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Section 565.581

Act 25 of 1836

565.581 County attached to another for judicial purposes; record of instruments; copying, copy as evidence; social security number; removal; "books" defined.

Sec. 1.

(1) By majority vote, the board of supervisors of an organized county that is attached to another county for judicial purposes may direct the register of deeds of the board's county, either in person or by deputy, to provide sufficient books, and procure and record in those books a complete copy of all deeds, mortgages, powers of attorney, or other instruments relating to the title of land belonging to the board's county and on record in the county to which it is attached; and it is the duty of that register or deputy under his or her oath of office to certify each and every copy so taken to be a true copy of the original record; and each copy so certified shall be received as evidence in all courts in this state, in the same manner and for the same purposes as the original record would be received.

(2) Unless state or federal law, rule, regulation, or court order or rule requires that the social security number appear in the instrument or copies of the instrument, if a register of deeds provides a person a copy of an instrument from a book of records that contains a social security number, the register of deeds may obscure or remove all or at least the first 5 digits of the social security number from the copy before providing it.

(3) An individual whose social security number is contained in 1 or more instruments in a county's books of record may request that the register of deeds of that county obscure or remove all or at least the first 5 digits of his or her social security number from copies made of those instruments by recording an affidavit identifying the liber and page of those instruments.

(4) As used in this act, "books" includes a computerized recording system for instruments relating to the title of land.

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