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Act 139 of 1961
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Act 139 of 1961

AN ACT to designate the department of administration as the official state agency to participate in and administer the federal surplus property program; to prescribe the agency's powers, duties and functions; and to appropriate funds received from the sale of such property.

History: 1961, Act 139, Eff. Sept. 8, 1961

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 18.251SectionFederal surplus property program; to be administered by department of administration as state agency.
Section 18.252SectionFederal surplus property; receipt, warehousing, and distribution by department of administration.
Section 18.253SectionFederal surplus property; applications for acquisition; recommendations of department of administration.
Section 18.254SectionFederal surplus property; permissible action by department of administration.
Section 18.255SectionFederal surplus property; department of administration as clearing house of information.
Section 18.256SectionFederal surplus property; state plan of operation and reports to be filed by department of administration.
Section 18.257SectionFederal surplus property; charges to eligible recipients for handling and transfer.
Section 18.258SectionFederal surplus property; accounting of charges; nonreversion of balance.
Section 18.259SectionFederal surplus property; rules and regulations for utilization.
Section 18.260SectionFederal surplus property; bonds for employees handling same.
Section 18.261SectionFederal surplus property; obligation of state by department prohibited; warehouses.
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