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Section 168.613a

Act 116 of 1954

168.613a Statewide presidential primary election; time; limitation on participation; conduct.

Sec. 613a.

(1) A statewide presidential primary election shall be conducted under this act on the fourth Tuesday in February in each presidential election year.

(2) A political party that received 5% or less of the total vote cast nationwide for the office of president in the last presidential election shall not participate in the presidential primary election.

(3) Except as otherwise provided in sections 614a to 616a, 624g, 759a, 759c, and 879a, the statewide presidential primary election shall be conducted under the provisions of this act that govern the conduct of general primary elections.

History: Add. 1988, Act 275, Eff. Sept. 1, 1988 ;-- Am. 1995, Act 87, Imd. Eff. June 20, 1995 ;-- Am. 1999, Act 71, Imd. Eff. June 28, 1999 ;-- Am. 1999, Act 72, Imd. Eff. June 28, 1999 ;-- Am. 2003, Act 13, Imd. Eff. May 29, 2003 ;-- Am. 2011, Act 163, Imd. Eff. Oct. 4, 2011
Compiler's Notes: See Green Party of Michigan, et al v Terri Lynn Land, case no. 08-10149, March 26, 2008.
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