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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

Act 162 of 1982 - NONPROFIT CORPORATION ACT (450.2101 - 450.3192)
162‑1982‑1 ‑ CHAPTER 1 (450.2101...450.2151)
     Section 450.2101 ‑ Short title.
     Section 450.2103 ‑ Construction and application of act.
     Section 450.2104 ‑ Definitions generally.
     Section 450.2105 ‑ Definitions; A, B.
     Section 450.2106 ‑ Definitions; C to E.
     Section 450.2107 ‑ Definitions; F to I.
     Section 450.2108 ‑ Definitions; M to P.
     Section 450.2109 ‑ Definitions; S.
     Section 450.2110 ‑ Definitions; T, V.
     Section 450.2121 ‑ Corporations to which act applicable; corporation organized under predecessor act.
     Section 450.2122 ‑ Statutory reference to repealed act as reference to this act; statutes not applicable to corporation.
     Section 450.2123 ‑ Applicability to corporation organized under other act not repealed by this act; organizations to which act inapplicable.
     Section 450.2124 ‑ Requirements of other acts not modified; compliance; inconsistency between acts.
     Section 450.2125 ‑ Applicability to commerce with foreign nations and among several states, and to corporations formed by act of congress.
     Section 450.2127 ‑ Effect of act on existing corporation, cause of action, liability, penalty, action, or special proceeding.
     Section 450.2129 ‑ Supplementation, alteration, amendment, or repeal of act by legislature.
     Section 450.2131 ‑ Submission of documents; delivery; endorsement; indexing; preparing and returning copy or original; public inspection; maintenance of records and files; effective date of document; fees.
     Section 450.2132 ‑ English language; numbers; articles of foreign corporation; signatures; contents of documents.
     Section 450.2133 ‑ Correction of document; certificate; effective date of corrected document.
     Section 450.2141 ‑ Taking action without notice and without lapse of prescribed period of time; waiver.
     Section 450.2142 ‑ Dispensing with notice or communication to person with whom communication unlawful; affidavit, certificate, or other instrument.
     Section 450.2143 ‑ Giving notice or communication by mail; electronic transmission as written notice.
     Section 450.2151 ‑ Refusal by administrator to file document promptly; notice of refusal to file; refusal or revocation of authorization of foreign corporation to conduct affairs in state; judicial review.
162‑1982‑2 ‑ CHAPTER 2 (450.2201...450.2275)
     Section 450.2201 ‑ Incorporators; signing and filing articles of incorporation.
     Section 450.2202 ‑ Articles of incorporation; contents.
     Section 450.2204 ‑ Articles of incorporation; provision pertaining to proposed compromise or arrangement or reorganization between corporation and creditors or shareholders.
     Section 450.2205 ‑ Articles of incorporation; including provision of MCL 450.2204; effect on creditors, shareholders, or members of corporation; administration and enforcement of provision by circuit court; restraining actions and proceedings against corporation; appointment and powers of temporary receiver.
     Section 450.2209 ‑ Articles of incorporation; additional provisions.
     Section 450.2212 ‑ Corporate name.
     Section 450.2213 ‑ Assuming name that implies corporation is banking corporation, insurance or surety company, or trust company prohibited.
     Section 450.2215 ‑ Reservation of right to use corporate name; application; duration; expiration; extension; transfer of right to exclusive use of reserved corporate name.
     Section 450.2217 ‑ Conduct of affairs under assumed name or names other than corporate name; assumption of same name by 2 or more corporations participating in partnership or joint venture; certificate of assumed name; duration; extensions; notification of impending expiration; substantive rights to use of assumed name not created.
     Section 450.2221 ‑ Corporate existence to begin on effective date of articles; filing as conclusive evidence that conditions precedent fulfilled and corporation organized; exception.
     Section 450.2223 ‑ Selection of board and adoption of bylaws; first meeting; notice; quorum; transaction of business.
     Section 450.2231 ‑ Bylaws; adoption; amendment or repeal; contents.
     Section 450.2241 ‑ Registered office; resident agent.
     Section 450.2242 ‑ Change of registered office or resident agent; statement.
     Section 450.2243 ‑ Resident agent; resignation; notice; appointment of successor; termination of appointment of resigning agent.
