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Section 325.1014

Act 399 of 1976

325.1014 Reports; records; rules relating to consumer confidence reports; contents of report; applicability of subsection (3); availability of report on internet.

Sec. 14.

  (1) A supplier of water shall file with the department such reports and shall maintain such records as the department may by rule require. The department may by rule require a supplier of water to provide additional reports and notices to its customers. The rules shall include the required content of the reports and notices and the frequency and the manner of delivery of the reports and notices.
  (2) A supplier of water shall provide to its customers consumer confidence reports as required by title XIV of the public health service act, chapter 373, 88 Stat. 1660, popularly known as the safe drinking water act. The department shall promulgate rules relating to consumer confidence reports including, but not limited to, the following:
  (a) The content of the reports.
  (b) The manner of delivery of the reports.
  (c) Standardized formats that may be used by suppliers of water for providing information in the reports.
  (d) If a source water assessment has been completed, a requirement that the reports contain a notification of the availability of the source water assessment and the means to obtain a copy.
  (3) If regulated contaminants are detected in a public water supply, and certain subpopulations are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects because of age, gender, pregnancy, or preexisting medical conditions, the consumer confidence report or other reports and notices, or both, shall contain information related to all of the following:
  (a) The contaminant that was detected.
  (b) The level of the contaminant that was detected.
  (c) The vulnerable population that may be susceptible to the level of contaminant detected.
  (d) The potential adverse health effects associated with exposure of the vulnerable population to the level of contaminant detected in the water supply.
  (4) The requirement in subsection (3) shall only apply if the department provides suppliers of water with statements derived from the United States environmental protection agency or other sources determined by the department to be reliable concerning the adverse effects of regulated contaminants on vulnerable subpopulations. The statements shall be in a form that can be easily inserted into the consumer confidence reports or other reports and notices provided for in this section.
  (5) If feasible from a cost perspective, the department may make consumer confidence reports provided for under this section available at a single website on the internet.

History: 1976, Act 399, Imd. Eff. Jan. 4, 1977 ;-- Am. 1998, Act 56, Imd. Eff. Apr. 8, 1998
Admin Rule: R 325.10101; R 325.10102 et seq.; R 325.10308b; R 325.10401 et seq.; R 325.10604a et seq.; R 325.10702 et seq.; R 325.11002; R 325.11008; R 325.11502 et seq. of the Michigan Administrative Code.

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