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Act 3 of 1939 ‑ MICHIGAN PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION (460.1 - 460.11)
     Section 460.1 ‑ Public service commission; creation; members, appointment, qualifications, terms, vacancies.
     Section 460.2 ‑ Public service commission; oath, chairman, removal, quorum, seal, offices.
     Section 460.3 ‑ Public service commission; salary and expenses of members; appointment of secretary, deputies, clerks, assistants, inspectors, heads of divisions, and employees; payment of salaries and expenses; employment and compensation of engineers and experts; actual and necessary expenses; duties.
     Section 460.4 ‑ Michigan public service commission; rights, privileges, and jurisdiction; meaning of certain references; review of order or decree.
     Section 460.4a ‑ Effect of executive reorganization orders; funding; commission as autonomous entity; appointment of chairperson; transfers of authority.
     Section 460.5 ‑ Public service commission; books, records, files.
     Section 460.5a ‑ Annual report.
     Section 460.6 ‑ Public service commission; power and jurisdiction; "private, investor-owned wastewater utilities" defined.
     Section 460.6a ‑ Gas, electric, or steam utility; commission approval to increase rates and charges or to amend rate or rate schedules; petition or application; notice and hearing; partial and immediate relief; issuance of temporary order; refund; interest; automatic fuel, purchased gas, or purchased steam adjustment clause; rules and procedures; adjustment clauses operating without notice and hearing abolished; separate hearing; recovery of cost; final decision; filing time extension; approval of transportation rate schedules or transportation contracts; forms and instructions; recovery of amount by merchant plant; limitation; adjustment; orders to permit recovery under subsections (9) and (10); revenue decoupling mechanism; tariff; definitions.
     Section 460.6b ‑ Gas utility rates based upon cost of purchased natural gas; authority of commission; acceptance of employment with utility by member of legislature.
     Section 460.6c ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 341, Eff. Apr. 20, 2017.
     Section 460.6d ‑ Owner of renewable resource power production facility; exemption from regulation and control of public service commission; definition.
     Section 460.6e ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 341, Eff. Apr. 20, 2017.
     Section 460.6f ‑ Repealed. 1984, Act 49, Imd. Eff. Apr. 12, 1984.
     Section 460.6g ‑ Definitions; regulation of rates, terms, and conditions of attachments by attaching parties; hearing; authorization; applicable procedures.
     Section 460.6h ‑ Incorporation of gas cost recovery clause in rate or rate schedule of gas utility; definitions; order and hearing; filing gas cost recovery plan and 5-year forecast; gas supply and cost review; final or temporary order; incorporating gas cost recovery factors in rates; filing revised gas cost recovery plan; reopening gas supply and cost review; monthly statement of revenues; gas cost reconciliation; commission order; refunds, credits, or additional charges to include interest; apportionment; exemption; setting gas cost recovery factors in general rate case order.
     Section 460.6i ‑ Initial gas cost recovery plan; filing; alteration of rate schedule in accordance with existing purchased gas adjustment clause; charges in excess of base rates; revenues subject to existing reconciliation proceedings; purchased gas revenues subject to annual reconciliation; procedures; adjustment of rates pending approval or disapproval of gas cost recovery clause in final commission order.
     Section 460.6j ‑ Definitions; incorporation of power supply cost recovery clause in electric rates or rate schedule of electric utility; order and hearing; filing power supply cost recovery plan and 5-year forecast; power supply and cost review; final or temporary order; incorporating power supply cost recovery factors in rates; filing revised power supply cost recovery plan; reopening power supply and cost review; monthly statement of revenues; power supply cost reconciliation; commission order; refunds or credits or additional charges to customers; apportionment; interest; exemption; setting power supply cost recovery factors in general rate case order.
     Section 460.6k ‑ Initial power supply cost recovery plan; filing; alteration of rate schedule in accordance with adjustment clause; charges in excess of base rate; revenues subject to existing reconciliation proceedings; revenues resulting from certain adjustment clauses subject to existing reconciliation proceedings; revenues subject to annual reconciliation; procedures; lag correction provision; adjustment of rates pending approval or disapproval of power supply cost recovery clause.
     Section 460.6l ‑ Insuring equitable representation of interests of energy utility customers; definitions; utility consumer participation board; creation; powers and duties; number and appointment of members; “utility” defined; member requirements; terms; vacancy; removal of member; meetings; quorum; election of chairperson and vice-chairperson; conducting business of board at public meeting; public notice; availability of writings to public; expense reimbursement and remuneration.
     Section 460.6m ‑ Utility consumer representation fund; creation as special fund; investment and release of money; remittance by energy utility; factor; action for recovery of disputed amount; action on application for energy cost recovery proceedings; conditions; acceptance of gift or grant; payment of operating costs and expenses; net grant proceeds to finance grant program; application form; consideration; encouraging representation of different consumer interests; criteria; joint filing; disbursements; notice of availability of fund; use of annual receipts and interest; retention of certain amounts; conditions applicable to grants; reports.
     Section 460.6n ‑ Restructuring of residential electric rates; hearings; revenue impact; purpose and basis of restructured rates; penalizing residential customers prohibited; informing public of conservation advantages; contents of customer's bill; costs; applicability of section.