     Section 450.2246 ‑ Resident agent; service of process, notice, or demand; resident agent as agent of director or officer in certain actions; forwarding process to director or officer.
     Section 450.2251 ‑ Corporate purposes; conduct of lawful activities during war or national emergency.
     Section 450.2261 ‑ Corporate powers; inconsistency between certain acts; fixed limitation or term; waiver of right to perpetual existence; nonprofit power corporation.
     Section 450.2262 ‑ Existing incorporated association or society operating as corporation subject to act; payment of death or sick benefits; reserves; rules; investment of funds securing reserves; statement required of evidence of obligation to pay death and sick benefits.
     Section 450.2271 ‑ Act of corporation and transfer of property to or by corporation not invalid where corporation without capacity or power; assertion of lack of capacity or power.
     Section 450.2275 ‑ Agreement to pay rate of interest in excess of legal rate; defense of usury prohibited.
162‑1982‑3 ‑ CHAPTER 3 (450.2301...450.2391)
     Section 450.2301 ‑ Payment or distribution of assets, income, or profit; conferring benefits on shareholders or members; compensation; distribution of assets upon dissolution; providing for payment of dividends or distribution of income or profit in articles or bylaws; application or distribution of profits; use, conveyance, or distribution of assets held by corporation for charitable purposes.
     Section 450.2302 ‑ Corporation organized upon nonstock basis.
     Section 450.2303 ‑ Corporation organized upon stock basis; provisions of articles and bylaws; issuance of shares; rights, preferences, and limitations of or upon shareholders; classes of shares; voting rights; transferability and cancellation of shares; rules of qualification and government.
     Section 450.2304 ‑ Corporation organized upon membership basis; provisions of articles or bylaws; rights, preferences, and limitations of or upon members; classes of members; voting rights; condominium association; homeowners or property owners association; transferability and termination of membership; rules of qualification and government; limitations on membership.
     Section 450.2305 ‑ Corporation organized upon directorship basis; members; voting; matters subject to action by board of directors.
     Section 450.2307 ‑ Subscription for shares or membership; enforceability; irrevocability; acceptance; consent to revocation; contract with corporation to purchase shares to be issued or treasury shares as subscription agreement.
     Section 450.2308 ‑ Subscription for shares or membership; payment; installments; call for payment ratable; retention of shares as security for performance by subscriber.
     Section 450.2309 ‑ Default in payment of amount due under subscription agreement; rights and duties of corporation; interpretation; limiting and adding to rights and remedies of corporation.
     Section 450.2310 ‑ Rescission of subscription under which part of shares issued and in which security interest retained as cancellation of shares.
     Section 450.2311 ‑ Fees or dues required as condition of shareholding or membership; fixing; enforcement.
     Section 450.2312 ‑ Issuance by corporation organized on stock basis of shares for fixed consideration; disposition of treasury shares.
     Section 450.2313 ‑ Corporation, unincorporated association, partnership, or other person as shareholder or member; officers and directors as director of corporation; rights, powers, privileges, and liabilities of shareholders or members.
     Section 450.2315 ‑ Consideration for issuance of shares; rights and privileges of subscribers when payment received by corporation; value of consideration; fully paid shares nonassessable.
     Section 450.2317 ‑ Obligation to pay unpaid portion of consideration for shares or membership as sole obligation; liability of person holding stock or membership in fiduciary or representative capacity; liability of assignee, transferee, or pledgee of shares, membership, or subscription for unpaid portion of consideration.
     Section 450.2327 ‑ Charges and expenses of organization or reorganization; sale or underwriting expenses and compensation; payment or allowance.
     Section 450.2331 ‑ Representation of shares by certificates; signatures of officers and seal.
     Section 450.2332 ‑ Certificate representing shares; required statements.
     Section 450.2334 ‑ Lost or destroyed certificate; issuance of new certificate; bond.
     Section 450.2338 ‑ Issuing certificates for fractions of share; purposes; rights of holders; paying fair value of fractions of share in cash; issuing scrip in registered or bearer form exchangeable for full shares; conditions; providing opportunity to purchase additional fractions of share or scrip.
     Section 450.2361 ‑ Shares redeemable upon occurrence of specified event or events in cash, bonds, or other property; classes; sinking fund for redemption.
