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Act 451 of 1994
Part 55

Section 324.5501SectionDefinitions.
Section 324.5502SectionIssuance of permit to install or operating permit to municipal solid waste incinerator; applicability of subsection (1); municipal solid waste incinerator existing prior to June 15, 1993.
Section 324.5503SectionPowers of department.
Section 324.5504SectionMedical waste incineration facility; operating permit required; form and contents of application; compliance; validity and renewal of permit; review of operating permits; retrofitting facility; interim operating permit; rules; receipt of pathological or medical wastes generated off-site; records; definitions.
Section 324.5505SectionInstallation, construction, reconstruction, relocation, alteration, or modification of process or process equipment; permit to install or operate required; rules; trial operation; rules for issuance of general permit or certain exemptions; temporary locations; nonrenewable permits; failure of department to act on applications; appeal of permit actions.
Section 324.5506SectionOperating permit.
Section 324.5507SectionAdministratively complete action; exemption from information requirements; “compliance plan” defined.
Section 324.5508Section“Section 112” defined; source, process, or process equipment not subject to best available control technology for toxics requirements or health based screening level requirements.
Section 324.5509Section“Malfunction” defined; rules; prohibition; actions taken by department; enforcement; conditions for applicability of subsections (3) to (5).
Section 324.5510SectionDenial or revocation of permit; circumstances.
Section 324.5511SectionList of permit applications; list of consent order public notices; notice, opportunity for public comment and public hearing required for certain permit actions.
Section 324.5512SectionRules.
Section 324.5513SectionCar ferries and coal-fueled trains.
Section 324.5514SectionDepartment of environmental quality; prohibited acts; "wood heater" defined.
Section 324.5515SectionInvestigation; voluntary agreement; order; petition for contested case hearing; final order or determination; review.
Section 324.5516SectionPublic hearing; information available to the public; use of confidential information.
Section 324.5517SectionPetition for relief from rule.
Section 324.5518SectionNotice to discontinue pollution; hearing; suit brought by attorney general in circuit court; effectiveness and duration of order; notice to county emergency management coordinator.
Section 324.5519, 324.5520SectionRepealed. 1998, Act 245, Imd. Eff. July 8, 1998.
Section 324.5521SectionEmissions control fund.
Section 324.5522SectionFee-subject facility; air quality fees; calculation of facility emissions for previous year; annual report detailing activities of previous fiscal year; action by attorney general for collection of fees; applicability of section; condition; "electric provider" defined.
Section 324.5523SectionIssuance of permits and administration and enforcement of part, rules, and state implementation plan; delegation granted by department to certain counties.
Section 324.5524SectionFugitive dust sources or emissions.
Section 324.5525SectionDefinitions.
Section 324.5526SectionInvestigation; inspection; furnishing duplicate of analytical report; powers of department or authorized representative; entry or access to records refused; powers of attorney general; “authorized representative” defined.
Section 324.5527SectionEmergency; definition; affirmative defense; burden of proof.
Section 324.5528SectionViolation of part, rule, terms of permit, or order; agreement to correct violation; consent order; public notice and opportunity for public comment; providing copy of proposed consent order.
Section 324.5529SectionAdministrative fine; limitation; petition for review of fine.
Section 324.5530SectionCommencement of civil action by attorney general; relief; costs; jurisdiction; defenses; fines.
Section 324.5531SectionViolations as misdemeanors; violations as felonies; fines; defenses; definitions.
Section 324.5532SectionCivil or criminal fines; factors to be considered in determining amount.
Section 324.5533SectionAward; eligibility; rules.
Section 324.5534SectionRepealed. 1999, Act 231, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 1999.
Section 324.5535SectionSuspension of enforcement; reasons; variance.
Section 324.5536SectionVariance; considerations effecting.
Section 324.5537SectionVariance; granting for undue hardship.
Section 324.5538SectionVariance; period granted; report; conditions.
Section 324.5539SectionVariance; revocation or modification of order; public hearing and notice required.
Section 324.5540SectionPurpose of part; alteration of existing rights of actions or remedies.
Section 324.5541SectionConstruction of part; evidentiary effect of determination by commission.
Section 324.5542SectionEffect on existing ordinances or regulations; local enforcement; cooperation with local governmental units.
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