     Section 460.6o ‑ Definitions; power purchase agreements for purchase of capacity and energy from resource recovery facilities; rates, charges, terms, and conditions of service; scrap tire; applicability of section; dispute provisions; filing agreement; commencement of contested case proceeding; approval of agreement; energy rate component; capacity rate component; determination of reserve margin, reserve capacity, or other resource capability measurement; annual accounting.
     Section 460.6p ‑ Rates subject to electric transmission line certification act.
     Section 460.6q ‑ Acquisition, control, or merger with jurisdictional regulated utility; approval of commission; notice and hearing; issuance of order; rules; filing comments; access to data and information; evaluation factors; terms and conditions; confidential information; definitions.
     Section 460.6r ‑ Definitions; steam supply cost recovery clause; filing steam supply cost recovery plan and 3-year forecast; requirements; steam supply and cost review; temporary or final order; filing detailed statement; commencement of steam supply cost reconciliation; order of refunds or credits; rate of interest; filing report with governor and legislature.
     Section 460.6s ‑ Electric generation facility; application; review criteria and approval standards; order granting or denying certificate of necessity; hearing; reports; inclusion of costs in utility's retail rates; refunds; interest; modifying or canceling approval of certificate of necessity; filing forms and instructions; integrated resource plan; financing interest cost recovery in utility's base rates; submission of alternative proposal; order subject to judicial review.
     Section 460.6t ‑ Integrated resource plan.
     Section 460.6u ‑ Study; review of performance-based regulation systems; report; authority of commission.
     Section 460.6v ‑ Proceeding to reevaluate procedures and rates schedules; report; definitions.
     Section 460.6w ‑ Resource adequacy tariff that provides for capacity forward auction; option for state to implement prevailing state compensation mechanism for capacity; order to implement prevailing state compensation mechanism; contested case proceeding; finding; order to implement state reliability mechanism; capacity charge; establishment; determination; failure to meet requirements in subsection (8)(b); civil action for injunctive relief; definitions.
     Section 460.6x ‑ Shared saving mechanism.
     Section 460.6z ‑ Discontinuing utility service to geographic area; abandonment application; proposal to retire electric generating plant; proposal to revise existing load balancing authority.
     Section 460.7 ‑ Railroad labor unions; representatives; right to participate in hearings.
     Section 460.8 ‑ Voluntary associations; hearings; persons entitled to appear; industrial representative.
     Section 460.9 ‑ Definitions; customer switched to alternative gas supplier or natural gas utility; prohibitions; standards; rules; violation; remedies and penalties.
     Section 460.9b ‑ Alternative gas suppliers; licensing procedure; maintenance of office; capabilities; records; tax remittance.
     Section 460.9c ‑ Customer on active duty in military; shut-off protection.
     Section 460.9d ‑ Unauthorized use of electric or natural gas service causing unsafe connection; action to be taken by utility; reestablishment of service; abandonment or surrender of property; scope of section; definitions.
     Section 460.9m ‑ Service shutoff resulting in death or serious injury; notice to commission; investigation; civil action; "provider" defined.
     Section 460.9o ‑ Identification of senior citizen customers; methods; compliance within certain time period; extension; definitions.
     Section 460.9p ‑ Failure of utility to meet requirements of act; commencement of civil action; notice; compliance agreement; final order; costs of litigation; fines; construction and limitation of act.
     Section 460.9q ‑ Shut off or termination of service; conditions; reasons; notice requirements; prohibitions; attempts to contact customer; documentation; restoration of service; vulnerable household warmth fund; creation; use of funds; payments; distribution; priority; definitions.
     Section 460.9r ‑ Shut off of service by municipally owned electric utility; prohibitions; requirements; definitions.
     Section 460.9s ‑ Postponement of service shutoff; conditions; definitions.
     Section 460.9t ‑ Low-income energy assistance fund.
     Section 460.10 ‑ MCL 460.10a to 460.10bb; purpose.
     Section 460.10a ‑ Alternative electric suppliers; orders establishing rates, terms, and conditions of service; licensing procedure; switching or billing for services without consent; self-service power; affiliate wheeling; rights of parties to existing contracts and agreements; receipt of standard tariff service; recovery of costs by electric utility offering retail open access service; definitions.
     Section 460.10b ‑ Rates, terms, and conditions of new technologies; application to unbundle existing rate schedules; providing reliable and lower cost competitive rates; standby generation service; identification of retail market prices.
     Section 460.10c ‑ Determination of noncompliance; order of remedies and penalties; contested case; violation as unintentional and bona fide error; finding of frivolous complaint.
     Section 460.10d ‑ Electric utility serving less than 1,000,000 retail customers; utility issuing securitization bonds; compliance with federal rules, regulations, and standards; security recovery factor; protective orders; low-income and energy efficiency fund; refund; definitions.
     Section 460.10e ‑ Connection of merchant plants to transmission and distribution systems; finding of prevention or delay; remedies; merchant plant; standards; exception.
     Section 460.10f ‑ Generation capacity in excess of utility's retail sales load; determination of total generating capacity; market power mitigation plan; application; approval; requirements of independent brokering trustee.
     Section 460.10g ‑ Definitions; school properties.
     Section 460.10h ‑ Definitions.
     Section 460.10i ‑ Financing order; recovery of qualified costs; conditions; amount; limitation on period for recovery of securitization charges; financing order as effective and irrevocable; evidence of indebtedness; time period to issue or reject; rehearing; appeal; retiring and refunding securitization bonds; retention of financial or legal services by commission.
