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Act 300 of 1949

Section 257.608SectionUniform system of traffic control devices; manual.
Section 257.609SectionTraffic control devices; placement and maintenance; restrictions; county road commission, permission, costs.
Section 257.610SectionTraffic control devices; placement and maintenance by local authorities and county road commissions; compliance with manual; failure to comply with statutory provisions; sale, purchase, or manufacture of devices.
Section 257.611SectionTraffic control devices; obedience required; exception; avoiding obedience by driving on public or private property; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.611aSectionDirection of traffic in work zone; conditions; failure to comply; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.612SectionTraffic control signals; location; red arrow and yellow arrow indications; colors; traffic control signal at place other than intersection; stopping at sign, marking, or signal; violation of subsection (1) or (2) as civil infraction; approaching person using wheelchair or device to aid walking; violation of subsection (4) as misdemeanor; location of sign prohibiting turn on red signal; additional sign; location of temporary traffic control signal.
Section 257.613SectionApplicability of regular traffic control signals to pedestrians; special pedestrian control signals; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.613aSectionSchool crossings; establishment; basis; determination; notice; erection of school crossing signs.
Section 257.613bSectionSchool crossing guard; stationing; time period; color and design of outer vest; stopping vehicular traffic with hand held stop sign; authority.
Section 257.613cSectionSchool crossing guard; responsibility of local law enforcement agency; instruction required; approval and conduct of courses.
Section 257.613dSectionFailure to stop for school crossing guard holding stop sign in upright position; misdemeanor; presumption.
Section 257.614SectionFlashing red or yellow signals; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.615SectionSigns or lights resembling traffic-control devices or emergency vehicles; commercial advertising on traffic signs; prohibition; public nuisance; removal; placement of street decorations and banners.
Section 257.616SectionRepealed. 2016, Act 111, Eff. Aug. 8, 2016.
Section 257.616aSectionPortable signal preemptive device; prohibitions; penalties; exceptions; definitions.
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