     Section 450.2363 ‑ Shares redeemable at option of shareholders in cash, bonds, or other property; classes; amendment to articles.
     Section 450.2365 ‑ Purchase or redemption by corporation of own shares under certain conditions prohibited.
     Section 450.2371 ‑ Cancellation of shares reacquired by corporation; retention of reacquired shares as treasury shares; status of cancelled shares.
     Section 450.2391 ‑ Conferring voting and inspection rights upon bond holders; signatures of officers.
162‑1982‑4 ‑ CHAPTER 4 (450.2401...450.2493)
     Section 450.2401 ‑ Meetings of shareholders or members; location.
     Section 450.2402 ‑ Annual meeting of shareholders or members for election of directors and other business; failure to hold meeting at designated time or elect sufficient number of directors; adjournment of meeting; court order to hold meeting or election; quorum.
     Section 450.2403 ‑ Special meeting of shareholders or members; court order; quorum.
     Section 450.2404 ‑ Notice of time, place, and purposes of meeting of shareholders or members; manner; notice of adjourned meeting; notice not given; attendance at meeting as waiver of notice; participating and voting by remote communication.
     Section 450.2405 ‑ Shareholder or member participation in meeting by conference telephone or other means of remote communication; conditions; participation as presence in person at meeting; participating and voting by remote communication.
     Section 450.2406a ‑ Notice by electronic transmission.
     Section 450.2407 ‑ Taking corporate action without meeting; consent; notice; statement on filed certificate; consent by electronic transmission.
     Section 450.2411 ‑ Fixing record date for determination of shareholders or members entitled to notice and vote; effect of not fixing record date; applicability of determination to adjournment.
     Section 450.2413 ‑ Making and certifying list of shareholders or members entitled to vote at meeting or adjournment; requirements; noncompliance; adjournment of meeting; validity of action taken.
     Section 450.2415 ‑ Quorum; continuing to do business notwithstanding withdrawal of shareholders or members; adjournment of meeting; shareholders entitled to vote separately.
     Section 450.2421 ‑ Authorizing person to act for shareholder or member by proxy; signature; duration; revocability; methods of granting authority; use of facsimile or reproduction.
     Section 450.2422 ‑ Irrevocable proxy.
     Section 450.2423 ‑ Revocability of proxy.
     Section 450.2431 ‑ Inspectors at shareholders' or members' meeting; waiver; appointment and duties; failure to appoint; vacancy; report; evidence.
     Section 450.2441 ‑ Voting generally.
     Section 450.2442 ‑ Voting as class.
     Section 450.2443 ‑ Grouping of members in local units; basis; purpose; actions authorized by bylaws; incorporation and powers of local units; powers, rights, and privileges of elected representatives or delegates.
     Section 450.2444 ‑ Voting by corporation or business corporation; voting of pledged shares.
     Section 450.2445 ‑ Voting of shares or membership held by person in representative or fiduciary capacity or held jointly by fiduciaries.
     Section 450.2446 ‑ Voting of shares or membership held by joint tenants or tenants in common.
     Section 450.2447 ‑ Treasury shares; shares of corporation held by another corporation or business corporation; voting.
     Section 450.2448 ‑ Redemption of shares; voting.
     Section 450.2451 ‑ Voting for directors.
     Section 450.2455 ‑ Action requiring vote or concurrence of greater proportion of shares, members, or class than required by act; amendment of articles.
     Section 450.2461 ‑ Agreement as to voting rights.
     Section 450.2471 ‑ Shares as personal property; transfer; applicability of MCL 440.8101 to 440.8601.
     Section 450.2481 ‑ Issuing or delivering unissued or treasury shares; preemptive rights.
     Section 450.2485 ‑ Books, records, and minutes.
     Section 450.2487 ‑ Mailing balance sheet and statements to shareholder or member upon request; examination of minutes and records; compelling production of books, records, and minutes; extracts.
     Section 450.2491 ‑ Action by shareholder or member in right of corporation to procure judgment; allegations.
     Section 450.2492 ‑ Discontinuance, compromise, or settlement of action authorized by MCL 450.2491; approval; notice; expense; award and recovery.
     Section 450.2493 ‑ Action brought in right of corporation; awarding plaintiff or claimant reasonable expenses; accounting; applicability of section; requiring plaintiff to pay expenses where action brought without reasonable cause.
