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Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 11

Section 600.1101SectionCourt reporters or certified court recorders; number.
Section 600.1104SectionCourt reporter or recorder; appointment; oath of office; appointment for more than 1 circuit.
Section 600.1105SectionCourt reporter or recorder; term; suspension.
Section 600.1106SectionCourt reporter or recorder; vacancy; notice; temporary absence; payment of reporter or recorder pro tempore.
Section 600.1107SectionAppointment of assistant or additional reporter or recorder; power; compensation.
Section 600.1111SectionReporter or recorder; duties; supervision.
Section 600.1114SectionReporter or recorder; compensation; order.
Section 600.1115SectionReporter or recorder; apportionment of salary in circuit composed of more than 1 county.
Section 600.1116SectionReporter or recorder; membership in retirement or social security plan.
Section 600.1121SectionSalary; first circuit.
Section 600.1122SectionSalary; second circuit.
Section 600.1123SectionRepealed. 1996, Act 374, Eff. Oct. 1, 1996.
Section 600.1124SectionSalary; fourth circuit.
Section 600.1125SectionSalary; fifth circuit.
Section 600.1126SectionSalary; sixth circuit.
Section 600.1127SectionSalary; seventh circuit.
Section 600.1128SectionSalary; eighth circuit.
Section 600.1129SectionSalary; ninth circuit.
Section 600.1130SectionSalary; tenth circuit.
Section 600.1131SectionSalary; eleventh circuit.
Section 600.1132SectionSalary; twelfth circuit.
Section 600.1133SectionSalary; thirteenth circuit.
Section 600.1134SectionSalary; fourteenth circuit.
Section 600.1135SectionSalary; fifteenth circuit.
Section 600.1136SectionSalary; sixteenth circuit.
Section 600.1137SectionSalary; seventeenth circuit.
Section 600.1138SectionSalary; eighteenth circuit.
Section 600.1139SectionSalary; nineteenth circuit.
Section 600.1140SectionSalary; twentieth circuit.
Section 600.1141SectionSalary; twenty-first circuit.
Section 600.1142SectionSalary; twenty-second circuit.
Section 600.1143SectionSalary; twenty-third circuit.
Section 600.1144SectionSalary; twenty-fourth circuit.
Section 600.1145SectionSalary; twenty-fifth circuit.
Section 600.1146SectionSalary; twenty-sixth circuit.
Section 600.1147SectionSalary; twenty-seventh circuit.
Section 600.1148SectionSalary; twenty-eighth circuit.
Section 600.1149SectionSalary; twenty-ninth circuit.
Section 600.1150SectionSalary; thirtieth circuit.
Section 600.1151SectionSalary; thirty-first circuit.
Section 600.1152SectionSalary; thirty-second circuit.
Section 600.1153SectionSalary; thirty-third circuit.
Section 600.1154SectionSalary; thirty-fourth circuit.
Section 600.1155SectionSalary; thirty-fifth circuit.
Section 600.1156SectionSalary; thirty-sixth circuit.
Section 600.1157SectionSalary; thirty-seventh circuit.
Section 600.1158SectionSalary; thirty-eighth circuit.
Section 600.1159SectionSalary; thirty-ninth circuit.
Section 600.1160SectionSalary; fortieth circuit.
Section 600.1161SectionSalary; forty-first circuit.
Section 600.1162SectionSalary; forty-second circuit.
Section 600.1162aSectionSalary; forty-third circuit.
Section 600.1162bSectionSalary; forty-fourth circuit.
Section 600.1162cSectionSalary; forty-fifth circuit.
Section 600.1162dSectionSalary; forty-sixth circuit.
Section 600.1162eSectionSalary; forty-seventh circuit.
Section 600.1162fSectionSalary; forty-eighth circuit.
Section 600.1162gSectionSalary; forty-ninth circuit.
Section 600.1162hSectionSalary; fiftieth judicial circuit.
Section 600.1162iSectionJudicial circuit stenographer; salary.
Section 600.1165SectionRepealed. 1980, Act 57, Imd. Eff. Apr. 1, 1980.
Section 600.1168SectionSalary supplement.
Section 600.1171SectionExpenses.
Section 600.1175SectionWayne and Kent counties; offices.
Section 600.1179SectionAssignment of reporter or recorder.
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