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Act 368 of 1978
Part 54A

Section 333.5451SectionShort title of part.
Section 333.5452SectionWords and phrases; meanings.
Section 333.5453SectionDefinitions; A.
Section 333.5454SectionDefinitions; C.
Section 333.5455SectionDefinitions; C.
Section 333.5456SectionDefinitions; D, E.
Section 333.5457SectionDefinitions; G to I.
Section 333.5458SectionDefinitions; L.
Section 333.5459SectionDefinitions; M to S.
Section 333.5460SectionDefinitions; T to V.
Section 333.5460aSectionLead-based paint activities; procedures and requirements.
Section 333.5461SectionPersons engaged in lead-based paint activity; certification required.
Section 333.5461aSectionLead-based paint activities; training program; accreditation required.
Section 333.5462SectionLead-based paint activities; training program; accreditation generally.
Section 333.5463SectionTraining program; training hour requirements for accreditation in certain disciplines; rules; course test; hands-on skills assessment; course completion certificates; quality control plan; teaching work practice standards; duties of training manager.
Section 333.5464SectionAccreditation of refresher course.
Section 333.5465SectionReaccreditation of training program.
Section 333.5466SectionSuspension, revocation, or modification of accreditation.
Section 333.5467SectionAccreditation training program; availability and retention of records; notice of change of address.
Section 333.5468SectionCertification to engage in lead-based paint activities; fees; application; requirements for certification in specific discipline.
Section 333.5469SectionCertification to engage in lead-based paint activities; employment of certified employees; requirements.
Section 333.5470SectionCertification in appropriate discipline required.
Section 333.5471SectionTraining program or refresher courses; fees.
Section 333.5472SectionNotice of lead-based paint abatement.
Section 333.5473SectionAdministration and enforcement of part.
Section 333.5473aSectionAdministration and enforcement of part by department; rules; establishment of programs; recommendations; disclosure; exemption.
Section 333.5474SectionEstablishment of lead poisoning prevention program; components; reports.
Section 333.5474aSectionRepealed. 2004, Act 431, Eff. July 1, 2007.
Section 333.5474bSectionLead safe housing registry.
Section 333.5474b[1]SectionLead safe housing registry.
Section 333.5474cSectionRepealed. 2004, Act 400, Eff. July 1, 2007.
Section 333.5474c[1]SectionLead Poisoning Prevention Week.
Section 333.5475SectionAlleged violations or complaints; actions by department.
Section 333.5475aSectionRental unit containing lead-based hazard; presumption of actual knowledge; violation; penalties; defense; burden of proof; definitions.
Section 333.5476SectionViolation of part; fine; citation; administrative hearing.
Section 333.5477SectionViolation; failure to correct violation after notice as misdemeanor; sanctions, penalties, or other provisions.
Section 333.5478, 333.5479SectionRepealed. 2007, Act 162, Eff. July 1, 2010.
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