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Printed on Sunday, September 23, 2018
Michigan Compiled Laws Complete Through PA 336 of 2018
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Article XI § 1 ‑ Oath of public officers.
Article XI § 2 ‑ Terms of office of state and county officers.
Article XI § 3 ‑ Extra compensation.
Article XI § 4 ‑ Custodian of public moneys; eligibility to office, accounting.
Article XI § 5 ‑ Classified state civil service; scope; exempted positions; appointment and terms of members of state civil service commission; state personnel director; duties of commission; collective bargaining for state police troopers and sergeants; appointments, promotions, demotions, or removals; increases or reductions in compensation; creating or abolishing positions; recommending compensation for unclassified service; appropriation; reports of expenditures; annual audit; payment for personal services; violation; injunctive or mandamus proceedings.
Article XI § 6 ‑ Merit systems for local governments.
Article XI § 7 ‑ Impeachment of civil officers.
Article XI § 8 ‑ Convictions for certain felonies; eligibility for elective office or certain positions of public employment.

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