     Section 460.10j ‑ Securitization property; rights and interests.
     Section 460.10k ‑ Financing order; effect in connection with bankruptcy.
     Section 460.10l ‑ Agreement to transfer securitization property as true sale.
     Section 460.10m ‑ Lien and security interest; creation; changes in order or charges attachment; perfection; priority; sequestration and payment of revenues.
     Section 460.10n ‑ Securitization bonds; state pledge of certain conduct.
     Section 460.10o ‑ Securitization bond; direct interest in acquisition, ownership, and disposition not used in determining tax; obligations of electric utility successor; assignee or financing party as public utility.
     Section 460.10p ‑ Establishment of industry worker transition program; adoption of service quality and reliability standards; compliance report; rules; benchmarks; method for gathering data; incentives and penalties; "jurisdictional utility" or "jurisdictional entity" defined.
     Section 460.10q ‑ Alternative electric supplier; license requirements.
     Section 460.10r ‑ Dissemination of disclosures, explanations, or sales information; standards; establishment of Michigan renewables energy program; plan.
     Section 460.10s ‑ Low-income and energy assistance programs; availability of federal funds.
     Section 460.10t ‑ Shut off of service; conditions; procedures; definitions.
     Section 460.10u ‑ Report.
     Section 460.10v ‑ Joint plan to expand available transmission capability.
     Section 460.10w ‑ Investor-owned electric utility; FERC approval.
     Section 460.10x ‑ Cooperative electric utility; requirements.
     Section 460.10y ‑ Municipally owned utility; requirements.
     Section 460.10z ‑ Provisions of act as severable.
     Section 460.10aa ‑ Impairment of contractual rights under existing contract.
     Section 460.10bb ‑ Aggregation; use; definition.
     Section 460.10cc ‑ Provisions as severable; certain rate reductions as void.
     Section 460.10dd ‑ Appropriation; hiring full-time positions to implement act.
     Section 460.10ee ‑ Code of conduct; value-added programs and services; definitions.
     Section 460.10ff ‑ Energy ombudsman.
     Section 460.10gg ‑ Long-term industrial load rate; findings of commission.
     Section 460.11 ‑ Establishment of electric rates; establishment of eligible low-income customer or senior citizen customer rates; public and private schools, universities, and community colleges rate schedules.
E.R.O. No. 1993‑9 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (460.20 - 460.20)
     Section 460.20 ‑ Transfer of powers and duties of the utility consumer participation board from the department of management and budget to the department of commerce by a type II transfer.
E.R.O. No. 2015‑3 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (460.21 - 460.21)
     Section 460.21 ‑ Creation of Michigan agency for energy within department of licensing and regulatory affairs; transfer of powers and duties of public service commission under motor carrier act, carriers by water act, and motor carrier safety act to Michigan state police; transfer of powers and duties of department of environmental quality under retired engineers technical assistance program to Michigan agency for energy; transfer of powers and duties of air policy director of department of environmental quality to Michigan agency for energy; transfer of powers and duties of Michigan energy office from Michigan economic development corporation and Michigan strategic fund to department of licensing and regulatory affairs; transfer of powers and duties of Michigan energy office from department of licensing and regulatory affairs to Michigan agency for energy; transfer of public service commission from department of licensing and regulatory affairs to Michigan agency for energy.
E.R.O. No. 2018‑1 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (460.22 - 460.22)
     Section 460.22 ‑ Transfer of powers and duties of public service commission relating to property and administrative services division and customer service division transferred by MCL 460.21 to Michigan agency for energy back to public service commission; transfer of energy markets section from Michigan agency for energy to public service commission.
Act 167 of 2008 ‑ ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE MEMBER-REGULATION ACT (460.31 - 460.39)
     Section 460.31 ‑ Short title.
     Section 460.32 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 460.33 ‑ Cooperative electric utilities; purpose of act.
     Section 460.34 ‑ Proposal by board of directors to become member-regulated; procedures.
     Section 460.35 ‑ Election to become member-regulated; overturn of proposal by members.
     Section 460.36 ‑ Rates, charges, accounting standards, billing practices, and terms and conditions of service; jurisdiction and control by commission; scope.
     Section 460.37 ‑ Establishment, maintenance, and applicability of rates and charges; adoption, amendment, repeal, or addition to billing practices and service rules; availability of electronic copy; notice of rate increase or other changes.
     Section 460.38 ‑ Notice of rate change or other changes; time period; publication.
     Section 460.39 ‑ Areas served and line extension disputes involving member-regulated cooperative electric utility and electric utility; jurisdiction of commission; procedures.
Act 419 of 1919 ‑ MICHIGAN PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION (460.51 - 460.62)
     Section 460.51 ‑ Repealed. 1993, Act 354, Imd. Eff. Jan. 14, 1994.
     Section 460.52 ‑ Repealed. 1975, Act 82, Imd. Eff. May 20, 1975.
     Section 460.53, 460.53a ‑ Repealed. 1993, Act 354, Imd. Eff. Jan. 14, 1994.
     Section 460.54 ‑ Public utilities commission; powers and duties concerning rates; franchise rights; municipally owned utility.
