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Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 83

Section 600.8301SectionExclusive jurisdiction in civil actions; jurisdiction over civil infraction actions.
Section 600.8302SectionEquitable jurisdiction and authority; injunctive order; order rescinding or reforming contract; equitable claims; judgment or order; jurisdiction and authority of district and circuit courts.
Section 600.8303SectionForfeiture proceedings under chapter 47.
Section 600.8304SectionDistrict court; jurisdiction.
Section 600.8306SectionPower with respect to attachment and garnishment; conditions upon which relief available; compliance with rules; garnishment proceedings as auxiliary actions; fees.
Section 600.8307SectionActions as cause of discipline or discharge of principal defendant from employment; reinstatement; civil action.
Section 600.8308SectionUnlawful taking or detention of goods or chattels; civil action to recover possession; power of district court, municipal court, and common pleas court; conditions; delivery before judgment.
Section 600.8311SectionDistrict court; jurisdiction.
Section 600.8312SectionVenue.
Section 600.8313SectionProsecution of violations; exception.
Section 600.8314SectionProbation departments.
Section 600.8315SectionActions prohibited; exception.
Section 600.8316SectionMarriages; authority to perform; fee; indigent parties; waiver.
Section 600.8317SectionPowers of district court.
Section 600.8318SectionPleadings and procedures; rules.
Section 600.8319SectionBasis and exercise of jurisdiction.
Section 600.8320SectionDefinitions; multiple district plans; assignment as district judge.
Section 600.8321SectionCivil process; service.
Section 600.8322SectionBailiff of common pleas court as bailiff of thirty-sixth district court; court officer; rotation of process; surety bond; powers; bearing of arms; term; vacancy; peace officer; record of financial transaction; audit; compensation; contributions to retirement system in which bailiff member; payment to Wayne county retirement system; review of retirement fund; copies of actuarial reports.
Section 600.8323SectionDistrict court; witnesses, fees; payment.
Section 600.8326SectionService of process; schedule of fees; mileage rate.
Section 600.8331SectionProceedings to be recorded.
Section 600.8341SectionAppeals on record.
Section 600.8342SectionAppeals from district court; appeals to court of appeals from circuit court or recorder's court; appeals based on pleas of guilty or nolo contendere.
Section 600.8343SectionJudgments of abolished courts.
Section 600.8344SectionRegister of actions as replacement for destroyed paper upon which judgment entered; applicability of section.
Section 600.8345SectionCauses transferred from abolished courts.
Section 600.8351SectionJurors; selection; compensation; failure to respond to jury duty.
Section 600.8353SectionCivil jury; number; verdict.
Section 600.8355SectionCriminal jury; number; verdict.
Section 600.8361SectionRepealed. 1984, Act 278, Eff. Jan. 1, 1985.
Section 600.8371SectionFiling fees paid to clerk of district court; disposition; waiver or suspension; exception; filing fee for civil action; fee in trial by jury; motion filing fees.
Section 600.8372, 600.8373SectionRepealed. 1993, Act 189, Imd. Eff. Oct. 8, 1993.
Section 600.8375SectionAssessment of costs.
Section 600.8379SectionFines and costs assessed in district court; payment; disposition; definitions.
Section 600.8381SectionFines and costs; conviction; civil infraction determination, guilty plea, or civil infraction admission; disposition; court filing fee report; definitions.
Section 600.8391SectionTraffic bureau; establishment; administration; purpose; authority over personnel; location and number of offices; appeals.
Section 600.8392SectionState civil infraction bureau.
Section 600.8395SectionParking violations bureau; establishment; purpose; operating expense; operation by downtown development authority; definition.
Section 600.8396SectionMunicipal ordinance violations bureau.
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