162‑1982‑5 ‑ CHAPTER 5 (450.2501...450.2569)
     Section 450.2501 ‑ Management of business and affairs of corporation by board; qualifications of directors; powers of board.
     Section 450.2501a ‑ Board of directors; minimum age; requirements.
     Section 450.2505 ‑ Board; number, term, and election or appointment of directors; resignation of director; number of directors on effective date of amendatory act.
     Section 450.2506 ‑ Dividing directors into 2 or more classes; election or appointment; term; expiration; election of directors by shareholders or members of class.
     Section 450.2511 ‑ Removal of director or entire board.
     Section 450.2515 ‑ Filling of vacancies; increase in number of directors; special meeting where no directors in office.
     Section 450.2521 ‑ Regular or special meetings of board; location; notice; waiver; participation by means of conference telephone or other remote communication.
     Section 450.2523 ‑ Quorum; vote constituting action of board or committee; amendment of bylaws.
     Section 450.2525 ‑ Taking action without meeting; consent.
     Section 450.2527 ‑ Designation of committees; membership; alternates; term; providing for election or appointment of committees in articles or bylaws.
     Section 450.2528 ‑ Committee designated pursuant to MCL 450.2527; powers and authority.
     Section 450.2531 ‑ Officers of corporation; election or appointment; person holding 2 or more offices; term of office; authority and duties.
     Section 450.2535 ‑ Removal of officer; suspension of authority to act; contract rights; resignation of officer; notice.
     Section 450.2541 ‑ Director or officer; discharge of duties; compliance; liability of volunteer director; action against director or officer for failure to perform duties.
     Section 450.2545 ‑ Transaction between corporation and directors or officers, or between corporation and corporation or business corporation, firm, or association in which directors or officers interested, not void or voidable; conditions.
     Section 450.2546 ‑ Burden of establishing validity of contract described in MCL 450.2545; grounds; counting common or interested directors in determining presence of quorum; compensation of directors; approval of shareholders or members.
     Section 450.2548 ‑ Loan, guaranty, or assistance by corporation for officer or employee; corporation as charitable purpose corporation.
     Section 450.2551 ‑ Liability of directors for certain corporate actions; liability of shareholder or member accepting or receiving unauthorized distribution.
     Section 450.2552 ‑ Rights of director against whom claim successfully asserted under MCL 450.2551.
     Section 450.2553 ‑ Presence or absence of director at meeting at which action referred to in MCL 450.2551 taken; presumption; dissent.
     Section 450.2554 ‑ Commencement of action under MCL 450.2551 or 450.2552.
     Section 450.2556 ‑ Volunteer's acts or omissions; claim for monetary damages.
     Section 450.2561 ‑ Indemnification of director, officer, partner, trustee, employee, nondirector volunteer, or agent in connection with action, suit, or proceeding; conditions; presumption.
     Section 450.2562 ‑ Indemnification against expenses of director, officer, partner, trustee, employee, nondirector volunteer, or agent in connection with action or suit by or in right of corporation; conditions; limitations.
     Section 450.2563 ‑ Indemnification against expenses of director, officer, employee, nondirector volunteer, or agent successful in defense of action, suit, or proceeding referred to in MCL 450.2561 or 450.2562; authorization; determination; indemnification for portion of expenses.
     Section 450.2564 ‑ Advance payment by corporation of expenses incurred in defending action, suit, or proceeding described in MCL 450.2561 or 450.2562; repayment.
     Section 450.2565 ‑ Indemnification or advancement of expenses not exclusive of other rights; limitation; continuation of indemnification.
     Section 450.2567 ‑ Purchase and maintenance of insurance on behalf of director, officer, employee, nondirector volunteer, or agent.
     Section 450.2569 ‑ Scope of “corporation” for purposes of MCL 450.2561 to 450.2567; effect.
162‑1982‑6 ‑ CHAPTER 6 (450.2601...450.2651)
     Section 450.2601 ‑ Amendment of articles of incorporation; contents.
     Section 450.2602 ‑ Amendment of articles of incorporation; purposes.
