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Michigan Compiled Laws Complete Through PA 428 and includes 430-457 of 2018
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Please note: PA numbers 632 through 690 were updated on January 4th.

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Act 368 of 1978
Part 53

Section 333.5301SectionCounty chargeable with expense of care; reimbursement by state; individuals with tuberculosis or honorable discharges considered domiciled in state at large; expense of care paid by state on certification of department; reasonableness of claims and accounts; appeal.
Section 333.5303SectionCare provided where individual found at expense of county where individual domiciled; notice; return of individual to county of domicile; disputed or contested claim arising between 2 or more counties; decision.
Section 333.5305SectionDetermination that county where individual found not county of domicile; reimbursement.
Section 333.5307SectionExpenditure under MCL 333.5117 considered expenditure for protection of public health, not welfare or relief; reimbursement; notice and hearing; finding; order; distribution of receipts.
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