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Section 750.543b

Act 328 of 1931

750.543b Definitions.

Sec. 543b.

   As used in this chapter:
  (a) "Act of terrorism" means a willful and deliberate act that is all of the following:
  (i) An act that would be a violent felony under the laws of this state, whether or not committed in this state.
  (ii) An act that the person knows or has reason to know is dangerous to human life.
  (iii) An act that is intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population or influence or affect the conduct of government or a unit of government through intimidation or coercion.
  (b) "Dangerous to human life" means that which causes a substantial likelihood of death or serious injury or that is a violation of section 349 or 350.
  (c) "Harmful biological substance", "harmful biological device", "harmful chemical substance", "harmful chemical device", "harmful radioactive material", and "harmful radioactive device" mean those terms as defined in section 200h.
  (d) "Material support or resources" means currency or other financial securities, financial services, lodging, training, safe houses, false documentation or identification, communications equipment, facilities, weapons, lethal substances, explosives, personnel, transportation, including any related physical assets or intangible property, or expert services or expert assistance.
  (e) "Person" means an individual, agent, association, charitable organization, corporation, joint apprenticeship committee, joint stock company, labor organization, legal representative, mutual company, partnership, receiver, trust, trustee, trustee in bankruptcy, unincorporated organization, or any other legal or commercial entity.
  (f) "Renders criminal assistance" means that the person with the intent to avoid, prevent, hinder, or delay the discovery, apprehension, prosecution, trial, or sentencing of a person who he or she knows or has reason to know has violated this chapter or is wanted as a material witness in connection with an act of terrorism pursuant to section 39 of chapter VII of the code of criminal procedure, 1927 PA 175, MCL 767.39, does any of the following:
  (i) Harbors or conceals that other person.
  (ii) Warns that other person of impending discovery or apprehension.
  (iii) Provides that other person with money, transportation, a weapon, a disguise, or false identification, or any other means of avoiding discovery or apprehension.
  (iv) Prevents or obstructs, by means of force, intimidation, or deception, anyone from performing an act that might aid in the discovery, apprehension, or prosecution of that other person.
  (v) Suppresses, by any act of concealment, alteration, or destruction, any physical evidence that might aid in the discovery, apprehension, or prosecution of that other person.
  (vi) Engages in conduct proscribed under section 120, 120a, or 122 or chapter XXXII.
  (g) "Terrorist" means any person who engages or is about to engage in an act of terrorism.
  (h) "Violent felony" means a felony in which an element is the use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical force against an individual, or the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a harmful biological substance, a harmful biological device, a harmful chemical substance, a harmful chemical device, a harmful radioactive substance, a harmful radioactive device, an explosive device, or an incendiary device.

History: Add. 2002, Act 113, Eff. Apr. 22, 2002

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