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Act 451 of 1994
Part 617

Section 324.61701SectionDefinitions.
Section 324.61702SectionSupervisor of wells; general duties; fees.
Section 324.61703SectionPetition; filing; contents.
Section 324.61704SectionNotice to interested persons; contents; notice of protest; order.
Section 324.61705SectionOrder for unit operations; terms and conditions; plan for operations.
Section 324.61706SectionEffective date of order; finding.
Section 324.61707SectionSupplemental hearings and orders; ineffective order; time.
Section 324.61708SectionAmendment of orders; approval; limitations.
Section 324.61709SectionSigned writings; admissible as evidence.
Section 324.61710SectionUnit area embracing previously established area.
Section 324.61711SectionUnit area less than whole pool.
Section 324.61712SectionOperations upon unit area considered operation on separate tracts.
Section 324.61713SectionLease obligations; effect on unit operation.
Section 324.61714SectionOrder for unit operation not to affect title; property; acquisition.
Section 324.61715SectionUnit; legal powers; operator of unit; powers.
Section 324.61716SectionOperation of well without authority prohibited.
Section 324.61717SectionProperty rights as amended or modified.
Section 324.61718SectionLien for costs; responsibility for costs; subrogation.
Section 324.61719SectionLessee's obligation; liability.
Section 324.61720SectionAllocation of unit production.
Section 324.61721SectionDivision order or contract not affected by unit order.
Section 324.61722SectionUnit production or proceeds not income of unit; unit as administrative agent only.
Section 324.61723SectionAgreements in restraint of trade prohibited.
Section 324.61724SectionConsent to or participation in plan or program of unitization by governmental subdivision or agency.
Section 324.61725SectionRules, regulations, or orders; public hearings; notice.
Section 324.61726SectionHearings; jurisdictional requirements of notice.
Section 324.61727SectionService of notice; filing receipts; filing undelivered notices; filing affidavit of service.
Section 324.61728SectionCompliance with MCL 24.201 to 24.328; persons authorized to conduct hearings and other actions.
Section 324.61729SectionAppellant to comply with order, rule, or regulation; bond.
Section 324.61730SectionJudicial review.
Section 324.61731SectionSubpoena of witnesses and documentary evidence; incriminating evidence; perjury.
Section 324.61732SectionFailure or refusal to comply with subpoena; refusal to testify or answer; penalty.
Section 324.61733SectionFees and travel expense of witnesses.
Section 324.61734SectionWitnesses; false swearing or affidavit; penalty.
Section 324.61735SectionEnforcement of part.
Section 324.61736SectionViolation of part; penalty.
Section 324.61737SectionViolation of part; aiding or abetting; penalty.
Section 324.61738SectionOrders of supervisor; recording; notice.
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