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Act 258 of 1974
Chapter 2

Section 330.1200SectionRepealed. 1995, Act 290, Eff. Mar. 28, 1996.
Section 330.1200aSection“Charter county” defined.
Section 330.1201SectionRules.
Section 330.1202SectionCommunity mental health services programs; state support; determination of private health insurer, Medicaid, or Medicare eligibility; billing.
Section 330.1204SectionCommunity mental health services program as county community mental health agency, community mental health organization, or community mental health authority; official county agency; procedures and policies; establishment or administration of program by county with city having population of at least 500,000.
Section 330.1204aSectionCreation of community mental health organization by two or more counties; creation of community mental health organization by one or more counties and institution of higher education; compliance of county.
Section 330.1204bSectionRegional entity.
Section 330.1205SectionCommunity mental health authority.
Section 330.1206SectionCommunity mental health services program; purpose; services.
Section 330.1207SectionDiversion from jail incarceration.
Section 330.1207aSectionPersons entering criminal justice system; collaborative program to provide mental health treatment and assistance; interagency agreement; rules; funds.
Section 330.1207bSectionProvision of mental health services to county jail inmates; use of state general fund/general purpose dollars by community mental health services program.
Section 330.1208SectionIndividuals to which service directed; priorities; denial of service prohibited.
Section 330.1209SectionRepealed. 1995, Act 290, Eff. Mar. 28, 1996.
Section 330.1209aSectionPrerelease plan for community placement and aftercare services; development; contracting for services; advance notice of patient release; release plan; postrelease plan; disclosure of information.
Section 330.1209bSectionPlacement of individual in supervised community living arrangement; prerelease and postrelease planning; plan for community placement and aftercare services; sending department aggregate data upon request; list of services not provided.
Section 330.1209dSectionReview of outcomes, programs, treatment, and community services rendered in community settings; standards.
Section 330.1210SectionCommunity mental health services program; election to establish; coordination of services.
Section 330.1212SectionBoard; establishment; appointment of members; county with city having population of at least 500,000; vacancy; board member as governmental employee or contractor.
Section 330.1214SectionBoard; county representation.
Section 330.1216SectionRepealed. 2012, Act 376, Mar. 28, 2013.
Section 330.1218SectionJoining established services program.
Section 330.1219SectionMerger of services programs; appointment of members to new board; compliance with MCL 330.1212, 330.1214, and 330.1222.
Section 330.1220SectionServices program; termination of participation; notice.
Section 330.1221SectionRepealed. 1990, Act 263, Eff. Jan. 1, 1993.
Section 330.1222SectionBoard; composition; residence of members; exclusions; approval of contract; exception; size of board in excess of MCL 330.1212; compliance.
Section 330.1224SectionBoard; terms of members; vacancy; removal from office; compensation; expenses.
Section 330.1226SectionBoard; powers and duties; appointment of executive director; reimbursement to program providing assisted outpatient treatment services.
Section 330.1226aSectionBoard; special fund account.
Section 330.1227SectionSchool-to-community transition services.
Section 330.1228SectionBoard; contracts.
Section 330.1230SectionServices program; executive director as chief executive and administrative officer; terms and conditions of employment.
Section 330.1231SectionMedical director; appointment; duties.
Section 330.1232SectionServices program; review of annual plan, needs assessment, request for funds, annual contract, and budget; eligibility for state support; allocation of funds.
Section 330.1232aSectionCertification and review process standards; rules; compliance; waiver; plan to correct items of noncompliance; duration of certification; review of recipient rights system; notification of changes affecting certification; denial of certification; provisional certification; suspension, denial, or revocation of certification; appeal; review; actions by department; financial liability; community mental health authority status as voluntary.
Section 330.1232bSectionSpecialty prepaid health plans.
Section 330.1234SectionServices program; review of proposed contract and operating budget; criteria.
Section 330.1236SectionServices program; review of expenditures; withdrawal of funds.
Section 330.1238SectionReview of actions involving disapproval of proposed contract and operating budget, allocation of funds, or withdrawal of funds; consultation.
Section 330.1240SectionExpenditures eligible for state financial support.
Section 330.1241SectionAdult foster care facilities; expenses eligible for state financial support.
Section 330.1242SectionExpenditures ineligible for state financial support.
Section 330.1244SectionAdditional powers and duties of department.
Section 330.1245SectionGranting staff privileges to psychiatrists.
Section 330.1246SectionRepealed. 1995, Act 290, Eff. Mar. 28, 1996.
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