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Section 552.391

Act 299 of 1905

552.391 Divorced woman; change of name.

Sec. 1.

The circuit courts of this state, whenever a decree of divorce is granted, may, at the instance of the woman, whether complainant or defendant, decree to restore to her her birth name, or the surname she legally bore prior to her marriage to the husband in the divorce action, or allow her to adopt another surname if the change is not sought with any fraudulent or evil intent.

History: 1905, Act 299, Eff. Sept. 16, 1905 ;-- CL 1915, 11435 ;-- CL 1929, 12787 ;-- CL 1948, 552.391 ;-- Am. 1975, Act 40, Imd. Eff. May 12, 1975

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