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Act 284 of 1972
Chapter 2

Section 450.1201SectionIncorporators.
Section 450.1202SectionArticles of incorporation; contents.
Section 450.1204SectionArticles of incorporation; provision as to compromise, arrangement, or plan of reorganization.
Section 450.1205SectionArticles of incorporation; effect of provision as to compromise, arrangement, or plan of reorganization.
Section 450.1209SectionArticles of incorporation; permissible provisions.
Section 450.1211SectionCorporate name; required words and abbreviations.
Section 450.1212SectionCorporate name; conformity; noncompliance of corporate name of foreign corporation as bar to certificate of authority; rights to use of corporate name not created.
Section 450.1213SectionAssumption of name implying banking, insurance, surety, or trust company; prohibited letters or words; corporation licensed as nursing home; use of terms.
Section 450.1215SectionCorporate name; reservation of right to use; transfer of right.
Section 450.1217SectionTransacting business under assumed name; certificate.
Section 450.1221SectionBeginning of corporate existence; filing of articles as evidence.
Section 450.1223SectionSelection of board; adoption of bylaws; first meeting; quorum; election of officers; transaction of business.
Section 450.1231SectionAdoption, amendment, or repeal of bylaws; contents of bylaws.
Section 450.1241SectionRegistered office and resident agent required; address.
Section 450.1242SectionChanging registered office or resident agent; statement; changing address of registered office.
Section 450.1243SectionResignation of resident agent.
Section 450.1246SectionService of process.
Section 450.1251SectionFormation of corporation for lawful purpose; exception; aiding national emergency.
Section 450.1261SectionCorporate powers.
Section 450.1271SectionAsserting lack of corporate capacity or power.
Section 450.1275SectionAgreement to pay interest in excess of legal rate; defense of usury prohibited.
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