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Section 552.2

Revised Statutes of 1846 (EXCERPT)

552.2 Invalidity of marriages; marriage of person under age of consent, marriage by fraud, lack of cohabitation.

Sec. 2.

   In case of a marriage solemnized when either of the parties was under the age of legal consent, if they shall separate during such non-age, and not cohabit together afterwards, or in case the consent of 1 of the parties was obtained by force or fraud, and there shall have been no subsequent voluntary cohabitation of the parties, the marriage shall be deemed void, without any decree of divorce or other legal process.

History: R.S. 1846, Ch. 84 ;-- CL 1857, 3223 ;-- CL 1871, 4734 ;-- How. 6224 ;-- CL 1897, 8617 ;-- CL 1915, 11393 ;-- CL 1929, 12724 ;-- CL 1948, 552.2
Popular Name: No-Fault Divorce

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