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Section 169.230

Act 388 of 1976

169.230 Contributions prohibited under MCL 432.207b.

Sec. 30.

  (1) A committee shall not knowingly maintain receipt of a contribution from a person prohibited from making a contribution during the prohibited period under section 7b of the Michigan gaming control and revenue act, the Initiated Law of 1996, MCL 432.207b.
  (2) For purposes of this section, a committee is only considered to have knowingly maintained receipt of a contribution prohibited under subsection (1) and is subject to a penalty for that violation if both of the following circumstances exist:
  (a) The secretary of state has, by registered mail, notified the committee that the committee has received a contribution in violation of this section and has specifically identified that contribution.
  (b) The committee fails to return the contribution identified under subdivision (a) on or before the thirtieth business day after the date the committee receives the notification described in subdivision (a).

History: Add. 1997, Act 71, Imd. Eff. July 17, 1997

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