     Section 460.55 ‑ Additional reports; verification; rules of commission; penalties.
     Section 460.56 ‑ Books, records and accounts of public utility; examination by commission; failure to obey order, penalty; compulsory process.
     Section 460.57 ‑ Principal office of public utility; books, accounts, papers, and records; filing, printing, and posting of rate schedules; approval of schedule and changes therein; rules and regulations.
     Section 460.58 ‑ Complaint; procedure for investigation; contempt; order of commission; witness fees.
     Section 460.59 ‑ Review of order or decree.
     Section 460.60 ‑ Rights not conferred.
     Section 460.61 ‑ Repealed. 1978, Act 272, Imd. Eff. June 29, 1978.
     Section 460.61a ‑ Disposition of funds paid into state treasury.
     Section 460.62 ‑ Declaration of necessity.
Act 200 of 1925 ‑ Repealed-PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION (460.101 - 460.102)
Act 299 of 1972 ‑ COSTS OF REGULATING PUBLIC UTILITIES (460.111 - 460.120)
     Section 460.111 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 460.112 ‑ Assessments against public utilities; amount; apportionment.
     Section 460.113 ‑ Deductions from assessments.
     Section 460.114 ‑ Repealed. 1978, Act 272, Imd. Eff. June 29, 1978.
     Section 460.115 ‑ Disposition of moneys paid by public utilities.
     Section 460.115a ‑ Administration of uniform video services local franchise act; use of assessments.
     Section 460.116 ‑ Objections to assessments; notice; hearing; findings; payment of assessments; interest on unpaid assessments; action by attorney general.
     Section 460.117 ‑ Restraining or delaying collection or payment of assessments; statement of claim; action for recovery of payment; issues; review; remedy exclusive.
     Section 460.118 ‑ Exemption of certain public utilities.
     Section 460.119 ‑ Fees in lieu of assessment.
     Section 460.120 ‑ Effective date.
Act 1 of 1974 ‑ Repealed-EMERGENCY ENERGY ACT OF 1973 (460.151 - 460.184)
Act 246 of 1921 ‑ CARRIERS BY WATER (460.201 - 460.207)
     Section 460.201 ‑ Carriers by water; schedule of rates, fares, and charges filing; decision by department of state police; suspension of operation; hearing date; notice; setting by department.
     Section 460.202 ‑ Carriers by water; examination and audit of books by department of state police; duty to furnish data.
     Section 460.203 ‑ Carriers by water; rules.
     Section 460.204 ‑ Carriers by water; complaint; investigation; regulation.
     Section 460.205 ‑ Carriers by water; appeal of order or decision.
     Section 460.206 ‑ Violation; penalty.
     Section 460.207 ‑ Proposed rate, fare, charge, or tariff of carrier; authority and duties of department of state police.
Act 144 of 1909 ‑ Repealed-PUBLIC UTILITIES SECURITIES (460.301 - 460.303)
     Section 460.311 ‑ Repeal of MCL 460.301 to 460.303; effect on certain public service commission orders.
     Section 460.312 ‑ Jurisdiction of commission over stocks, bonds, or other evidences of indebtedness.
Act 94 of 1923 ‑ REHEARINGS BY PUBLIC UTILITY COMMISSION (460.351 - 460.352)
     Section 460.351 ‑ Rehearings; amendment of orders.
     Section 460.352 ‑ Suit to review order; time.
Act 38 of 1925 ‑ Repealed-MUNICIPAL PUBLIC UTILITIES; UNIFORM SYSTEM OF ACCOUNTS (460.451 - 460.451)
     Section 460.461 ‑ Loans to cities or villages owning and operating public utilities; evidences of indebtedness; term of loan; security; indebtedness subject to revenue bond act.
     Section 460.462 ‑ Home rule city act inapplicable.
     Section 460.463 ‑ Forfeiture of security to pledgee or assignee.
Act 69 of 1929 ‑ CERTIFICATE OF CONVENIENCE AND NECESSITY (460.501 - 460.506)
     Section 460.501 ‑ Certificate of convenience and necessity; definition.
     Section 460.502 ‑ Certificate of convenience; necessity for gas or electric utilities.
     Section 460.503 ‑ Petition; contents.
     Section 460.504 ‑ Hearing; notices.
     Section 460.505 ‑ Hearing; matters for consideration; certificate, contents.
     Section 460.506 ‑ Review of order or decree.
Act 106 of 1909 ‑ TRANSMISSION OF ELECTRICITY (460.551 - 460.559)
     Section 460.551 ‑ Transmission of electricity in or between counties; control.
     Section 460.552 ‑ Transmission of electricity; rate regulation by commission.
     Section 460.553 ‑ Transmission of electricity; user of streets, regulation.
     Section 460.554 ‑ Data and information; specifications of construction; filing; height of lines; stenciling of poles; act subject to electric transmission line certification act.
     Section 460.555 ‑ Public utility commission; inspection; order for improvements.
     Section 460.556 ‑ Public utility commission; discretionary powers; annual report of utilities; audit, expense.
     Section 460.557 ‑ Investigation of complaints; notice; hearing; fixing of rates; rates as just and reasonable; rate-making subject to electric transmission line certification act; rules; review of order or decree.
     Section 460.558 ‑ Public utility commission; order mandatory; failure to comply, penalty.
