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Act 451 of 1976
Part 7

Section 380.601SectionProvisions governing intermediate school district.
Section 380.601aSectionIntermediate school district; powers.
Section 380.602SectionRepealed. 2017, Act 38, Eff. Aug. 21, 2017.
Section 380.604SectionDistrict as body corporate; suits; name.
Section 380.605SectionReorganized school district as constituent to intermediate school district; transfer of constituent district; resolution; approval; inaction or denial of transfer; appeal; voting as to acceptance of special education programs, area vocational-technical education programs, or bonded indebtedness for facilities; levying debt retirement taxes.
Section 380.611SectionSupervision and control of intermediate school district.
Section 380.612SectionBoard; eligibility for membership; participation in proceedings to detach or attach territory.
Section 380.613SectionBoard; annual meeting; election and duties of officers; treasurer's bonds.
Section 380.614SectionBoard; election of members; resolution; notice of meeting; acting chairperson and secretary; open meeting; term; vacancy; nominating petition; signatures; filing petition and affidavit; ballots; filing fee.
Section 380.614aSectionBoard members subject to recall; manner; removal from office.
Section 380.615SectionBoard; popular election of members.
Section 380.616SectionAdoption of MCL 380.615 to 380.617; submission of question to school electors; form; resolutions; election; termination of popular election.
Section 380.617SectionCandidate for office of board member; nomination; election.
Section 380.619SectionRemoval of board member; procedures; eligibility for election or appointment; restriction.
Section 380.620SectionReport to be posted on intermediate school district website.
Section 380.621SectionCompensation and expenses of board members.
Section 380.621aSectionTravel by board member; policy; approval.
Section 380.622SectionFinancial institutions for deposit of school funds; selection; coded accounts; audit; separation of funds; investments; commingling prohibited; exception; earnings; accounting for money combined for investment pool; limitation on deposit or investment of additional funds; limitation on acceptable assets; secured deposits; form of security; “deposit” and “financial institution” defined.
Section 380.622aSectionAdditional audits.
Section 380.623SectionBoard; duties generally; conducting business at public meeting; actions of board; public notice of meeting.
Section 380.623aSectionProcurement of supplies, materials, and equipment; written policies; competitive bids; approval of purchase; adjustment of maximum amount; local policy giving preference to Michigan-based business; items purchased through cooperative bulk purchasing program; heating and cooking equipment; "Michigan-based business" defined.
Section 380.623bSectionInspecting, monitoring, removing, or treating asbestos or material containing asbestos; contractual agreement to provide legal representation against civil liability.
Section 380.624SectionAnnual general fund operating budget.
Section 380.624aSectionIntermediate school board exempt from MCL 380.624(2).
Section 380.625SectionTaxes.
Section 380.625aSectionProperty taxes levied by intermediate school district for operating purposes.
Section 380.625bSectionAuthorization for tax cut; duration.
Section 380.626SectionMap; boundaries of each constituent district; report of boundary change.
Section 380.627SectionBoard; additional duties; cooperative programs for information technology systems; comprehensive school improvement support services; cost-effective business services.
Section 380.627aSectionHomebound or hospitalized pupils; coordination of required educational services.
Section 380.628SectionSchools for children in homes operated by juvenile division of probate court; powers of board as to real or personal property.
Section 380.629SectionBorrowing by intermediate school board; purposes; limitations on borrowing money or issuing bonds; resolution by constituent school district not to participate in cooperative program or conduct election.
Section 380.630SectionOaths.
Section 380.632SectionIntermediate school district employees; economic benefits for employees; sabbatical leave.
Section 380.633SectionIntermediate school district employees; compliance with public employees health benefit act.
Section 380.634SectionConflict of interest policy.
Section 380.641SectionEarly intervening model program for grades K to 3.
Section 380.651SectionRepealed. 1994, Act 413, Imd. Eff. Dec. 29, 1994.
Section 380.652SectionSuperintendent; surety bond.
Section 380.653SectionSuperintendent as executive officer of board; powers and duties generally.
Section 380.654SectionIntermediate superintendent; duties.
Section 380.661SectionSubmission of question to school electors at regular or special school election.
Section 380.662SectionRepealed. 2003, Act 299, Eff. Jan. 1, 2005.
Section 380.671SectionCriteria for approval of regional educational media centers; operation of educational media centers; “educational media center” defined; purchase, sale, lease, or loan of equipment; disposition of used or surplus equipment.
Section 380.673SectionOperation of educational recreation program.
Section 380.681SectionCareer and technical education program; approval by vote of electors; election; submission of question; form of ballot; limitation on number of mills to be levied; use of tax proceeds; repayment of misspent funds; number of elections; publication of audit results; responsibility of state board.
Section 380.681aSectionRepealed. 1994, Act 258, Eff. Jan. 1, 1995.
Section 380.682SectionArea vocational-technical education; submitting question of increasing millage limit; election; form of ballot.
Section 380.683SectionArea vocational-technical education budget; form; delivery; allocation of tax rates; limitation; certification of taxes to be levied; spread of tax on roll; payment of taxes collected; accounts and records.
Section 380.684SectionOperation of career and technical education program; submission for review; expenditure of funds; state approval to use state or federal funds; compliance with certain conditions; basis for monitoring programs; expediting program approval; collaboration with community college; participation by public school academy and nonpublic school pupils; costs of special election; payment; "CEPI" defined.
Section 380.685SectionPayments from area vocational-technical education funds; computation; reimbursement; payment of percent of difference.
Section 380.686SectionGrants for career and technical education centers, buildings, sites, and equipment; contracts to accept nonpublic school pupils and nonresident pupils; change or disposal of facility purpose.
Section 380.687SectionBorrowing money and issuing bonds; purposes; limitation; submission to school electors; form of ballot; use of proceeds from bonds issued or refunded.
Section 380.688SectionVocational-technical education center; contract to accept nonresident pupils.
Section 380.689SectionRepealed. 1981, Act 87, Eff. July 2, 1981.
Section 380.690SectionNonparticipation or participation by certain school districts in area vocational-technical education program; resolution; election; funding; expenditures; buildings, sites, and equipment.
Section 380.692SectionCharter building authority; section inapplicable after December 31, 1988.
Section 380.701SectionCombining adjoining intermediate school districts to form single intermediate school district; resolution; submission of question to electors; petitions; form of ballot; effective date of reorganization; interim board; superintendent; reorganization meeting; election of board; auditing accounts; contracts; special education programs; annual property tax rates.
Section 380.702SectionAnnexation of intermediate school district; resolution; election; adoption of special education program and annual tax rate; ballot; approval of proposed annexation; filing result of election; funds and property; release from liability; effective date of annexation; notices; appointment and terms of board members.
Section 380.703SectionPlan for disorganization of intermediate school district; request; resolution; notice of meeting; approval of state board; finality; effective date of disorganization; joint meetings of boards; distribution of assets; taxes; appointment of intermediate school board members; term; notification.
Section 380.705SectionRegional enhancement property tax; levy by intermediate school district, school district, or public school academy; resolution submitting question to voters; election; calculation and payment of revenue; pupils counted in membership; allocation or payment to constituent district; receipt of revenue by public school academy; receipt of revenue; term and renewal of tax; presentment of tax to electors as separate question; public school academy as single constituent district; use of revenue from regional enhancement property tax; intermediate or public school academy as constituent district.
Section 380.705a, 380.705bSectionRepealed. 1994, Act 258, Imd. Eff. July 5, 1994.
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