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Act 290 of 1965
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***** Act 290 of 1965 THIS ACT IS REPEALED BY ACT 407 OF 2016 EFFECTIVE APRIL 4, 2017 *****


Act 290 of 1965

AN ACT to regulate the use, construction, installation, and repair of certain boilers; to create a board of boiler rules; to prescribe uniform rules and regulations for certain boilers; to provide for the licensing of certain boiler inspectors, installers, and repairers and registration of certain boiler operators and stationary engineers; to provide for powers and duties for certain state agencies and officers; to provide fees for registrations, licenses, permits, inspections, and certificates; to provide penalties and remedies for the violation of this act; and to repeal acts and parts of acts.

History: 1965, Act 290, Eff. July 1, 1966 ;-- Am. 2008, Act 159, Imd. Eff. June 11, 2008

© 2015 Legislative Council, State of Michigan

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 408.751SectionBoiler act of 1965; short title.
Section 408.752SectionDefinitions; "experience" defined.
Section 408.753SectionBoard of boiler rules; creation; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; removal of member; vacancy; election of officers; conducting business at public meeting; notice of meeting; quorum; effectiveness of approval, decision, or ruling; compensation and expenses.
Section 408.754SectionPromulgation of rules; adoption of existing codification or national standards; boiler of special design or construction; use of title.
Section 408.754aSectionRules to establish fee schedules; waiver of fees; filing completed licensing application; issuance of license, permit, or registration within certain time period; report; state boiler inspection fund; “completed application” defined.
Section 408.755SectionNonconforming boilers; special design; special installation and operating permit.
Section 408.756SectionMaximum allowable pressure; safety standards; sale or reinstallation.
Section 408.757SectionExemptions.
Section 408.757aSectionAntique steam boilers; compliance with rules; inspection; certificate of inspection; exception.
Section 408.757bSectionAct inapplicable to certain boilers.
Section 408.757cSectionMiniature hobby locomotive; annual inspection; report; fee; rules; application and inspection by club; “public display or use” defined.
Section 408.758SectionChief inspector; appointment, qualifications, and duties.
Section 408.759SectionDeputy inspectors; employment; qualifications.
Section 408.760SectionInspectors' bonds; amounts, payment.
Section 408.761SectionSpecial inspectors; qualifications; application for license or examination; filing; fees; license renewal; salary or expenses from state prohibited; continuance of license; inspection of boilers; exemption from inspection fees.
Section 408.762SectionExamination for inspectors; content; reexamination; record for inspection.
Section 408.763SectionInstallation or repair of boiler; license required; person licensed under Forbes mechanical contractors act; examination; issuance; fee; renewal; exemption.
Section 408.763aSectionOperation of boiler and auxiliaries without registration; use of certain terms by individual or business entity; registration requirements.
Section 408.763bSectionBoiler operator and stationary engineer registrations; classification.
Section 408.763cSectionQualified technical education programs; course content; rules.
Section 408.763dSectionRegistration requirements; qualifications.
Section 408.764SectionLicense or registration suspensions; notice; appeal; revocation; hearing; reinstatement.
Section 408.765SectionLicense lost or destroyed; reissuance, fee.
Section 408.766SectionRepealed. 1966, Act 273, Imd. Eff. July 12, 1966.
Section 408.767SectionInstallation or alteration of boiler; permit required; issuance; fee.
Section 408.768SectionRepair of boiler; permit required; exceptions; issuance; fee.
Section 408.769SectionAccess to premises; inspection of boiler; hydrostatic test.
Section 408.770SectionInspection report; filing; forms; fee; issuance, contents, validity, posting, and suspension of inspection certificate.
Section 408.771SectionRepealed. 1986, Act 277, Imd. Eff. Dec. 19, 1986.
Section 408.772SectionAppeal to board.
Section 408.773SectionInapplicability of act; construction of act as to repairs in public utilities and industrial plants.
Section 408.774SectionUnlawful operation of boilers; violation; penalty.
Section 408.775SectionUnlawful installation or repair; penalty; exception.
Section 408.776SectionEffective date of act.
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