     Section 460.559 ‑ Scope; limitation.
     Section 460.561 ‑ Short title.
     Section 460.562 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 460.563 ‑ Transmission as essential service; act as controlling.
     Section 460.564 ‑ Construction plan.
     Section 460.565 ‑ Transmission line; certificate required.
     Section 460.566 ‑ Public meeting as condition for certificate application.
     Section 460.567 ‑ Application for certificate for proposed major transmission line; withdrawal; contents.
     Section 460.568 ‑ Public notice; publication; conduct of proceeding; fees; consultants; granting or denying application; criteria; identification of route and estimated cost; validity and duration of certificate.
     Section 460.569 ‑ Certificate other than for major transmission line; provisions applicable to issuance; applicability of MCL 460.564.
     Section 460.570 ‑ Local ordinances or limitations in conflict with certificate; effect.
     Section 460.571 ‑ Limited license.
     Section 460.572 ‑ Costs to be included in rates.
     Section 460.573 ‑ Information as public record; disclosure of confidential information; waiver.
     Section 460.574 ‑ Rules.
     Section 460.575 ‑ Commission order; review; powers and duties.
Act 266 of 1909 ‑ PUBLIC UTILITY FRANCHISE (460.601 - 460.605)
     Section 460.601 ‑ Franchise to use streets and public places; grant by township board.
     Section 460.602 ‑ Franchise granted by township board; majority vote; designation as revocable or irrevocable; vote by electors.
     Section 460.603 ‑ Vote by electors to grant irrevocable trust; notice.
     Section 460.603a ‑ Revocable franchise granted before effective date of act.
     Section 460.604, 460.605 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 322, Imd. Eff. June 26, 1996.
Act 347 of 1921 ‑ GUARANTY DEPOSITS (460.651 - 460.652)
     Section 460.651 ‑ Guaranty deposit; approval of terms and conditions.
     Section 460.652 ‑ Rules.
Act 53 of 1974 ‑ Repealed-PROTECTION OF UNDERGROUND FACILITIES (460.701 - 460.718)
     Section 460.721 ‑ Short title.
     Section 460.723 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 460.724 ‑ MISS DIG Systems, Inc.; operation and membership; notification system; duties and responsibilities; funding; fees; farm operation; tax exemption.
     Section 460.725 ‑ Duty of excavator to provide dig notice to notification system; contents of notice; validity of ticket; compliance with procedures and requirements; exposure of facility; notice requirements; excavation using power equipment.
     Section 460.726 ‑ Notification system; transmission of ticket to facility owners or operators; availability; positive response system; maintenance of records; emergency notice; design tickets.
     Section 460.726a ‑ Project design or planning services; fees; procedures; design ticket response; marking facility location.
     Section 460.727 ‑ Marking facility location; positive response; additional assistance of facility owner or operator upon request by excavator; damage to facility; emergency response; construction of new facility.
     Section 460.728 ‑ Damages or equitable relief.
     Section 460.729 ‑ Liability of officers, agents, or employees of notification system; liability of excavator or farmer engaged in farming operations or owner of farm.
     Section 460.730 ‑ Ordinances, charters, or other laws requiring permits.
     Section 460.731 ‑ Prohibited conduct; violations as misdemeanor; penalty; civil fine; use of commission determination in court action or proceeding; instruction forms; rules; incident reports; maintenance and availability of information.
     Section 460.732 ‑ Governmental liability.
     Section 460.733 ‑ Compliance by individual engaged in farming operation.
Act 448 of 1976 ‑ MICHIGAN ENERGY EMPLOYMENT ACT OF 1976 (460.801 - 460.848)
     448‑1976‑1 ‑ ARTICLE 1 GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS (460.801...460.816)
          Section 460.801 ‑ Short title.
          Section 460.802 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases.
          Section 460.803 ‑ Definitions; E to J.
          Section 460.804 ‑ Definitions; M.
          Section 460.805 ‑ Definitions; P.
          Section 460.806 ‑ Definitions; P to R.
          Section 460.807 ‑ Sources of electrical energy for distribution and sale; facilities for control, abatement, or prevention of pollution or damages to environment; facilities for safe disposal of waste or by-products.
          Section 460.808 ‑ Fuel sources and reserves; facilities for transportation and storage.
          Section 460.809 ‑ Facilities for transmission of energy; contracts with other power utilities.
          Section 460.810 ‑ Electric utility facilities; exercise of authority by governing body.
          Section 460.811 ‑ Joint venture, joint agency agreement, or other joint endeavor; percentage of common facility to be owned; exception; defraying interest and other payments; operation and maintenance expenses.
          Section 460.812 ‑ Financing cost of electric utility facility; bonds.
          Section 460.813 ‑ Exemption from taxation.
          Section 460.814 ‑ License agreements.
          Section 460.815 ‑ Grants in aid and loans.
          Section 460.816 ‑ Eminent domain.
     448‑1976‑2 ‑ ARTICLE 2 (460.821...460.824)
          Section 460.821 ‑ Joint venture agreement; undivided interest in project; determination of future power requirements.
          Section 460.822 ‑ Joint venture agreement; proportion of undivided interest in project to be owned; percentage share of output and capacity; liability; restrictions as to money, property, or undivided share; acquisition of project; sources of money; providing property, services, and other considerations.
