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Act 92 of 2000
Chapter III

Section 289.3103SectionDefinitions.
Section 289.3105SectionEnforcement; delegation to local health department; exceptions.
Section 289.3107SectionEnforcement; delegation to certified health department.
Section 289.3109SectionLocal health departments as authorized agents.
Section 289.3111SectionRetention of authority under MCL 333.2401 to 333.2498.
Section 289.3113SectionCompliance with applicable local laws; conflict.
Section 289.3115SectionReview of license application by local health department; inspection of establishment; temporary food establishment serving only low-risk food; in-office consultation; forward of approval or limitation to department.
Section 289.3117SectionHearing; enforcement procedure; availability.
Section 289.3119SectionRequired fees; additional license fee; collection; exemptions; forwarding applications.
Section 289.3121SectionEvaluations; maintenance and retention of records.
Section 289.3123SectionEvaluations; frequency.
Section 289.3125SectionEvaluations; reducing frequency; limitation.
Section 289.3127SectionEvaluation findings; report.
Section 289.3129SectionFoodborne diseases and poisonings; allegation; investigation; notice.
Section 289.3131SectionCommunications system; development; implementation; provisions; availability of information.
Section 289.3133SectionAnalysis of food samples; utilization of laboratories.
Section 289.3135SectionCertification of local health department; application; qualifications.
Section 289.3137SectionReports made by certified health departments; review and evaluation; conduct of evaluation quality assurance program; report to department; findings of department review or evaluation.
Section 289.3139SectionNotice of deficiencies; hearing; revocation of certification; reapplication.
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