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HR 0075 of 2019House ResolutionA resolution to urge state and federal administrators to increase the number of women in skilled trade professions and to encourage industry leaders and labor unions to address existing and future shortages in the skilled trades workforce.
Last Action: 04/24/2019 - referred to Committee on Commerce and Tourism
HR 0130 of 2019House ResolutionA resolution to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Last Action: 06/19/2019 - adopted
HR 0139 of 2019House ResolutionA resolution to encourage all of Michigan's public universities to enact welcoming policies and procedures for students from all over the world.
Last Action: 08/27/2019 - referred to Committee on Education
HR 0149 of 2019House ResolutionA resolution to declare September 7, 2019, as Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Appreciation Day in the state of Michigan.
Last Action: 09/05/2019 - adopted
HB 4054 of 2019House BillEducation; counseling; minimum number of school counselors to be employed by a school district, intermediate school district, or public school academy; establish. Amends 1976 PA 451 (MCL 380.1 - 380.1852) by adding sec. 1173.
Last Action: 01/17/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 01/16/2019
HB 4060 of 2019
(PA 46 of 2019)
House BillHighways; memorial; portion of M-10; designate as the "Aretha L. Franklin Memorial Highway". Amends 2001 PA 142 (MCL 250.1001 - 250.2080) by adding sec. 1083.
Last Action: 07/10/2019 - filed with Secretary of State 07/08/2019 10:22 AM
HB 4143 of 2019House BillCorrections; alternatives; placement of youth under 18 with adults during confinement, trial, or transport; prohibit. Amends sec. 139 of 1931 PA 328 (MCL 750.139). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4140'19, HB 4145'19
Last Action: 10/22/2019 - presented to the Governor 10/21/2019 02:25 PM
HB 4363 of 2019House BillSales tax; collections; sales tax on higher education books; exempt. Amends sec. 4a of 1933 PA 167 (MCL 205.54a).
Last Action: 03/19/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 03/14/2019
HB 4422 of 2019House BillHolidays; other; Sarcoidosis Awareness Month; designate as the month of April. Creates new act.
Last Action: 04/09/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 04/09/2019
HB 4578 of 2019House BillLabor; job training; promotion of women participants; require in workforce development services. Amends secs. 5 & 13 of 2006 PA 491 (MCL 408.115 & 408.123).
Last Action: 05/14/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 05/14/2019
HB 4579 of 2019House BillLabor; job training; peer-to-peer apprenticeship mentoring program; create for individuals with disabilities, minorities, and women. Amends sec. 13 of 2006 PA 491 (MCL 408.123).
Last Action: 05/14/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 05/14/2019
HB 4580 of 2019House BillFinancial institutions; money transmitters; posting of fees for money orders and other money transmission services; require. Amends 2006 PA 250 (MCL 487.1001 - 487.1047) by adding sec. 35.
Last Action: 05/14/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 05/14/2019
HB 4629 of 2019House BillLabor; fair employment practices; commission on pay equity; establish, and specify duties. Amends 1976 PA 453 (MCL 37.2101 - 37.2804) by adding sec. 202b.
Last Action: 10/08/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 05/21/2019
HB 4640 of 2019House BillLabor; fair employment practices; deductions from wages without written consent of employee; revise notice period for certain deductions related to garnishment. Amends sec. 7 of 1978 PA 390 (MCL 408.477).
Last Action: 05/22/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 05/21/2019
HB 4737 of 2019House BillCriminal procedure; sentencing guidelines; sentencing guidelines reference; update. Amends sec. 13e of 1927 PA 175 (MCL 777.13e). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4735'19
Last Action: 09/17/2019 - referred to Committee on Judiciary
HB 4744 of 2019House BillWater; quality; program for testing and removing lead in drinking water used by vulnerable population centers; provide for. Amends sec. 2 of 1976 PA 399 (MCL 325.1002) & adds sec. 7a.
Last Action: 06/26/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 06/26/2019
HB 4793 of 2019House BillState financing and management; purchasing; expanded business opportunities for geographically disadvantaged business enterprises; codify. Amends secs. 241 & 261 of 1984 PA 431 (MCL 18.1241 & 18.1261).
Last Action: 07/02/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 07/02/2019
HB 4897 of 2019House BillEmployment security; administration; unpaid and delinquent contributions; require annual reporting to the legislature. Amends sec. 15 of 1936 (Ex Sess) PA 1 (MCL 421.15).
Last Action: 09/04/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 09/03/2019
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