          Section 460.823 ‑ Joint venture agreement; terms, conditions, and provisions; ratification of contracts by resolution; provisions of contract.
          Section 460.824 ‑ Sale or exchange of capacity or output; licenses, permits, certificates, or approvals; contracts for electric power and energy; authority, rights, privileges, and immunities of personnel; annual report; operating and financial statement; audit.
     448‑1976‑3 ‑ ARTICLE 3 (460.831...460.848)
          Section 460.831 ‑ Joint agency; formation; creation; purpose; determination of best interest.
          Section 460.832 ‑ Board of commissioners; appointment and term of commissioners.
          Section 460.833 ‑ Board of commissioners; officers; record of proceedings; custody of records, documents, minutes, and seal; copies; certificate.
          Section 460.833a ‑ Records, books, documents, and papers; exclusion from public disclosure; exception.
          Section 460.834 ‑ Joint agency as public body politic and corporate; essential public function; articles of incorporation; amendments.
          Section 460.835 ‑ Board of commissioners; quorum; effect of vacancy; action authorized by resolution; expenses.
          Section 460.836 ‑ Other municipality as member of joint agency; application; resolution; withdrawal.
          Section 460.836a ‑ Municipal unit or other political subdivision of another state or Canadian province as member of joint agency; rights, privileges, and obligations.
          Section 460.837 ‑ Joint agency; rights and powers generally.
          Section 460.838 ‑ Board of commissioners; retention of general manager of joint agency; policies; retention of independent certified public accounting firm; rules.
          Section 460.839 ‑ General manager as chief executive and operating officer of joint agency; powers and duties generally.
          Section 460.840 ‑ Determining future power requirements; considerations.
          Section 460.841 ‑ Tax levy prohibited; pledging credit or taxing power; financing projects of joint agencies.
          Section 460.842 ‑ Bonds; contractual obligations; resolution; bonds subject to revised municipal finance act; contracts or notes as to moneys advanced or property delivered; contracts pledging full faith and credit of municipality.
          Section 460.842a ‑ Violation of MCL 168.1 to 168.992 applicable to petitions; penalties.
          Section 460.843 ‑ Contract for purchase of capacity and output; payments; default; furnishing money, personnel, equipment, and property; advances or contributions; repayment.
          Section 460.844 ‑ Sale or exchange of excess capacity or output.
          Section 460.845 ‑ Eminent domain.
          Section 460.846 ‑ Dissolution of joint agency; resolution; vesting of title to funds and other properties.
          Section 460.847 ‑ Annual report.
          Section 460.848 ‑ Annual audit.
E.R.O. No. 1986‑4 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (460.901 - 460.901)
     Section 460.901 ‑ Energy administration transferred from department of commerce to public service commission.
     Section 460.911 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 460.912 ‑ Energy efficiency and renewable energy revolving loan fund; creation; deposit of money or other assets; administration; expenditures; loan agreement; provisions.
     Section 460.913 ‑ Assistance with money received under American recovery and reinvestment act of 2009; condition.
Act 270 of 2010 ‑ PROPERTY ASSESSED CLEAN ENERGY ACT (460.931 - 460.949)
     Section 460.931 ‑ Short title.
     Section 460.933 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 460.935 ‑ Property assessed clean energy program; establishment by local unit of government; contract with record owner of property; financing.
     Section 460.937 ‑ Establishment; actions to be taken by local unit of government; adoption or amendment of resolution.
     Section 460.939 ‑ Report; contents; availability.
     Section 460.941 ‑ Imposition of assessment; written contract; verification.
     Section 460.943 ‑ Assessment as lien against property; installments to be included in summer and winter tax bill.
     Section 460.945 ‑ Bonds or notes; issuance.
     Section 460.947 ‑ Self-directed energy optimization plan.
     Section 460.949 ‑ Property assessed clean energy program; joint implementation.
     Section 460.961 ‑ Short title.
     Section 460.963 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 460.965 ‑ Powers of municipality.
     Section 460.967 ‑ Residential clean energy program; actions; order; amendment by resolution.
     Section 460.969 ‑ Residential clean energy program; administration; loans; payment; shut off for nonpayment of per-meter charge; obligation to run with the land.
     Section 460.971 ‑ Report.
Act 297 of 2010 ‑ Repealed-ENERGY FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ACT OF 2010 (460.991 - 460.995)
***** 460.1113.amended THIS AMENDED SECTION IS EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2021 ***** ***** 460.1051 THIS SECTION IS REPEALED BY ACT 342 OF 2016 EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2023 *****
     295‑2008‑1. ‑ PART 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS (460.1001...460.1013)
          Section 460.1001 ‑ Short title; purpose and goal of act.
          Section 460.1003 ‑ Definitions; A to D.
          Section 460.1005 ‑ Definitions; E, F.
          Section 460.1007 ‑ Definitions; G to M.
          Section 460.1009 ‑ Definitions; N to P.
          Section 460.1011 ‑ Definitions; R.
          Section 460.1013 ‑ Definitions; S to W.
          295‑2008‑2‑A. ‑ SUBPART A. RENEWABLE ENERGY (460.1021...460.1054)
     295‑2008‑2. ‑ PART 2. ENERGY STANDARDS (460.1021...460.1113.amended)
               Section 460.1021 ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 342, Eff. Apr. 20, 2017.
