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Act 156 of 1851
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Act 156 of 1851

AN ACT to define the powers and duties of the county boards of commissioners of the several counties, and to confer upon them certain local, administrative and legislative powers; and to prescribe penalties for the violation of the provisions of this act.

History: 1851, Act 156, Imd. Eff. Apr. 8, 1851 ;-- Am. 1937, Act 199, Imd. Eff. July 20, 1937 ;-- Am. 1978, Act 51, Eff. Mar. 30, 1979

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 46.1SectionCounty board of commissioners; meetings; time; place; conducting business at public meeting; closed sessions; notice of meetings.
Section 46.1aSectionEmergency financial manager; authority and responsibilities.
Section 46.2SectionBoard of supervisors; authority to offer rewards; appointment of county paid attendants and county jail attendants; compensation; bonds.
Section 46.3SectionCounty board of commissioners; quorum; voting; electrical roll call system; electing chairperson and vice-chairperson; powers and duties of chairperson; signing documents; eligibility of member for other office.
Section 46.3aSectionRecording names and votes of members; exception; public inspection of record.
Section 46.4SectionCounty clerk; duties as clerk of board of supervisors.
Section 46.5SectionDeposit of books, records, and accounts with clerk; writings available to public; designating amounts audited and allowed, and charges therefor.
Section 46.6SectionAccounts of county treasurer; annual examination by board of supervisors.
Section 46.7SectionRepair of courthouse, jail, and public buildings and offices; financing.
Section 46.8SectionConvicts' cells; preparation, duty of board of supervisors.
Section 46.9SectionReport of board proceedings; report of receipts and expenditures; annual report; publication; public inspection and copying.
Section 46.10SectionSpecial meetings; request; notice.
Section 46.10bSectionViolation of ordinances; penalty; designation as civil infraction; act or omission constituting crime.
Section 46.10cSectionViolation of MCL 168.1 to 168.992 applicable to petitions; penalties.
Section 46.11SectionPowers of county board of commissioners.
Section 46.11aSectionArmistice day celebration; appropriation by board of supervisors.
Section 46.11bSectionContract or agreement to purchase lands, property, or equipment; installment payments; limitations.
Section 46.11cSectionEnergy conservation improvements; acquisition or financing; resolution; payment; acquisition by contract, lease-purchase agreement, or notes; reports; forms; terms of lease-purchase agreement.
Section 46.11dSectionMinimum staffing requirement; adoption of ordinance prohibited.
Section 46.11eSectionLicensing requirements subject to the local government occupational licensing act.
Section 46.12SectionRepealed. 1998, Act 97, Imd. Eff. May 15, 1998.
Section 46.12aSectionInsurance; pension or retirement plan; effect of collective bargaining agreement; reemployment of retirant; adjusted pension or retirement benefit; payment of benefits subject to eligible domestic relations order; effect of divorce from spouse named as retirant's survivor beneficiary on election of reduced retirement allowance; employee of credit union as member of plan; written policy; pension or retirement benefit subject to protecting local government retirement and benefits act.
Section 46.12bSectionLocal councils of veterans' affairs; appropriation by board of supervisors for operation.
Section 46.12cSectionAssessment of metallic mining properties; appointment of county representative by board of supervisors; information confidential.
Section 46.12dSectionTransfer of functions of governmental unit to county; service credit for retirement benefit purposes.
Section 46.12eSectionTransfer of county employee to state; employees' retirement benefits.
Section 46.13SectionBoard of supervisors; division of county into state legislature representative districts.
Section 46.13aSectionCounty purchasing agent and other county representatives, agents and employees; appointment by board of supervisors.
Section 46.13bSectionCounty controller or board of auditors; appointment by board of supervisors, compensation, tenure, removal; controller as chief accounting officer, powers and duties.
Section 46.14SectionVacating, dividing, or altering township, establishing new township, or organizing or consolidating townships; application; map; certified statement; indebtedness to state; tax levy.
Section 46.15SectionPosting and publishing notice of intended application.
Section 46.16SectionEstablishment of new township; designating name, first annual meeting, and electors; powers and duties of electors; conducting business at public meeting; notice and location of first township meetings; rights and terms of township officers.
Section 46.16aSectionDefinitions.
Section 46.16bSectionProceedings for consolidation of 2 or more townships; petition; rejection; return of petition; submission of proposition to vote of electors; date for election.
Section 46.16cSectionNotice of date for election and question to be submitted; arrangement for election; form of ballot; election expenses; canvass; return of results; approval of consolidation by resolution; effective date; election of township board; termination of proceedings.
Section 46.16dSectionCoordinating committee; duty; composition; election of members; eligibility.
Section 46.16eSectionCoordinating committee; duties generally.
Section 46.16fSectionOrdinance, resolution, rule, or regulation of affected township.
Section 46.16gSectionSuccession of consolidated township to property, money, rights, credits, and records, files, books, and papers; rights, liabilities, suits, or prosecutions; tax or assessment.
Section 46.16hSectionBonded indebtedness and pledge of full faith and credit or limited full faith and credit; special assessment district; millage levy.
Section 46.16iSectionCharter township; charter; continuation of incorporated village.
Section 46.16jSectionRights of township employees; layoff status; determination of necessary positions; collective bargaining; labor agreements; pension or retirement system; representative of employees or group of employees; effect of military service.
Section 46.17SectionCounty seat; removal; relocation.
Section 46.18, 46.19SectionRepealed. 2004, Act 85, Imd. Eff. Apr. 22, 2004.
Section 46.20SectionMoney raising; referendum, notice, ballots.
Section 46.21SectionConstruction of bridges over or across navigable streams; removal of obstructions; enforcement.
Section 46.22SectionTax levy and remittance to conservation district.
Section 46.23SectionConstruction of bridges; petition, contents; notice; proceedings.
Section 46.23aSectionReconstruction, renovation, or replacement of certain bridges; approval exception.
Section 46.24SectionConstruction of bridges over unnavigable streams; authority of board of supervisors.
Section 46.25SectionConstruction, alteration or discontinuance of state or territorial roads; authority of board of supervisors.
Section 46.26SectionConstruction, alteration or discontinuance of roads; petition, road survey, declaration of board of supervisors.
Section 46.27SectionConstruction, alteration or discontinuance of roads; road survey minutes, recording.
Section 46.28SectionConstruction, alteration or discontinuance of roads; aggrieved landowner, petition, jury trial, proceedings; verdict, notice; apportionment of damages; bond, costs; resubmission.
Section 46.29SectionBoard of supervisors; orders, resolutions and determinations; recording.
Section 46.30SectionInterest of member in contract or business transaction prohibited; prohibition inapplicable to appointments and employment.
Section 46.30aSectionCounty board of commissioners; member ineligible for other county appointment or employment; liability for compensation; action for recovery of compensation; disposition of moneys recovered; duty of prosecuting attorney; violation; penalty; certain offices or appointments not prohibited.
Section 46.30bSectionCounty board of commissioners; compensation of chairperson; advancing funds to county officer for anticipated expenses; accounting; return of unused funds.
Section 46.31SectionNeglecting or refusing to perform duties; violations; penalties.
Section 46.32SectionConstruction of act.
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