectionParticipation of judge of circuit court, probate court, or district court in Tier 1 or Tier 2; election; window of opportunity; method; disqualification for tax purposes.
Section 38.2651bSectionElection pursuant to MCL 38.2651 or MCL 38.2651a.
Section 38.2652SectionTermination of membership; transfer, recomputation, and calculation by retirement system.
Section 38.2652aSectionTermination of membership in Tier 1 pursuant to MCL 38.2651a; definitions; transfer to account in Tier 2; calculation; disqualification for tax purposes.
Section 38.2653SectionCalculation and submission of cost savings.
Section 38.2654SectionMeanings of words and phrases; “accumulated balance” defined.
Section 38.2655Section“Employer,”“former qualified participant,” and “health benefit dependent” defined.
Section 38.2656Section“Qualified participant,”“refund beneficiary,”“salary,” and “state treasurer” defined.
Section 38.2657SectionAdministration of Tier 2 by state treasurer.
Section 38.2658SectionHearing.
Section 38.2659SectionDirection of investment by qualified participant, former qualified participant, and refund beneficiary.
Section 38.2660SectionAdministrative expenses.
Section 38.2661SectionParticipation in other retirement benefits plan; prohibition.
Section 38.2662SectionJudge or state official; election not to participate or to discontinue participation in Tier 2.
Section 38.2663SectionElection to terminate membership in Tier 1; credit or charge to Tier 2 account.
Section 38.2664SectionContributions by employer and participant.
Section 38.2665SectionVesting requirements.
Section 38.2666SectionParticipation in Tier 2; crediting years of service accrued under Tier 1.
Section 38.2667SectionRefund beneficiary.
Section 38.2668SectionMethods of distribution.
Section 38.2669SectionHealth insurance coverage.
Section 38.2670SectionDistributions; exemption from tax; subject to taxation beginning January 1, 2012; right of setoff to recover overpayments; satisfaction of claims arising from embezzlement or fraud; correction of errors.
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