               Section 460.1022 ‑ Electric provider whose rates are regulated by commission; establishment of revenue recovery mechanism; review of electric provider's plan pursuant to filing schedule; contested cased hearing; approval or rejection of plan and proposed amendments to plan.
               Section 460.1023 ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 342, Eff. Apr. 20, 2017.
               Section 460.1025 ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 342, Eff. Apr. 20, 2017.
               Section 460.1027 ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 342, Eff. Apr. 20, 2017.
               Section 460.1028 ‑ Renewable energy credit portfolio; meeting renewable energy credit standards with renewable energy credits; means; submission and approval of contract; substitution of energy waste reduction credits for renewable energy credits.
               Section 460.1029 ‑ Renewable energy system location; requirements.
               Section 460.1031 ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 342, Eff. Apr. 20, 2017.
               Section 460.1033 ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 342, Eff. Apr. 20, 2017.
               Section 460.1035 ‑ Resale of renewable energy under PURPA; investor-owned electric utility with less than 20,000 customers, a municipally-owned electric utility, or cooperative electric utility; resale under power purchase agreement or existing agreements; determination of number of renewable energy credits.
               Section 460.1037 ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 342, Eff. Apr. 20, 2017.
               Section 460.1039 ‑ Granting 1 renewable energy credit for each megawatt hour of electricity generated from renewable energy system; conditions; granting Michigan incentive renewable energy credits; expiration.
               Section 460.1041 ‑ Renewable energy credits; trade, sale, or transfer; demonstration of compliance; establishment of renewable energy credit certification and tracking program; use not required in state.
               Section 460.1043 ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 342, Eff. Apr. 20, 2017.
               Section 460.1045 ‑ Charges for electric provider's tariffs that permit recovery of incremental costs of compliance; calculation.
               Section 460.1047 ‑ Cost of service to be recovered by electric provider; recovery of incremental costs of compliance; calculation; modification of revenue recovery mechanism; excess costs; refund to customer classes; certain actual costs considered as costs of service; "advanced cleaner energy" and "advanced cleaner energy system" defined.
               Section 460.1049 ‑ Renewable cost reconciliation; commencement; contested case proceeding; discovery; modifications of revenue recovery mechanism; reconciliation of revenues with amounts actually expensed and projected; duties of commission; interest accrual; "advanced cleaner energy" defined.
               Section 460.1051 ‑ Compliance with renewable energy standards; submission of annual report by each electric provider; information; submission of report summary to customers of certain electric utilities; monitoring reports; submission of report to legislative committees; maintenance of report by department of enregy, labor, and economic growth.
               Section 460.1053 ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 342, Eff. Apr. 20, 2017.
               Section 460.1054 ‑ Powers of local units of government under MCL 125.3101 to 125.3702.
          295‑2008‑2‑B. ‑ SUBPART B. CUSTOMER-REQUESTED RENEWABLE ENERGY (460.1061...460.1061)
               Section 460.1061 ‑ Voluntary green pricing program.
          295‑2008‑2‑C. ‑ SUBPART C. ENERGY WASTE REDUCTION (460.1071...460.1099)
               Section 460.1071 ‑ Proposed energy optimization plan; filing; time period; energy waste reduction plan; goal; provisions; limitation on expenditures.
               Section 460.1073 ‑ Waste reduction plan; approval by commission; review; contested case hearing; proposed amendment; rejection of plan and amendments; applicability of section after December 31, 2021.
               Section 460.1074 ‑ Energy waste reduction cost reconciliation.
               Section 460.1075 ‑ Energy waste reduction plan; exceeding standard; authorization for commensurate financial incentive; payment; limitations.
               Section 460.1077 ‑ Incremental energy savings; determination; calculations; basis; substitution.
               Section 460.1078 ‑ Energy waste reduction plan amendment; petition by electric provider to establish alternative energy waste reduction level; petition by natural gas provider to establish alternative energy waste reduction standard; determination.
               Section 460.1079 ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 342, Eff. Apr. 20, 2017.
               Section 460.1081 ‑ Applicability of section to certain electric providers; petition identifying efforts to meet energy waste reduction standards; findings by commission; revision; repeal of section.
               Section 460.1083 ‑ Energy waste reduction credit; grant; expiration; carrying forward excess credits.
               Section 460.1085 ‑ Energy waste reduction credit; transfer prohibited.
               Section 460.1087 ‑ Certification and tracking program; credit.
               Section 460.1089 ‑ Recovery of costs; limitation; capitalization costs; funding level for low income residential programs; authorization of natural gas provider to implement revenue decoupling mechanism.
               Section 460.1091 ‑ Alternative compliance payment.
               Section 460.1093 ‑ Self-directed energy waste reduction plan.
               Section 460.1095 ‑ Duties and authority of commission; duties of Michigan agency for energy.
               Section 460.1097 ‑ Compliance with energy waste reduction standards; reports; applicability of subsection (5).
               Section 460.1099 ‑ Civil action against municipally owned electric utility or cooperative electric utility.
          295‑2008‑2‑D. ‑ SUBPART D. MISCELLANEOUS (460.1111...460.1113.amended)
               Section 460.1111 ‑ Municipally-owned electric utilities; new authority not granted to commission.
               Section 460.1113 ‑ Pollution control equipment; use of electricity or natural gas in installation, operation, or testing; exemption.
