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Act 451 of 1976
Part 9

Section 380.851SectionConsolidation of school districts to form single school district.
Section 380.852SectionRequest to initiate consolidation proceedings; referral of question by intermediate superintendent; approval, denial, or other action by state board.
Section 380.853SectionPetitions; preparation; form; contents; signature; circulation; return of petitions to school district filing official; expiration date.
Section 380.854SectionCertification of number of registered general electors; basis for determining required number of signatures; registration after date of certification; effect of additional registrations; eligibility to sign petition.
Section 380.855SectionCanvass of petitions; purpose; determining validity of signatures.
Section 380.856SectionSubmitting question of consolidation to school electors at next regular school election or special election; petitions not required in certain school districts.
Section 380.857SectionSubmitting question of establishing consolidated school district to school electors at regular school election or special election; voting as unit; day and hours of elections.
Section 380.858SectionElection notices.
Section 380.859SectionForm of ballot question; affirmative vote of majority required; effective date of consolidation; reimbursements; expenses.
Section 380.860SectionSubmitting questions of assuming bonded indebtedness or increasing constitutional limitation on taxes; form; payment of bonded indebtedness; applicability of MCL 380.864.
Section 380.861SectionAppointment of board; filing acceptance of office and affidavit of eligibility; election and terms of board members.
Section 380.862SectionAccounting for records, funds, and property; release from liability; termination of offices.
Section 380.862aSectionRepealed. 1995, Act 289, Eff. July 1, 1996.
Section 380.863SectionConsolidated school district; bonded indebtedness or outstanding tax anticipation notes of school district; territory of original school district as assessing unit; refund; board of trustees; officers; certification and levy of taxes; commingling; uniform spread of taxes.
Section 380.864SectionAssumption of bonded indebtedness of consolidated school district; payment; liability; certification and levy of taxes; election.
Section 380.871SectionExpired. 1976, Act 451, Eff. Jan. 1, 1978.
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