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Act 283 of 1909
Chapter IV

Section 224.1SectionAdoption of county road system; referendum; form of resolution; special election; violation of MCL 168.1 to 168.992 applicable to petitions; penalties.
Section 224.2SectionElection; time notice, form.
Section 224.3SectionElection; publication of notice, ballots.
Section 224.4SectionElection; results.
Section 224.5SectionElection; conduct.
Section 224.6SectionBoard of county road commissioners; election or appointment; notice of election; date; term of office; removal from office; notice of charges; county with population of 750,000 or more; powers and duties; reorganization; expenditure of funds; alteration of number of county road commissioners; transfer of powers and duties of county road commissioners to county board of commissioners; resolution.
Section 224.7SectionCounty road commissioners; oath, bond, regular term, succession, eligibility.
Section 224.8SectionCounty road commissioners; vacancies; compensation; participation in insurance or retirement program.
Section 224.9SectionBoard of county road commissioners; body corporate; common seal; quorum; conducting business at public meeting; notice; chairperson; function of board; other employment; appointment of superintendent; official name for suing, being sued, and holding land; service of process; conveyances; clerk; records and accounts; secretary; salaries.
Section 224.9aSectionAvailability of writings to public.
Section 224.10SectionBoard of county road commissioners subject to MCL 15.321 to 15.330; employment and duties of county highway engineer; professional and consultant services; laborers; purchase of machines, tools, appliances, and materials; advertising for sealed proposals for purchase of vehicles; equal opportunity for minority business enterprises; plan; purchase of property for public purposes.
Section 224.10aSectionEmployees and retirees of board of county road commissioners; insurance; annuities or benefits; participation; purchase; participation for members of collective bargaining unit; report; credit for previous service.
Section 224.11SectionConstruction or improvement of roads; public hearing; notice; opposition of certain record owners; purchase of private property.
Section 224.11aSectionCounty road commissioners; acceptance of land, payment of taxes and special assessments.
Section 224.12SectionCondemnation; petition for appointment of commissioners; order for hearing; publication and service; proof.
Section 224.13SectionCondemnation; commissioners; appointment, duties, qualifications.
Section 224.14SectionCondemnation; meeting of court commissioners; adjournment; conducting business at public meeting; notice; subpoenas; oaths; view of premises; hearing proofs and allegations; decision; report; further proceedings; determination of damages.
Section 224.15SectionCondemnation; powers of court.
Section 224.16SectionCondemnation; payment of awards; certificate of court, recording; vesting of title; prima facie evidence; court commissioners, compensation, expenses.
Section 224.17SectionCounty line road; establishment; proceedings; arbitration; hearing; conducting business at public meeting; notice; adjournment; allotment; refusing or neglecting to construct or maintain road; petition; duty of state highway commission; deduction from weight and gasoline tax refunds.
Section 224.18SectionState reward; map; conversion; determination; notice; official name; intercounty roads; abandonment; discontinuance of jurisdiction; petition; list of occupants on abutting land; hearing; property as site of public access; determination as binding; easement; operation and maintenance of property; effect of noncompliance with subsection (12); reopening road ending; closure; initiation of proceedings.
Section 224.19SectionBoard of county road commissioners; powers and duties generally.
Section 224.19aSectionContract for maintenance of road surface; charges; payment of damages.
Section 224.19bSectionWorking within right-of-way of county road; permit required; exceptions; permit requirements and schedule of fees; schedule of civil fines; itemization of costs; annual and emergency permits; security; certain conditions prohibited; limitation on permit fee; performance of routine maintenance or repair work; silvicultural operations; security bond or right-of-way bond; general liability insurance; right-of-way access; voluntary agreement; violation; civil fine; definitions.
Section 224.19cSectionRoad project; conditions requiring competitive bidding; very low-volume local road project; requirements; definitions.
Section 224.20SectionCounty road commissioners; surveys; tax, determination, maximum; submission to supervisors, revision, apportionment; tax levy, collection, disbursement.
Section 224.20aSectionCounty road tax; nonapplication of tax rate limitations; local approval; use of revenues.
Section 224.20bSectionTax levy for highway, road, and street purposes; submission to electorate; allocation and use of revenues.
Section 224.21SectionCounty road commissioners; authority to obligate county limitation; roads under construction; duty of county to keep roads in repair; actions brought against board; liability for damages.
Section 224.22SectionBond issue; submission to electors; notice; vote; expenditure of proceeds; contract indebtedness or bonds subject to revised municipal finance act.
Section 224.23, 224.24SectionRepealed. 1958, Act 77, Eff. Sept. 13, 1958.
Section 224.25SectionBoard of county road commissioners; statement of accounts made to board of supervisors, audit, proof of filing, publication, statement of county clerk, filing with state highway commissioner.
Section 224.26SectionAudit required; frequency.
Section 224.27SectionAudit; contract with certified public accountant; audit as public record; certain persons to receive copies; failure to provide audit; cost; powers, duties, and functions of state agencies not affected.
Section 224.28SectionAudit report; contents.
Section 224.29SectionAudit report; public inspection.
Section 224.30SectionStatutory violations; institution of proceedings.
Section 224.31SectionVerification of transactions; immunity of bank, contractor, or other person providing information.
Section 224.32SectionAccess to, examination of, or production of records or property.
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