               Section 460.1113.amended ‑ Pollution control equipment; use of natural gas in installation, operation, or testing; exemption; effective date of section.
     295‑2008‑3. ‑ PART 3. STATE GOVERNMENT ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND CONSERVATION (460.1131...460.1133)
          Section 460.1131 ‑ Reduction in state government grid-based energy purchases; goal.
          Section 460.1133 ‑ Department of management and budget; duties.
     295‑2008‑4. ‑ PART 4. WIND ENERGY RESOURCE ZONE (460.1141...460.1161)
          Section 460.1141 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 460.1143 ‑ Wind energy resource zone board; membership.
          Section 460.1145 ‑ Wind energy resource zone board; powers, duties, and decision-making authority; report.
          Section 460.1147 ‑ Wind energy resource zone; designation; creation; preparation of order; report.
          Section 460.1149 ‑ Electric utility, affiliated transmission company, or independent transmission company; expedited siting certificate; application; approvals.
          Section 460.1151 ‑ Expedited siting certificate; application; contents.
          Section 460.1153 ‑ Notice; conduct of proceeding; determination by commission that requirements are met; precedence; certificate as conclusive and binding; time period for granting or denying certificate.
          Section 460.1155 ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 342, Eff. Apr. 20, 2017.
          Section 460.1157 ‑ Construction of transmission line not prohibited.
          Section 460.1159 ‑ Commission order subject to review; administration of part.
          Section 460.1161 ‑ Eminent domain not conferred.
     295‑2008‑5. ‑ PART 5. DISTRIBUTED GENERATION (460.1171...460.1185)
          Section 460.1171 ‑ "Electric utility" defined.
          Section 460.1173 ‑ Distribution generation program.
          Section 460.1175 ‑ Participation in distribution generation program; application fee; limitation; costs; interconnection requirements.
          Section 460.1177 ‑ Customer's energy use in billing period; use of meters; credit; charges pursuant to MCL 460.6a.
          Section 460.1179 ‑ Renewable energy credits.
          Section 460.1181 ‑ Finding of noncompliance; remedies and penalties.
          Section 460.1183 ‑ Customer participating in net metering program before tariff established pursuant to MCL 460.6a; election to continue to receive service under program.
          Section 460.1185 ‑ Industrial customer building, owning, or operating self-generation or cogeneration facilities.
     295‑2008‑6. ‑ PART 6. MISCELLANEOUS COMMISSION PROVISIONS (460.1191...460.1195)
          Section 460.1191 ‑ Temporary order; issuance; rules.
          Section 460.1193 ‑ Contested case proceeding; intervention; confidential business information.
          Section 460.1195 ‑ Authority of commission not limited.
     295‑2008‑7. ‑ PART 7. RESIDENTIAL ENERGY IMPROVEMENTS (460.1201...460.1211)
          Section 460.1201 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 460.1203 ‑ Residential energy projects program; establishment; itemized charges; right to propose differing program.
          Section 460.1205 ‑ Residential energy projects program; plan; filing; contents; approval; determination; review.
          Section 460.1207 ‑ Baseline home energy audit required; verification; per-meter charge; shut off for nonpayment; obligation to pay.
          Section 460.1209 ‑ Loan; term; limitation; repayment; interest.
          Section 460.1211 ‑ Rules; report; program with differing elements or approval by commission.
     Section 460.1301 ‑ Short title; purpose of act.
     Section 460.1303 ‑ Definitions; A, B.
     Section 460.1305 ‑ Definitions; C to I.
     Section 460.1307 ‑ Definitions; L to S.
     Section 460.1309 ‑ Definitions; U to W.
     Section 460.1311 ‑ Collocation of small cell wireless facilities; prohibited authority.
     Section 460.1313 ‑ Activities of wireless provider in public right of way; exclusive arrangement prohibited; rates; ordinance compliance; installation and concealment requirements; waiver of undergrounding requirements; repair damage to right of way.
     Section 460.1315 ‑ Permitted activities of wireless provider in right of way; application; determination; notice; denial; consolidated application; extension; fees; revocation; moratorium prohibited; notice of discontinuance of use.
     Section 460.1317 ‑ Zoning review and approval; application; approval or denial requirements; fees; moratorium prohibited; revocation.
     Section 460.1319 ‑ Authority poles; exclusive arrangement prohibited; limitation on rates, fees, and terms; elimination of aboveground poles.
     Section 460.1321 ‑ Municipally owned electric utility; collocation on nonauthority poles; standards; application process; moratorium prohibited; rates; make-ready work.
     Section 460.1323 ‑ Attaching entity; standards; compliance; rate; civil action.
     Section 460.1325 ‑ Jurisdiction; authority; certain interior structures, campuses, stadiums, and athletic facilities.
     Section 460.1327 ‑ Circuit courts; jurisdiction; right to appeal.
     Section 460.1329 ‑ Indemnification; insurance requirements.
     Section 460.1331 ‑ Fee and rate limitations.
     Section 460.1333 ‑ Bonding requirements; limitations.
     Section 460.1335 ‑ Labeling requirement of small cell wireless facility.
     Section 460.1337 ‑ Payment of electricity to operate small cell wireless facility.
     Section 460.1339 ‑ Scope of act; application to and effect on certain electric utilities.

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