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Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 61

Section 600.6101SectionProceedings supplementary to judgment.
Section 600.6104SectionPowers of judge after rendition of judgment for money.
Section 600.6107SectionInstallment payments from income; reasonable value of services to relative; earning ability; modification of order; moneys awarded in matrimonial action; statute of limitations.
Section 600.6110SectionSubpoena requiring appearance of judgment debtor or person having money or property of judgment debtor; affidavit; examination; adjournment; immunity.
Section 600.6113SectionSpecial proceedings; hearings; attendance, mileage, and expenses of judgment debtor.
Section 600.6116SectionTransfer of debtor's property; duration of restraint.
Section 600.6119SectionTransfer of property by third party; prohibition; violation; contempt; liability; transfer of property apparently belonging to others; duration of restraint.
Section 600.6122SectionTransfer of property by third party; rights of judgment creditor; negotiable instruments.
Section 600.6125SectionInjunction; vacation; bond.
Section 600.6128SectionTrying title to debt or property; third party claimant; jury.
Section 600.6131SectionPrima facie case; burden of proof; proceedings before sale on execution; transfer of property within 1 year prior to commencement of action.
Section 600.6134SectionFraudulent transfers.
Section 600.6137SectionPayment by debtor of judgment debtor.
Section 600.6140SectionOrders affecting alienability of land; recording.
Section 600.6143SectionScope of chapter.
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