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Initiated Law 1 of 2018
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Initiated Law 1 of 2018

An initiation of legislation to allow under state law the personal possession and use of marihuana by persons 21 years of age or older; to provide for the lawful cultivation and sale of marihuana and industrial hemp by persons 21 years of age or older; to permit the taxation of revenue derived from commercial marihuana facilities; to permit the promulgation of administrative rules; and to prescribe certain penalties for violations of this act. If not enacted by the Michigan State Legislature in accordance with the Michigan Constitution of 1963, the proposed legislation is to be voted on at the General Election, November 6, 2018.

History: 2018, Initiated Law 1, Eff. Dec. 6, 2018
Compiler's Notes: This new act was proposed by initiative petition pursuant to Const. 1963, art 2, section 9. The proposed language was certified to the legislature on April 26, 2018 with the 40-day consideration period lapsing on June 5, 2018. The initiative petition was submitted to the voters as proposal 18-1 at the November 6, 2018 general election where it was approved 2,356,422 for and 1,859,675 against.For the transfer of powers and duties of the department of licensing and regulatory affairs, including its bureau of marijuana regulation, to the marijuana regulatory agency, and abolishment of the bureau of marijuana regulation, see E.R.O. No. 2019-2, compiled at MCL 333.27001.For the renaming of the marijuana regulatory agency to the cannabis regulatory agency, see E.R.O. No. 2022-1, compiled at MCL 333.27002.

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 333.27951SectionShort title.
Section 333.27952SectionPurpose and intent.
Section 333.27953SectionDefinitions.
Section 333.27954SectionScope of act; unauthorized activities with marihuana and marihuana accessories; limitations; application of privileges, rights, immunities, and defenses under other marihuana laws; employer rights; property owner rights.
Section 333.27955SectionLawful activities by person 21 years of age or older; terms, conditions, limitations, and restrictions; denial of custody or visitation prohibited.
Section 333.27956SectionAdoption or enforcement of ordinances by municipality; marihuana establishment local license; annual fee; restrictions on transportation or other facilities prohibited.
Section 333.27957SectionImplementation, administration, and enforcement by cannabis regulatory agency; powers and duties; agreement with Indian tribe; conflict of interest; liability; cooperation of department of state police.
Section 333.27958SectionRules; limitations.
Section 333.27959SectionLicense to operate a marihuana establishment; application; qualifications; issuance; disclosure.
Section 333.27959aSectionOperation of a marihuana establishment; approval; marijuana regulatory agency; notice of violation.
Section 333.27960SectionLawful activities by marihuana grower, processor, transporter, or retailer; limitations; contracts related to operation of marihuana establishments.
Section 333.27961SectionMarihuana establishments; requirements; limitations.
Section 333.27961aSectionDirect sale or transfer of marihuana to minor or intoxicated individual; prohibition; right of action; indemnification; defenses; rebuttable presumption; damages; insurance coverage required; civil action; definitions.
Section 333.27962SectionDeduction of certain expenses from income.
Section 333.27963SectionImposition of excise tax; administration by department of treasury; exemptions.
Section 333.27964SectionMarihuana regulation fund; creation; administration; allocation of expenditures.
Section 333.27965SectionViolations; penalties.
Section 333.27966SectionFailure to act by department; application to municipality.
Section 333.27967SectionConstruction of act; effect of federal law; severability.
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