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Section 600.856

Act 236 of 1961

600.856 Change of venue; procedure; contested venue.

Sec. 856.

  (1) The venue of all proceedings or any portion thereof may be changed for the convenience of the parties and witnesses or when an impartial trial cannot be had, to the probate court in any other county upon petition of an interested party or upon the motion of the probate judge who has or would have jurisdiction. Copies of documents, as specified by the petitioner, which are on file in the court where the proceedings are pending, together, with any original instrument as specified, shall, without payment therefor, thereupon be transmitted by the probate court to the probate court in the county granted venue. After venue is changed, any notice of hearing which is required to be published shall be published in the county from which venue was changed.
  (2) In cases of contested venue, proceedings shall be stayed except in the probate court in the county where first filed until final determination there of venue.

History: Add. 1978, Act 543, Eff. July 1, 1979

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