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Act 560 of 2016StatuteMICHIGAN VETERANS' FACILITY AUTHORITY ACT (36.101 - 36.112a)
Section 36.102SectionDefinitions.
Section 36.103SectionMichigan veterans' facility authority; creation; promulgation of rules; exercise of powers and duties; powers as essential governmental function; separate legal entity; operation and staffing.
Section 36.105SectionBoard of directors; duties; membership; terms; designated representative; compensation; expenses; chairperson; director of department as nonvoting member; appointment of veteran; quorum; actions by majority vote; appointment of executive director; employment and contract for legal, financial, and technical experts and certain other employees; board and authority subject to MCL 15.321 to 15.330 and MCL 15.301 to 15.310; discharge of duties; manner; business conducted at public meeting; availability of nonprivileged information.
Section 36.106SectionAuthority; powers; employees; factors when determining operation and staffing of veterans' facility; duties.
Section 36.106aSectionEligibility for admission to veterans' facility; per diem rates; deposit into veterans' facility operation fund; deduction upon death of veteran or dependent; remittance; dismissal for failure to remit payment; definitions.
Section 36.106cSectionAuthority; fiduciary oversight; duties related to funds.
Section 36.112aSectionQuarterly reports.
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