     Section 450.2611 ‑ Amendment of articles by incorporators; manner of adoption; notice of meeting; vote on proposed amendment; requirements; adoption; number of amendments acted upon at 1 meeting; certificate of amendment.
     Section 450.2615 ‑ Voting as class upon proposed amendment.
     Section 450.2631 ‑ Certificate of amendment; signing or execution; filing; contents.
     Section 450.2641 ‑ Integrating provisions of articles into single instrument; adoption of restated articles of incorporation; amendments subject to other provisions of act.
     Section 450.2642 ‑ Restated articles of incorporation; designation; required statements; omitted provisions.
     Section 450.2643 ‑ Restated articles of incorporation; execution; filing; effect.
     Section 450.2651 ‑ Abandonment of amendment; certificate.
162‑1982‑7 ‑ CHAPTER 7 (450.2701...450.2753)
     Section 450.2701 ‑ Merger or consolidation of domestic corporations; plan; contents.
     Section 450.2703 ‑ Plan of merger or consolidation; approval or authorization; voting; notice of meeting.
     Section 450.2707 ‑ Certificate of merger or certificate of consolidation; execution and filing; contents; effective date.
     Section 450.2721 ‑ Effect of merger or consolidation.
     Section 450.2722 ‑ Surviving or new corporation; rights, privileges, immunities, and franchises; liabilities and obligations; prosecution of existing claim or pending action or proceeding; rights of creditors; lien upon property of corporation.
     Section 450.2723 ‑ Changes in articles stated in plan of merger; effect; statements in plan of consolidation as original articles of new corporation.
     Section 450.2731 ‑ Merger or consolidation of foreign and domestic corporations; compliance with laws of jurisdiction; applicability of act to surviving or new corporation governed by laws of other jurisdiction; liability of corporation; service of process.
     Section 450.2732 ‑ Effect of merger or consolidation authorized by MCL 450.2731.
     Section 450.2736 ‑ Merger or consolidation of domestic corporations and domestic or foreign business corporations; procedure; compliance with applicable laws; plan of merger or consolidation; applicability of act to surviving or new corporation or business corporation governed by laws of other jurisdiction; liability of corporation or business corporation; service of process.
     Section 450.2737 ‑ Effect of merger or consolidation where surviving or new corporation is domestic corporation, domestic business corporation, or foreign business corporation.
     Section 450.2741 ‑ Abandonment of merger or consolidation; certificate of abandonment.
     Section 450.2753 ‑ Disposition of property and assets of corporation; approval; notice of meeting; statement; authorization; fixing terms or conditions and consideration; voting; abandonment.
162‑1982‑8 ‑ CHAPTER 8 (450.2801...450.2864)
     Section 450.2801 ‑ Dissolution of corporation; methods; summary dissolution of corporation whose assets disposed of under court order in receivership or bankruptcy proceedings; filing copy of order with administrator.
     Section 450.2803 ‑ Dissolution of corporation by action of incorporators or directors; conditions; certificate of dissolution.
     Section 450.2804 ‑ Dissolution of corporation by action of shareholders, members, or board; resolution; approval or authorization; notice; voting; certificate.
     Section 450.2805 ‑ Provision in articles permitting shareholders, members, or directors to require dissolution authorized; plan of distribution of assets; execution and filing of certificate of dissolution; noting existence of provision on face of share certificates or membership certificates.
     Section 450.2811 ‑ Revocation of dissolution proceedings; resolution of board; approval; notice of meeting; voting; certificate of revocation.
     Section 450.2815 ‑ Renewal of corporate existence.
     Section 450.2817 ‑ Effect of filing certificate of revocation of dissolution or renewal of corporate existence; accrued penalty or liability; adoption of different name.
     Section 450.2821 ‑ Action by attorney general for dissolution of corporation; grounds.
     Section 450.2823 ‑ Dissolution of corporation by judgment in action brought by director, shareholder, or member; proof.
     Section 450.2825 ‑ Adjudging dissolution and liquidation of assets and affairs of corporation by circuit court in action filed by shareholder, member, or director; grounds; making order or granting relief other than dissolution.
     Section 450.2831 ‑ Dissolution of corporation; conditions.
     Section 450.2833 ‑ Dissolved corporation; continuation of corporate existence; conduct of affairs.
     Section 450.2834 ‑ Dissolved corporation and officers, directors, shareholders, and members; manner of functioning.
     Section 450.2841 ‑ Notice to creditors; “creditor” defined.
     Section 450.2842 ‑ Mailing notice to creditor of corporation; failure to file claim as bar to enforcement; applicability.
     Section 450.2843 ‑ Rejection of claim filed by creditor; notice; failure to commence action as bar to enforcement of claim.
     Section 450.2851 ‑ Application for judgment that affairs of corporation and liquidation of assets continue under supervision of court; orders and judgments; permitting creditor to file claim or commence action.
     Section 450.2855 ‑ Application and distribution of assets upon dissolution.
     Section 450.2861 ‑ Plan of reorganization; action by directors, shareholders, or members not required to put plan into effect.
     Section 450.2862 ‑ Powers of corporation under reorganization; issuing shares of capital stock and bonds for consideration specified in plan of reorganization.
     Section 450.2863 ‑ Document filed or recorded to accomplish corporate purpose pursuant to plan of reorganization; making, execution, and acknowledgment; contents; filing.
     Section 450.2864 ‑ Reversal or vacation of reorganization plan; filing of other or further certificates or documents; effect; fees.
162‑1982‑9 ‑ CHAPTER 9 (450.2901...450.2935)
     Section 450.2901 ‑ Report of corporation; contents; electronic transmission; distribution to shareholder, member, or director.
     Section 450.2911 ‑ Annual report to administrator; filing; contents.
     Section 450.2913 ‑ Destruction or disposition of certain records.
     Section 450.2915 ‑ Repealed. 2003, Act 107, Imd. Eff. July 24, 2003.
     Section 450.2922 ‑ Failure of domestic or foreign corporation to file annual report or pay filing fee; automatic dissolution or revocation of certificate of authority; dissolution of charitable purpose corporation; notice; right to certificate of good standing.
     Section 450.2923 ‑ Extension of time for filing report; reporting failure or neglect under MCL 450.2922, 450.2931, and 450.2932 to attorney general; action by attorney general; certificate of mailing as evidence.
     Section 450.2924 ‑ Annual reports due or deficient prior to date of act; penalties.
     Section 450.2925 ‑ Renewal of corporate existence or certificate of authority following dissolution or revocation.
     Section 450.2931 ‑ Wilful false statement in report; additional penalty.
     Section 450.2932 ‑ Prohibited conduct as misdemeanor; fine.
     Section 450.2935 ‑ Authorizing, signing, or making false statement or notice; authorizing or making wrongful alteration of book, record, or account; liability; commencement of action.
162‑1982‑10 ‑ CHAPTER 10 (450.3001...450.3099)
     Section 450.3001 ‑ Foreign corporation authorized to conduct affairs in this state on effective date of act; rights and privileges; duties, restrictions, penalties, and liabilities.
     Section 450.3002 ‑ Foreign corporation receiving certificate of authority under act; rights and privileges; duties, restrictions, penalties, and liabilities.
     Section 450.3003 ‑ Foreign corporation conducting affairs without certificate of authority; duties, restrictions, penalties, and liabilities.
     Section 450.3011 ‑ Foreign corporation; certificate of authority required; extent of authorization to conduct affairs in state.
     Section 450.3012 ‑ Foreign corporation not considered to be conducting affairs in state; activities; applicability of section.
     Section 450.3015 ‑ Application of foreign corporation for certificate of authority to conduct affairs in state; contents.
     Section 450.3016 ‑ Application of foreign corporation for certificate of authority to conduct affairs in state; attachments; fees; issuance of certificate; duration of authority.
     Section 450.3021 ‑ Foreign corporation authorized to conduct affairs in state; filing with administrator copy of amendment of articles or certificate of merger, consolidation, or similar corporate action.
     Section 450.3031 ‑ Foreign corporation authorized to conduct affairs in state; withdrawal; certificate; application.
     Section 450.3032 ‑ Issuance of certificate of withdrawal; conditions; effect.
     Section 450.3035 ‑ Foreign corporation authorized to conduct affairs in state; termination or cancellation of authority or existence; filing information, certificate, order, or judgment with administrator; payment of fees; certificate of withdrawal.
     Section 450.3041 ‑ Revocation of certificate of authority of foreign corporation to conduct affairs in state; grounds.
     Section 450.3042 ‑ Revocation of certificate of authority of foreign corporation to conduct affairs in state; notice of default under MCL 450.3031; certificate of revocation.
     Section 450.3051 ‑ Action commenced by foreign corporation without certificate of authority prohibited; applicability of prohibition; effect of failure to obtain certificate of authority on validity of contract and act of corporation; defense of action or proceeding.
     Section 450.3055 ‑ Foreign corporation conducting affairs in state without certificate of authority; penalty.
     Section 450.3060 ‑ Fees; payment; certification of file or record; refund; waiver.
     Section 450.3061 ‑ Fee for privilege of exercising franchises in state.
     Section 450.3098 ‑ Repeal of acts and parts of acts.
     Section 450.3099 ‑ Effective date of act.
162‑1982‑11 ‑ CHAPTER 11 (450.3100...450.3192)
     Section 450.3100 ‑ Short title.
     Section 450.3101 ‑ Applicability of act and chapter; amendment of articles or bylaws; exemption.
     Section 450.3102 ‑ Controlling definitions.
     Section 450.3103 ‑ Definitions; C to F.
     Section 450.3104 ‑ Definitions; M to U.
     Section 450.3107 ‑ Inconsistent provisions inapplicable to chapter.
     Section 450.3109 ‑ Requirements of MCL 460.1 et seq. not modified; effect of economic activity conducted by cooperative.
     Section 450.3121 ‑ Articles of incorporation; requirement.
     Section 450.3123 ‑ Use of term “cooperative,”“co-op,”“consumer cooperative,” or any variation thereof.
     Section 450.3125 ‑ Adoption of initial bylaws; ratification or amendment; contents of bylaws.
     Section 450.3131 ‑ Organization on nonstock membership basis.
     Section 450.3132 ‑ Membership; notice of qualifications.
     Section 450.3133 ‑ Classification.
     Section 450.3134 ‑ Cooperative organized on member capital basis, member fee basis, or basis combining member capital and membership fee; powers.
     Section 450.3135 ‑ Net savings; determination, allocation, distribution, and use; apportionment of losses.
     Section 450.3136 ‑ Certificate; issuance; contents; restrictions on dividends.
     Section 450.3137 ‑ Nonvoting investment certificate or bond.
     Section 450.3138 ‑ Advising persons in writing; statement on membership certificate.
     Section 450.3139 ‑ Redemption of member capital; failure to patronize cooperative; notice of redemption; failure to respond and claim payment; failure to claim refunds of patronage capital, deposits, and fees; failure of nonmember patron to pay in or accumulate full member capital or comply with bylaws.
     Section 450.3141 ‑ Meetings; petitions; signatures; quorum.
     Section 450.3143 ‑ Alternative notice of regular meeting.
     Section 450.3144 ‑ Proxies; voting by mail ballot, referendum, or electronic transmission.
     Section 450.3145 ‑ Amendments; affirmative vote of majority.
     Section 450.3146 ‑ Effective date of adopted action; confirmation vote; filing with administrator.
     Section 450.3147 ‑ Dispute resolution body.
     Section 450.3148 ‑ Purchase or sale under execution, in course of bankruptcy, or by legal process or operation of law; pledge of certificate; assignment of proprietary lease or other agreement.
     Section 450.3149 ‑ Books for recording operations; annual report, balance sheet, and income statement; certified report of condition; copies of reports; mailings at request and expense of member; notice of member's desire to be contacted by other members regarding proposal.
     Section 450.3151 ‑ Initial board of directors; membership; term.
     Section 450.3152 ‑ Board of directors; election or appointment other than by vote of membership.
     Section 450.3153 ‑ Affiliation with another organization; section inapplicable to allocations of net savings.
     Section 450.3161 ‑ Amendment to articles of incorporation; calling special meeting; consideration of proposed amendment.
     Section 450.3162 ‑ Distribution of assets generally.
     Section 450.3183 ‑ Distribution of assets upon dissolution; distribution of assets held for charitable or similar purpose; redemption of investment certificates.
     Section 450.3191 ‑ Foreign cooperative.
     Section 450.3192 ‑ Election by corporation to accept act and chapter; procedure; effect of filing certificate of election.